Princess Victoria and Daniel was informed before Latvia visit

On April 27, Friday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden will visit Riga, the capital of Latvia on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Latvia's 1918 Declaration of Independence. On April 23, 2018, Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive in-depth information about Latvia before Riga visit. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the Crown Princess couple about the current issues in Latvia.
Crown Princess Victoria wore Lexington Company Frida Blazer and Trousers. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will visit Riga
Crown Princess Victoria wore Lexington Company Frida Blazer and Trousers
Lexington Company Frida Blazer and Trousers


  1. This pantsuit does a lot for her. The colour and the cut are modern and works for a business meeting as well. For the 'bun'. Sometimes I think, she has difficult hair and prefers to spend time with her family in the morning rather than get her hair done in different ways. So she opted for the bun. Fine with me:-)

  2. Oh, now i understood. :)

  3. i think Victoria , she is pregnant

  4. Nice suit in a lovely colour. Practical and smart.

  5. Boring style of suit (how many does she have?) and the usual neck bow. Only nice part is the colour...

  6. The color gives this conservative look the life it needs!


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