Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg celebrates her 34th birthday

Today, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie celebrates her 34th birthday. Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg (Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy was born on February 18, 1984 in Ronse located in east Flanders region of Belgium.) got engaged to Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg on April 26, 2012 and got married on October 19, 2012 with a civil ceremony and religious wedding ceremony took place the next day. Happy 34th birthday to you, Princess Stephanie.
Princess said at the time that they'd be waiting a few years before having children. Hereditary Duchess Stephanie pregnant, Princess Stephanie pregnant


  1. Happy 34th Birthday to Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg.

  2. Très jolie jeune femme😊. J'aime tout dans cette photo: sourire, coiffure, manteau... Un sans faute! Joyeux anniversaire princesse Stéphanie.

    1. J’aurais bien aimé la voir en entier . Pour voir le pantalon :-))

  3. She looks lovely, a little bit photoshopping doesn't matter.

  4. This is a nice photo of Stephanie. Her coat is elegant.

  5. cette fois elle est jolie avec ce manteau

  6. Elle exploite de plus en plus de couleurs et de styles, ce qui est tout à son avantage. 'Elle est une très belle femme.


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