Swedish King and Crown Princess received Minister Tobias Billström

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new light blue, gray ribbed o-neck top and a knit midi skirt by Soft Goat. Princess Estelle

On March 31, King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria attended a meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Tobias Lennart Billström, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The minister gave information about the government's foreign policy and security policy assessments relating to the latest developments in the world.

Crown Princess Victoria wore Soft Goat ribbed o-neck light-blue top
Soft Goat ribbed o-neck top


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  1. Anonymous1/4/23 11:32

    Really like CP Victorias belt, which make the whole difference and the outfit looks really good.

  2. Très joli ce top côtelé sur une jupe dans le même style ; belle touche que cette triple ceinture frès fine qui harmonise sa tenue !

  3. Anonymous1/4/23 14:19

    Very nice outfit of knitted cashmere. I like the way she accentuated with a thin belt.

  4. Anonymous1/4/23 15:56

    She's looking a lot more like her mother these days, not a bad thing. S.M.

  5. Anonymous1/4/23 16:40

    Great outfit that is made by the addition of the belt. Victoria looks wonderful here.


  6. Anonymous1/4/23 18:25

    Love the color, fit, and design of this outfit.

  7. Anonymous1/4/23 21:27

    A nice 2 piece outfit. This light gray looks good on her. css

  8. This 2 piece outfit looks great. The color suits her

  9. Colour, style and the belt, perfect.
    Again, Princess Victoria is supporting a Swedish fashion house. It is a youngish fashion house that specialises in cashmere knitwear and sustainability fashion.

  10. Anonymous2/4/23 10:52

    Molto carina e spero non abbia quella orribile molletta per capelli.

  11. Anonymous3/4/23 02:18

    Why does Victoria feel the need to belt this? It isn't necessary at all. While this belt isn't objectionable, she and many other royal ladies do love a belt. More often than not, they would look better without the belt.

  12. Anonymous3/4/23 19:08

    Good colour on Victoria and I agree the belt makes it a much better outfit.


  13. Anonymous5/4/23 03:05

    Can this great little belt which several commented upon be sourced, please?


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