Norwegian and Swedish royal family members got together on Gotland

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Ingrid Alexandra on Gotland for holiday

Last weekend, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar spent some late summer days on Gotland in the Baltic Sea together with Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Ingrid Alexandra. The Scandinavian heirs to the throne keep in close contact with each other. The Swedish Crown Princess family enjoyed spending time with their Norwegian friends and relatives, as well as showing them this unique part of Sweden.


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  1. Sympathique photo des deux familles réunies ; je trouve que pour finir la saison estivale, cela manque de couleurs PS Mette-Marit a de très belles jambes !

  2. I love this photo. Everyone looks happy and healthy. For royals, visits with other royals, who happen to be friends and relatives, must be very special. It is probably not often that they can just be normal folks.

    1. Absolutely agreed. This photo is fantastic, I love seeing them so relaxed and happy.

  3. Anonymous18/9/21 19:15

    Relaxed - Just real. Dancer

  4. A nice dress down day for these two royal families.
    I'm sure they enjoy a bit of "normal" life away from the fashion demands related to their work.

  5. Mette Marit looks amazing in those shorts. I have not noticed before that she has such attractive legs. It is a pity that mini skirts have gone out of fashion. She would look super in them. I know that princess Victoria is very athletic but I did not know she was. It is so nice to see them all in casual clothes and enjoying themselves. Fashion wise perfect for the occasion.

  6. Anonymous18/9/21 23:37

    I too love photos like this and especially with this group of royals. They all get along so well and just seeing them enjoying time together as regular humans and people is very heart warming.
    The Danish crown family is also close to both of these families and between them, all are god parents to some of each others children. It's lovely to see this kind of friendship/family ties. And it all stems from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert too, for so many of Europes Kings and Queens (but not the Dutch royal house and a couple of others). Amazing!
    - Anon 9:13

  7. The Princesses Left legs reminded me of this song,

    and The Swedish Royal Family and The Norwegian Royal Family All looks so cute, wonder what that pasta eater is going to do with that mouse!!!

  8. Anonymous19/9/21 14:56

    Love both of these families; nice to see they take time out of the spotlight to spend time together. Lovely photos. jj

  9. Anonymous19/9/21 21:57

    They’re so lovely <3

  10. As time moves on, and the newer generations born, the poor darlings will have more freedom like
    non royal millionaire folks.

    The over the top "fairytale" royal outfits in this day and age will be gone, only to be displayed in museums.


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