Princess Laurentien attended AFAS Foundation's award ceremony

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity

On November 1, Dutch Princess Laurentien attended the announcement of the winner of AFAS Foundation's Award 2023. ReefSystems was awarded AFAS Foundation's the Good Cause Award 2023. Established in 2017, ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity under and above water.

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity

AFAS Foundation presented a check of €50,000 to ReefSystems as a reward for their commitment to creating a new path in nature-inclusive construction to actively support the recovery of ecosystems, as a result of the nature organization's coral reef restoration project.

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity

Princess Laurentien wore a red suit. ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity


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  1. Anonymous3/11/23 10:37

    I do love this red pantsuit and shoes. Although I personally like big earrings, this pair do nothing to compliment the clothes or the princess

  2. Anonymous3/11/23 11:12

    The suit is good in a vibrant colour, the shoes awfull and the earrings more suited for a Christmas tree, but, that said: the cause is a good one,

  3. Belle allure de Laurentien dans ce tailleur corail mais avec un pantalon légèrement plus long, cela aurait été parfait par rapport à ses talons à bride ; comme souvent, elle a choisi de grandes boucles d'oreilles qui conviennent bien à son visage ; j'aimerais quand même connaître leur composition ?!

  4. I love this princess, fashion wise, she is wild. 😀
    I read a comment that said the colour of Princess Laurentien’s
    pantsuit is “Maxima Red”
    Maybe Isaac Newton’s colour wheel with 12 colours will have to be redone to include a 13th colour known as Maxima Red.

    1. P. the original3/11/23 13:03

      Hello, @ Deadeggs.
      Glad to know that this shade has been styled as ' Maxima's red'.
      Pss Laurentien is amazing, by the way, fitted clothes suit her beautifully.
      I am partial as I have a blazer exactly in this colour but with a row of black buttons on the front and on the sleeves bottoms.
      My question now is : can a 'Maxima's red' blazer with black buttons be referred to as quasi- funeral- like style?
      Mumble 🤭🤔

    2. Dear P. the original.
      Your question?…. .well you've stopped me in my tracks on that one.
      I’m going to ask my gossipy old neighbour, who gives the impression that she knows everything about everything, what she thinks. I’ll let you know the results but it may take awhile as she hits the bottle a bit too much. I know you understand.

    3. P. the original4/11/23 08:50

      Dear @ Deadeggs,
      thank you!
      I'll be waiting for your neighbour's hangover to end so that I can have an informed 'opinion'😉🍾
      In addition, I'd like her to give me her advice over a most debated dress of mine.
      You see, it's a midi, figure- hugging BLACK dress, I mean total black, with a so- called heart- shaped deep neck on the front
      I was told not to wear It to a funeral- or otherwise I could have brought back the dead man to life...
      Hope your neighbour can tackle this enpasse I got stucked in too.
      I just wear this dress to occasional parties but I wish I could sport it more often...
      Thank you in advance😉👋

    4. P. the original4/11/23 09:05

      * impasse

    5. @P. The original : Your black dress sounds “interesting”.
      Couldn't possibly ask my gossipy neighbour to give an opinion on it.
      You see she lost her hubby about three years ago and if I told her that an “interesting” body- hugging, black dress with a deep heart shaped V front could bring a dead man back from the grave, then I’d hate to think what she’d get up to.
      If she tried to decked herself out in such a dress, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight as she’s quite overweight.
      Anyway, they don’t do her size in rent-a-dress” boutiques
      No, sorry, walking into dangerous territory there.
      I know you’ll understand.

    6. P. the original5/11/23 08:11

      Oh, I didn' t know your ' talkative' neighbour is a widow.
      Yes, my black dress looks to be not the best design for her and only God knows what she could conceive if she only had such a dress on and a bottle in her hand walking among graves in a cemetery!
      Ok, now let me sit down on a chair and burst out laughing.
      Funny 😉👍😂😂👋

    7. Now P. the original, let’s be serious about this.
      If her belated hubby, whilst resting in peace, saw his overweight wife coming in a clingy black dress with a plunging heart shaped neckline and a bottle in her hand, there’d be no resurrection, he’d ask to be left where he is, in peace.
      Understand what I’m saying? ,

    8. P. the original5/11/23 17:38

      You crack me up, Deadeggs!
      If I got it right, the poor dead man would ask to rest in peace in his grave if he saw this overweight lady with a sexy plunging heart shaped neckline black dress and a bottle in her hand?
      The life of this poor man must have been hell!
      So, now this widow is supposed to spend her days crying ,looking for sexy clothes and throw glasses back till she loses count?
      A very famous song comes to mind but there the story was quite different though deeply poignant too!
      Ok, I just had a couple of questions about some risquè snug clothes of mine but I'll let go.
      This has become a heated and dangerous territory.
      Madame could decide to stick to my fashion rules and this would bring her to explore new frontiers in turning heads vetements!
      Yes, something hard to look at both for the living and the dead!

  5. Anonymous3/11/23 15:31

    In the Dutch magazine N Nouveau they talk about "Maxima Red". I never heard it before. It could be simply a joke of the writer of the column concerning Laurentien's work. Or maybe the color (Maxima Red) exists already in The Netherlands.
    I like her in this outfit. I like her in all her outfits, because she is not afraid to wear what others might not like. I wonder how the 2 thin lines in her neck stay in place. Maybe it is a transparent plastic choker with 2 lines of red bling bling. I never saw it before. Her artistic earrings are really big, but it suits her and goes well with the style of her hair. Rose

  6. Anonymous3/11/23 19:40

    I like this red suit, I even like the shoes, but these huge earrings spoil it. css

  7. When Princess Beatrice sent her three sons out to do their “wife shopping” they certainly brought home the best of the bunch. The three future wives, Maxima, Laurentien and Mabel all had beauty and brains. All three proved to be not just pretty faces. They have all aspired, with their talents, to become heads of important international associations and organisations.
    The fashion baggage they brought with them ….. well ….. Maxama and Laurentien certainly brought some light and gayness into the wallpaper in their respective palaces with Mabel’s contribution being just a little more sober.
    I’m sure Princess Beatrice sleeps well at night.

  8. This red pantsuit looks lovely, the color suits her beautifully.

  9. Anonymous3/11/23 20:36

    She wears red well, and the shoes are good, but that's all ... the trousers are too short, the enormous earrings are her trademark but this does not make them more attractive and together with the thin choker her jewelry is incongruent or even slightly ridiculous. Bright red with wine red/bordeaux is a good combination, but alas, her top looks like a piece of lingerie. But lovely smile ... (GM)

    1. Anonymous4/11/23 06:33

      When Queen Letizia is wearing these kind of tops (lingerie) under her pant suits nobody make a comment, on the contrary. Rose

    2. P. the original4/11/23 09:37

      @ GM
      Contemporary fashion trends have gladly acknowledged this sort of tops as totally acceptable cool tops- namely tops to be worn under blazers/ jackets- , as simple as that.
      You may want to look up in dedicated fashion magazines to find out further information on modern creations
      Moreover, you may want to have a look at contemporary lingerie collections and I bet you would be puzzled at them.
      You can find most edgy leather items and so much more😉.
      Hold tight, you need to take a deep breath to face what modern lingerie really is...
      Keep some salts ready at hand.
      Not for everybody.

  10. Anonymous4/11/23 01:58

    I love Laurentian--she is always a treat to see. I love her red trouser suit--she looks marvelous. I like her shoes too--Laurentian always has the most interesting shoes. Her earrings are very much her. She loves to wear that extra, very different something and today its her jewelry--the huge earrings and the necklace or choker--that is her bit a pizzazz.


    1. Thanks Janet, you summed up Princess Laurentien very well. Spot on.
      I think both Q.Maxima and P.Laurentien went to the same finishing school.
      I’m sure Princess Beatrix loves/adores them both.
      Princess Beatrix’s third daughter-in-law, Princess Mabel, comes up with some slightly controversial outfits from time to time, for example, the “baby doll” dress worn at the charity event, Amsterdam Dinner 2023 but she is not in the same OTT league as Maxima and Laurentien.

  11. Anonymous7/11/23 23:01

    Love it! She looks so engaged in the event.



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