Queen Letizia attended the 13th Atlantida Mallorca Film Festival

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

On July 30, 2023, Queen Letizia attended the closing ceremony of the 13th Atlantida Mallorca Film Festival 2023 at the La Misericordia cultural center in Palma de Mallorca. The festival started on July 24 and involved various film, music and talk sessions. The Queen presented the Master Of Cinema Award to the French-Swiss actress and singer, Irene Jacob.

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

The festival was established as the first online film festival in the country 13 years ago and has one mission: to promote and reward the best international films that could not find a place in theaters.

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore a black sleeveless plumetis lace dress by Uterque. Malababa clutch bag and Espadrilles Picon wedges

Queen Letizia wore Uterque Sleeveless Plumetis Lace Dress
Uterque Sleeveless Plumetis Lace Dress


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  1. Anonymous31/7/23 11:12

    I thought Letizia‘s outfit looked like a slip until I saw the girl next to her. Then I changed my mind.

    1. Slip dresses are very trendy now. I do like Letizia's dress but the white one is perhaps a little bit too much. But this is a film festival so why not.

    2. which girl; the red jumpsuit, the kaftan or the Night dress one ... lol

  2. Anonymous31/7/23 11:12

    I thought Letizia‘s outfit looked like a slip until I saw the girl next to her. Then I changed my mind.

  3. Great to see a rewear of this classy dress.
    Oh how I would love to have Letizia' s upper arms.!

    1. Anonymous31/7/23 11:52

      Not everybody like such arms you know. Muscles and bones not very feminine.

    2. Anonymous31/7/23 12:01

      Me too! Glad to see her living healthily!

    3. Anonymous31/7/23 12:50

      I like them too, Princess Charlene is criticized for her prominent shoulders

    4. Anonymous31/7/23 16:33

      Arm envy, me too. As for the dress, what a beautiful summer dress that you can dress up or down. Sje looks great. And she is glowing with her summer tan.

    5. Anonymous31/7/23 20:23

      I think her "secret" is a very low percentage of fat, therefore her muscles show much more than those of a normal woman of her age. Her shredded arms look like those of a bikini fitness competitor. How healthy that is is another question.

  4. Anonymous31/7/23 11:49

    Great dress but I would have chosen different shoes. Those arm muscles are really impressive!

  5. Quelle robe élégante qui lui sied à merveille ; avec son bronzage, elle est parfaite surtout qu'elle a su combiner le doré de sa pochette avec celle de ses chaussures compensées !

  6. P. the original31/7/23 12:25

    Simple, minimal, effective dress.
    Perfection overall.

  7. Anonymous31/7/23 12:46

    Wow she looks amazing!!

  8. Anonymous31/7/23 13:11

    What is her workout routine?!

  9. Anonymous31/7/23 14:12

    Gorgeous dress. Looks much better with the golden espadrilles than the previous black shoes.

    1. Totally agree on both the dress and the fact that it looks much better with these sandals.

  10. I am puzzled, did she have such long hair, or does she have extensions ? The dress is ok to me.

    1. Anonymous1/8/23 05:10

      Agree, I wondered about her hair length too

  11. Anonymous31/7/23 15:55

    Pretty dress. Her thinnest is starting to look unattractive. I know I know you can never be to thin or rich, but ….

  12. Great to see this dress again in a such summer night.
    I prefer this look with the golden alpargatas instead of the black ones from last time.
    I also notice and love it, the golden purse she is wearing, anyone knows if she doesn't have other very similar but in a different colour, maybe blue?

  13. She looks great, the dress is beautiful, her arms and body is so toned, her hair is shiny and thick, she has great taste with accessories. Best dressed royal.

    1. Anonymous2/8/23 10:27

      Do not exaggerate. She rarely wears haute-couture. Her body culture must compensate that. I find her arms not beautiful anymore It was in the beginning when she started probably with muscle training etc... Her bronzed skin is darker than most other Spanish women I see on the pictures and also her daughters'. It is becoming a bit too fake.

  14. Anonymous31/7/23 19:40

    Grand as always. css

  15. Anonymous31/7/23 20:56

    Dress is lovely. Hair is beautiful. Thinness and musculoskeletal arms could be studied in an anatomy class. I’m glad she’s healthy but, to me, these extremes look dreadful.

    1. Anonymous31/7/23 22:56

      Agree! Too much (toned muscles arms, fake tan?!) it becomes really ugly!

    2. Anonymous1/8/23 01:53

      The dress has much more detail that the camera shows, and quite suitable for the heat.
      The tan police have arrived. Please choose the ideal body that she should have. Name a person, give her a goal. Dan.

    3. P. the original1/8/23 11:01

      Provided that Q.Letizia has a thin frame and her training sessions are surely supervised by a personal coach, I'd like you to give a technical outline about body muscle mass percentages in relation to body types.
      As I myself go to the gym as regularly as my hectic life allows me to do so, I know for sure that there are stated lines/ principles as to body muscle mass percentages.
      Moreover and as far as I know, royal houses have their own trusted doctors for check-ups and I am pretty sure that all royals do not neglect their health.
      Unless you yourself are a professional coach or a doctor / health consultant, I wonder what principles you are relying on to make your statements.
      Of course, you are free to find dreadful whatever you want to and to question people's health but all this is beginning to sound disturbing to me.and frankly full of envy on your part.
      As to P Charlene, you seem oh so surprised at her broad shoulders...
      Well, have you ever happened to see professional swimmers on TV on in presence?
      They all have broad shoulders and a particular percentage of muscle mass on particular parts of their bodies.
      Charlene is an ex- professional swimmer but I'm sure she still does a lot of pool training on her own.
      Please, bring proven evidence of what you say in your comment(s).
      And by the way...long hair seems to be another obsession to you.

  16. Wow, she looks great. I love that dress. And I agree, she is really fit. She’s super tan too (maybe too tan?) especially compared to all the very pale people around her. Was the SRF on vacation recently??

  17. Anonymous31/7/23 21:18

    Letizia looks lovely in this simple black dress. She is always so stylish. The only thing I wanna ask is why her skin is looking so very tanned lately. It is as if she is spraying her body like actors do. It's a bit too much I think.

  18. What a pleasure to see beautiful Irene Jacob, she is a wonderful actress. Letizia looks great!

  19. Queen Letizia looks fabulous. I don't like tiered dresses such as this, but its the exception, very pretty. Her shoes work in well, be it unusual choice. Her bag is cute.

  20. Anonymous1/8/23 00:19

    Q Letizia semms to have much longer hair than she had a few days ago, is it extensions?

  21. Anonymous1/8/23 02:43

    Beautiful dress! I much prefer the gold accesories she chose this time--but, I can't say I am a fan of the espadrilles. I love espadrilles but this time I feel like they are too informal and too heavy-looking for this dress. As usual QL looks gorgeous!


  22. Anonymous1/8/23 06:55

    a good expensive wig!!!

  23. Anonymous1/8/23 14:38

    A number of years ago I had such severe stomach issues that I couldn’t eat without throwing up, and my GI’s main concern was to get me to stop losing weight. I lost count of the people who told me I looked great. In fact I was starving to death. She does not look great and she’s not living healthy. I hope someone is encouraging her to get the help she so obviously needs.

    1. P. the original1/8/23 17:03

      I am deeply sorry and touched reading your personal story and every word I could Say would be inappropriate
      I just want to say that I am no doctor and I lack the expertise on eating disorders.
      My personal experience refers to ' normal' gym training sessions.
      I mean that I am not interested in muscle mass enhancement but just in keeping fit and svelte because I need agility in my job.
      I know some people who are mad about body building and muscle enhancement sessions so they have a personal trainer for the kind of results they want to achieve.
      I also know there are some criteria to calculate muscle mass according to body types.
      I remember Letizia throughout the years and she has always had a thin frame.
      I think she Is quite healthy, otherwise I can't justi Imagine how she could cope with her taxing schedule.
      BUT I can be wrong and Hope there Is not something wrong with her nutritional plan or amount of training.
      I wish you all the best in life and hope you' ve overcome your issues by now.
      Let me send you a big hug and please, take care of yourself .
      You must be a very sensitive Person, I can perceive that from your words.
      I am sure you are strong and...don' t ever lose your inner strength, keep tight to life.
      It is the best gift we were given by God.

    2. P. the original1/8/23 17:05

      * hold on to life

    3. Anonymous1/8/23 20:48

      @Anon 14:38 I am sorry to hear about your health struggles. I do, however, need to disagree with you about Letizia not living a healthy life. Every body is different. Some people are naturally thin, while others have to work hard to keep extra weight off. Still others are too heavy and don't care about their health but choose to criticize anyone more thin and fit than they are. It is really a simple case of jealousy when it is someone that you don't even know. Scientifically speaking, Letizia would not have the ability to build that kind of muscle mass if she was not healthy. She has to eat a very healthy diet, including protein to do so. The speculation about her weight is insane.

      What is also insane are the comments about her tan and her hair. Why is it a problem for her to have a beautiful tan? We are all colors and take the sun differently. She obviously tans easily, and if she enhances her tan in a healthy way, why should it bother anyone? It is much better than what we used to do -- trying to get as dark as possible with no sun protection at all.

      I still do not understand comments regarding hair extensions. I have never once read why they are bad, just that they are. It is just another reason to find fault with someone. I see no hair extensions on Letizia. Her hair is the same length is has been in recent posts. She has very thick, healthy hair. That is something else she would not have if she was an unhealthy person. The same can be said for Catherine. Everyone that is bothered by these two women being thin should mind their own business. Your obsessions about their weight are unhealthy and body shaming is always wrong.

    4. P. the original2/8/23 08:21

      I get the impression you are confusing different anonymous comments about Letizia or other outstanding royal women.
      I mean that real jealousy and envy can be easily detected in some comments in the way some royal ladies are criticized or bushed, be it because of their weight, hair, tan, whatever, even their being rich and privileged people.
      Bodyshaming resonates in all of certain obsessive hanmering comments
      I once called it a 'loop', a sort of circular obsessive movement of the same thoughts on the same mind ,aiming at uniquely bringing down royal women probably perceived as more beautiful , younger and more rich than the commentator.
      I feel that Anonymous at 14:38 only expressed her subconscious fears and genuine personal and physical sufferings which can't be judged just because we do not know her.
      Where' s the jealousy in the comment at@ 14:38?
      I agree with you about some people being normally thin and that everyone is different.
      Personally, I very much respect a person who freely chose to share her totally private and intimate physical / medical condition with us.
      She needs support and encouragement and it is what she' ll always have from me.

    5. P. the original2/8/23 12:11

      I want to add that in the comment from Anon.14.38 , I sensei her effort to ask for professional help and I am pretty sure she got it.
      Unfortunately, some other people devoloping dysfunctional thoughts and conducts also detectable in their comments on this site, do not seem willing to perceive them as major issues and probably do not even ask for help to escape from these obsessive conditioning behaviours .
      I applaud whoever has the courage to open up and share such a life threatening experience, as A non.14:38 did.
      I still and strongly want to believe that humanity and empathy are not gone forever in mankind.
      Please, try to understand people, not to judge them.
      You do not even have the slightest idea of how hard it is to tackle a number of different emergencies on planes, the most common of which is probably people just panicking throughout a flight.
      You need to be helpul and empathic,,not judgemental.
      It is no use.
      This can be applied to a number of other situations , including illnesses and eating disorders.

    6. Anonymous2/8/23 12:53

      Amen !

    7. Anonymous2/8/23 22:09

      @P. the original You have read too much into what I wrote, and I could have been more clear. The ONE thing I took exception to with Anon 14:38's comments was that Letizia was "not living healthy". Hoping "someone is encouraging her to get the help she so obviously needs" is assuming she has an eating disorder. I am disgusted by these types of comments. Comparing her own illness with an eating disorder does not make any sense. The two things are not similar at all. I don't know if I am not understanding what you wrote, but it sounds like you think Anon 14:38 was saying she had suffered from an eating disorder as well. If I am misunderstanding, I apologize. I do fully understand being triggered by a thin body, reminding her of a time she was ill. It sounds like a terrifying time and that is truly terrible. The suggestion that there is something wrong with all thin women triggers me, particularly when the comments suggest an eating disorder. It is obvious that the people making these remarks do not have the first clue what they are talking about. I have struggled with my eating disorder for almost all of my life. I have bad times and better times, and times when I am almost normal. I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Not just about this but about obsessive thoughts. I have an adult son that has had OCD since childhood. I am the last person to judge. These are the things I live with. What I don't like are personal attacks on these women, which includes body shaming. Other sites delete body shaming comments. I don't know why this site doesn't.

      Anon 14:38 did not make any comments about jealousy. It was a general statement and I should have been more clear. It is nice of you to take up for another contributor when you feel strongly about something. I've done the same.

    8. P. the original3/8/23 09:30

      Yes, I think you are right.
      We both probably misunderstood each other's words.
      I do apologize for not reading your words correctly.
      As I said, I lack expertise on eating disorders and what was reported by @Anon 14:38 made me think she suffered or is still suffering from an eating disorder.
      I could be wrong, of course.
      There are probably other illnesses with the same symptoms, I do not know.
      I would basically divide comments about Letizia into two groups: contributors who stand for her , recognize her beauty and elegance and do not have any reason to doubt that she is healthy.
      On the other side, I would place all the rest of snide and disturbing comments about her - probably written by the same hand-, full of bodyshaming, baseless assumptions and a thousand attempts at criticizing her aspect and sartorial choices at all costs and on a regular basis.
      I see an obsessive/ insane way of thinking and much more in the latter comments.
      I do agree with you.
      I do not understand why some people continually bodyshaming royal women and girls are still kept here and their harmful comments published over and over again.
      I would say: enough with all this toxic stuff, please Helen, remove these kind of comments from this site
      Personally, I'd place the comment from @Anon.14:38 in a category of its own.
      I sensed that behind those words there was a Person proven by a life - threatening illness and having subconscious fears at seeing Letizia's thin frame.
      I never thought she wanted to criticized or bush Letizia.
      Yes, you are right.
      I often take up for people who are suffering in real life and I happen to do so even on this site.
      Also, I am deeply sorry to hear about your eating disorder and about your son.
      Please, excuse me for not being clear enough in my previous comments.
      Take care of yourself.
      A big hug for you.
      P. the original

  24. Anonymous1/8/23 14:52

    Whoa. Now THAT'S a look. Letizia always looks great, but it's rare that she's wearing something that truly blows me away. This does. The styling is impeccable and whether that's extensions, hairpieces, a wig or not, the hair is stunning for the occasion.

  25. Anonymous1/8/23 19:37

    Not a great look; Arms way too thin and muscular, hair extensions far too obvious, and the gown more about showing off the figure, rather than a classic style of gown itself. Janelle

  26. Anonymous2/8/23 13:11

    This blog becomes more and more a personal connection between certain persons. Can't they just give each others phone number or e-mail addresses. The rest of the bloggers might not be interested in everything they have to tell to each other.

    1. P. the original2/8/23 19:15

      No, I would not put It this way, at least ad far as I am concerned.
      I know there are real people behind words and comments and I can feel when they are authenthic or when they are here just to blame, destroy, bring down either royal figures or common people commenting on this site.
      I can't have any kind of connection to some showing no respect for others' bodies, feelings and stories, no matter if they are royals or fellow bloggers.
      Respect is due to people who suffered or are still suffering in their lives.
      If one wants respect for herself, she must be ready to show respect first
      No respect is due to someone who enjoys bodyshaming, and criticizing every single step of every single woman, either with a crown on her head or not.
      Let's be honest: fashion has become an excuse for one person/ some people to set free their individual dissatisfaction under the guise of views about royal women's sartorial choices.
      If this person/ people can' t control their deepest anger or discomfort or whatever it is, they' d better get some help.
      Yes, I'm being quite direct because I am not afraid to say what I really think.


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