Princess Victoria became the official patron of Pink Ribbon 2017

On September 7, 2017, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended a meeting with Swedish Cancer Association at Stockholm Royal Palace. The meeting was about 2017 Rosa Bandet Campaign. The Crown Princess became the official patron of Pink Ribbon 2017 (Rosa Bandet 2017) Campaign of Swedish Cancer Association.
Crown Princess Victoria as patron of Rosa Bandet 2017 for Swedish Cancer Association. Princess Victoria wore Camilla Thulin Dress
The Pink Ribbon Campaign (Rosa Bandet) will continue during October and it aims to struggle with breast cancer and raise awareness of the public about that disease by financing cancer researches.
Crown Princess Victoria wore Camilla Thulin Orbit Dress


  1. What a wonderful photo of a wonderful lady! It is so good that she supports pink ribbon. I know eight women (friends and collegues) who had breast cancer. Two of them died. One of these two stopped chemotherapy. The doctors had told her to continue, but she did not want to. She thought she was healed. She died at the age of 42. This is more than 15 years ago now but I still remember how everybody tried to convince her to continue chemo.

    1. I´m sorry to hear about your friends/collegues.
      I know a few people myself who died of cancer, and in every single one of these cases, it was the chemo that killed them and the masses of medication they had to take. It is never easy to decide which treatment to take but given the extremely invasive nature of chemotherapy, I have a hard time celebrating this treatment that - despite undisputed positive outcomes - also costs thousands of lives every year. The fact that, like in your story, someone consciously opts out of chemo despite the strong narrative that it is the only chance they´ve got to live, is quite telling about how damaging it is. I don´t want to advise against chemotherapy, but I wanted to provide a different angle and add that there are numerous success stories of people who survived cancer and opted for much more natural, gentle and holistic approaches than the infamous chemical treatment.
      Sorry this is off-topic for a fashion blog. Cancer is such a massive yet sensitive topic, and I´m glad that it is talked-about and drawn attention to.
      I´m sending best wishes to each and everyone affected by cancer.

    2. Vanessa, thank you so much for your understanding and your friendly words! You are right, chemotherapy surely has it pros and cons. It must be an extremely difficult question to decide what to do...May science soon find ways ans means against cancer!

  2. She's much more a beauty than her sister - she has an incredible personality and presence and she's always stylish. Free to Orwell: "At 40 (50) everyone has the face he deserves."

  3. Lovely picture, beautiful dress. I would like to have that dress myself.

  4. Victoria is a beautiful human being. It is so petty of us to compare the relative beauty of one sister to another. It has nothing to do with fashion.

  5. What a lovely picture. A lovely lady and a wonderful cause.

  6. She looks younger, good color on her.

  7. Lovely portrait. A softer look for her.


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