Swedish Crown Princess family shared a new summer photo

Princess Estelle wore a new suzon pink floral print cotton skirt from Bonpoint. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Prince Oscar

Swedish Crown Princess family shared a family photo from their summer holiday via their Gen Pep Foundation’s Facebook account. The photo shows the couple with their children Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. In their message, they encourage families to go out and take part in various activities with their families.

The caption was as the following: "Great that summer is here! This summer, our family will be outdoors as much as we can. We will cycle, swim and play outdoors. ⁠Something we have noticed is that the children quickly become very creative and come up with fun games as soon as we go out. So, staying outdoors is probably our best tip for creating joy of physical movement for our children!⁠ Hope you have a nice and active summer. Greetings. Victoria and Daniel."

Princess Estelle wore BONPOINT Suzon printed cotton skirt
BONPOINT Suzon printed cotton skirt


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  1. Anonymous31/7/21 12:31

    Happy sunny family snaps,great to see.Estelle,and Oscar their bright cheery selves.

  2. Très rafraîchissante cette photo estivale ; Estelle est adorable dans cette petite robe imprimée fleurie harmonisée avec la couleur de son haut ; Oscar est un petit garçon qui devient de plus en plus mignon sans oublier Daniel qui est toujours aussi charmant ; nous pouvons penser que c'est Victoria qui a pris la photo !

    1. Pardon, il faut lire jupe ; mon doigt a glissé sur le clavier !

  3. Another great summer photo from the Swedish royals. So good of them to keep us cheered up as formal engagements reduce over the holidays.

  4. Anonymous31/7/21 19:52

    This is a lovely, casual family photo. (V.M.)

  5. Anonymous1/8/21 00:02

    Estelle is going to be tall, and has the same chin as her Mom. She is a beautiful girl, her brother and father handsome. Clothes look good for mid-summer photo shoot. andi

  6. Estelle and Oscar are truly beautiful and delightful children.


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