Royals attended a commemorative event for King Baudouin

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

On July 31, 2023, King Philippe and Princess Eleonore of Belgium, Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein attended a commemorative event held on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of King Baudouin of Belgium. The event took place in Motril (Granada), Spain.

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Baudouin was King of the Belgians from 17 July 1951 until his death in 1993. He was the elder son of King Leopold III and his first wife, Princess Astrid of Sweden. Baudouin reigned for 42 years and died of heart failure on 31 July 1993 at the Villa Astrida in Motril located in the south of Spain.

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje

Princess Eleonore, Queen Sofia, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus. Princess Eleonore wore a mini dress by Maje


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  1. Anonymous1/8/23 12:06

    Eleonore est très belle

  2. Anonymous1/8/23 12:36

    So lovely to see king Philippe and Eleonore with queen Sofia. I remember when Boudewijn died: I was ten years old and we were on our way to the Belgian coast. I even cried in the car. It is so nice to see Philippe paying respect. Apparently, you can also see the garden chair Boudewijn died in, at the exhibition. There is also a fantastic statue ordered by queen Fabiola after his death, I hope a picture can be added. I read somewhere else the lady in the long blue dress and her husband are royals from Liechtenstein.

    1. The lady in the long blue dress is Princess Marguerite of Luxemburg, she is a niece of King Baudouin (her mother was his sister) and Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein is her husband.

    2. Anonymous1/8/23 15:12

      Yes, the lady in the long blue dress is Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, who is married to Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. She is Boudewijn's niece via her mother Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, born Princess of Belgium, who was Boudewijn's sister.

    3. Anonymous1/8/23 16:19

      Yes Anonymous 1/8/23 12:36 the lady in the long blue dress is Margaretha a daughter of former Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte king Boudouin's sister, her husband is Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, her brother is Grand Duke Henri of Luxemburg. King Baudouin was Margaretha's godfather. Rose

    4. Anonymous1/8/23 16:46

      Thank you for sharing your story; I’ve always read that HM K Baudouin was very much loved. The couple you mention are indeed royals from Liechtenstein, but the lady was born HRH Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg and she is K. Baudouin’s niece.

    5. Anonymous1/8/23 16:50

      I really like HRH P Margaretha’s dress. It fits her very well and the color is really flattering. HRH P Sibilla’s dress looks interesting - I’d like to see more of it.

  3. Anonymous1/8/23 13:42

    Notice the hand of the lady in the blue dress. Is she flipping the bird?

    1. Do you mean the lady speeking in the microphone ? She is a sister of Pr Henry of Luxembourg, I see several blue dresses.

  4. Anonymous1/8/23 13:48

    Nice to see the discreet Eleonore. Often in the shadow of her older sister, i find her prettier with delicate facial features, for sure she is becoming a gorgeous young lady.

    1. Anonymous2/8/23 16:09

      @ Mary. I hope Queen Mathilde is not reading this. She is doing everything she can to show that all her children are precious to her.
      This white little dress is new I think. It is not so that Princess Eléonore must wear CP Elisabeth's older dresses that became too tight for her. Now that she is probably almost taller than Princess Elisabeth it won't be possible anyway. Rose

  5. Anonymous1/8/23 16:34

    Fashionwise : Princess Eléonore's white dress is by Freeman T. Porter her sandals by "Les Tropèziennes". She is wearing her horoscope medaillon by Maje. CP Elisabeth has her horoscope medaillon also by Maje.

  6. Princess Eleonore looks great once again. She has worn perfect outfits at every event she ahs attended this summer. Great to see her.

  7. Anonymous1/8/23 19:28

    Princess Eleonore looks especially lovely in the light summer dress, age appropriate and seems have grown as tall as her father, she is beautiful.

  8. J'ai réussi à retrouver les noms de la plupart des dames à part celle qui porte une robe imprimée blanc/rose/bleu ? J'aime beaucoup la douceur de la robe d'Eléonore qui est chaussée de sandales estivales !

  9. Princess Eleonore looks very pretty, there is a real sweetness about her. Lovely to see Queen Sofia. The King looks well groomed and splendid in his suit.

  10. Anonymous2/8/23 07:46

    Also present was Prince Guillaume of Luxemburg and his wife princess Sybilla (4th picture the lady wearing a black and white printed dress). Rose

  11. Anonymous2/8/23 08:06

    I agree, Princess Eleonore looks lovely in her delicate, summery dress. Queen Sofia, sorry, looks dreadful. The top is far too busy and looks like a tent and suffocates her frame.
    🌞 Virginia

    1. Anonymous3/8/23 00:12

      I think Q. Sofia’s outfit would have looked so much better without the knot in the shirt. It created such an unflattering silhouette (V.M.)

  12. Anonymous2/8/23 21:52

    Nice gathering of Royals, for the 30st anniversary of the Death of King Baudouin of the Belgians. Very nice summer dress for Pss Elionor. Q Sofia of Spain's top looked like a part of a PJ. The Pss of Liechtenstein spoke perfect Spanish. So nice to know that the European Royals speak, more languages than their mother tongue. css

    1. Anonymous3/8/23 07:28

      In Europe, especially in Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands royals but also common people speak several languages. In Belgium for example children are learning the 2nd language (French or Dutch) during primary school. In secondary school (12-18 years old) they learn also French, English, German,... For older students and or people who didn't had the opportunity to learn another language there is easy access to courses of English, German, Italian, Spanish, ... Rose

  13. P. the original3/8/23 18:05

    Eleonore looks so beautiful and classy.
    She seems to be the Belgian counterpart of Louise Windsor IMO.
    Both girls look so truly aristocratic and sophisticated, as if they had come out of another era- I mean this in a very positive way.
    They both have such delicate and sweet facial traits and they both are keen on arts.
    There's a sort of magic aura around these two young ladies.

    1. Anonymous4/8/23 11:36

      I would not compare Princess Eléonore with Lady Louise Windsor. 1st There is a different of age, 2nd Princess Eléonore have always been dressed very up-to-date to go to school just like her sister and brothers. On events where more formal outfits are required she is dressed in fashionable brands. 3rd Physically there is a big difference too : Princess Eléonore is almost taller than CP Elisabeth and she is only 15. She has straight long blond hair, she is very thin but she is still developing. She is also a bit shy. Many people already compare her with former Queen Paola when she was young. 4th She has not finished secondary education yet. She is playing the violin. The whole Belgian royal family is keen on arts and classic music, but they can appreciate modern songs and music as well. They are also very sportive people.
      Of course she is aristocratic, her parents, grand-parents, ancestors are/were. And Queen Mathilde being a sophisticated lady herself has influenced both her daughters. Rose

    2. P. the original4/8/23 13:56

      You are likely to have read my comment according to your personal perspective.
      I'm m not used to scrutinizing women the way you are doing everywhere in your comment(s).
      I didn't mention age, clothing, schooling, hair, body frame ...and thanks to God you did not make a treaty about their tan too!!
      A word to the wise...
      No, I simply compared the two young women on the basis of their in- born class, something which calls to mind young aristocratic
      and sophisticated women of another era, also because of their classic, pure beauty, so visibile in their facial traits.
      They both have a penchant for arts.
      This term refers to any kind of art, be it, music , drawing and so on..
      I also said that they both have a sort of magic aura around them , something spiritual well beyond their bodies, if you know what I mean.
      By the way...both Eleonore and Louise are shy.
      You also misunderstood the way I used the word " aristocratic" in my comment.
      It has nothing to do with their family trees.
      I could as well recognize 'aristocratic manners' when I meet people coming from a good background (not necessarily a noble one) and upbringing.
      A word to the wise again.

    3. Anonymous4/8/23 18:50

      You'd better stop your comments on young girls and leave them in peace. They have plenty of time to develop themselves. I hope they don't read your remarks. This is not body-shaming but it is as bad : talking about "something spiritual well beyond their bodies" and "have a sort of magic aura around them". The best thing that can happen is if they do read it that they will start laughing loud. Of Princess Eléonore I know that she had a good religious education from her parents and also in the schools she went until know. In the meantime she and her sister and brothers are confronted with the difficult times people and especially young people have to live in these days. So leave them in peace and allow them to develop themselves into strong human beings not afraid of facing the future.

    4. P. the original4/8/23 21:23

      Anon....Rose 18:50
      Are you kidding me?
      How dare you say these snide things about me?
      first of all, please, calm down .
      It Is fairly obvious that you didn' t understand a single word in both my comments and this is ridiculous indeed.
      Bodyshaming has never ever crossed my mind.
      The upbringing I was given does not allow me to add more.
      Please, do keep calm, this is the most important thing and take a deep breath, will you?
      If Helen reads in my comments what you are saying and which I strongly reject, she or any other blog administrator are free to delete my posts..
      As you can see , you are the only one who is so strongly attacking me for what I wrote.
      Could it be because they understood the correct meaning of my words, while you clearly didn' t?
      Keep CALM.

    5. Anonymous5/8/23 08:03

      Never has been calmer. You can accuse me of what you want. I have the right to express my thoughts which are more realistic than yours. Maybe there are blogs or websites where you can share your spiritual things with others. Have a nice week-end. Case closed. Rose

    6. P. the original5/8/23 17:24

      Anon...Rose 08:03

      If this is your way of being calm, I do not want to be in the surroundings when you get angry...
      What are you talking about???
      Spiritual things???
      Oh dear, you just seem to be living out of reality...once again!

      I am probably or surely one of the most earthly, terrestrial and concrete women in the world.
      I am fond of Life, I want to live It all, not even a minute must be lost in my existence.

      Of course, you again misunderstood what I truly meant by 'spiritual' in relation to two royal young ladies but I get no longer surprised at your misinterpretations.
      My or other people' spirituality is a dimension out of your reach and none of your business.
      Moreover, it has nothing to do with my comments about Eleonore and Louise either

      What if you saw me in person?
      Would you stone me out of jealousy/ envy?
      You could well compare me to a model, no kidding.
      That's what most people tell me when they see me.
      Fact Is that I am a tough woman with a very strong self- esteem and personality.too but this does not mean I am insensitive.
      Quite the opposite.
      One can have both things :self- care/ self- respect and empathy/ respect for other people at the same time.

      Bringing me down is a ' Mission impossible' for you so I would not even try, if I were you.
      I am very, very far from being a conventional absurdly whining woman as you have always proved to be.on this site.

      Life deserves to be lived fully and that's what I really do instead of always complaining about others' alleged imperfections like you do.

      Now the case is really closed.
      Oh...and I wish you the ability/ capability to get back to REALiTY and LIFE and enjoy your days at last.

      Time for me to get ready for a Saturday night out.

  14. Anonymous4/8/23 22:23

    These comparisons serve no purpose. I think they should be left alone and not compared. In particular the really young ones



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