Princess Madeleine and Prince Nicolas visited Wynwood in Miami

Princess Madeleine wore a new Tenille ruffle-detail denim shirt by Veronica Beard. Princess Leonore and Princess Adrienne

On April 28, 2024, Princess Madeleine and Prince Nicolas visited Wynwood, a Miami neighborhood known as an emerging tech hub with vibrant street art. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists. The Miami Fashion District is a sub-district of Wynwood. Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O'Neill live in Miami together with their children Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne.

Princess Madeleine wore a new Tenille ruffle-detail denim shirt by Veronica Beard. Princess Leonore and Princess Adrienne

Princess Madeleine wore VERONICA BEARD Tenille ruffle-detail denim shirt
VERONICA BEARD Tenille ruffle-detail denim shirt


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  1. Anonymous29/4/24 14:55

    She ruined her once beautiful face with Ozempic.

    1. Anonymous30/4/24 08:01

      Dear Ava, Your claim is very daring. How do you know? Please let us know.
      🌞 Virginia

    2. I had to google to find out what Ozempic is. In case some colleagues are as ignorant as I am, it is a drug against diabetis (fortunately I have been saved from that so far). Also used as a weight control means ? But yes she looks thinner than she used to be. Certainly not her best look, I don't care about the denim blouse. Nicolas looks so handsome! I look forward to better pictures of her soon.

    3. Anonymous30/4/24 11:25

      Ava gives us the regular american mainstream nonsense

    4. Anonymous30/4/24 12:23

      I thought Ava's comment was on target, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the gaunt face, next to a healthy young son's face. Too bad she feels the need to go this route, she has always been beautiful.

    5. Anonymous30/4/24 23:01

      She is just getting older, like we all, plus she has smoked in the past and has been living under the strong rays of the Florida sun for several years. She has always been slim and certainly isn't in need of Ozempic or other such drugs.

  2. Anonymous29/4/24 15:10

    Quel beau garçon

  3. Anonymous29/4/24 15:57

    Very beautiful outfit. I especially like the denim blouse. I.P.

    1. Anonymous29/4/24 23:57

      Would you say beautiful or cute!

  4. Anonymous29/4/24 16:41

    I'm worried about her, doesn't it look likes she's lost a lot of weight? I hope she is ok and its just a trick of the lighting. CO

    1. Anonymous29/4/24 19:25

      Agree. Sarah

    2. Anonymous29/4/24 20:06

      I thought the same, she lost so much weight…

    3. Anonymous29/4/24 20:11

      I noticed that too, I only hope she isn’t using Ozempic !!

    4. I thought the same thing. She looks very thin. I hardly recognized her.

    5. P. the original30/4/24 08:55

      @Anonymous at 29/4/24 at 20:11

      Yet again, you are body shaming a lady for being too thin in your eyes.
      Why do you insist on this kind of medicament ?
      This is resonating as very strange and disturbing from you.
      Can you explain why do you name something without having any professional skill or knowledge?
      I' m wondering how such comments can get past the filter.
      For your information, Pss Madeleine lives in Miami.
      Do you understand that it is a place where you can enjoy a wide range of activies and sports on the beach and you can swim a lot too ?
      Look at how she is dressed.
      It's absolutely common if you go to the seaside or live by the sea.
      As this is no official portrait, Madeleine can wear whatever she wants, weather you like it or not.
      I bet you have never practised any sort of physical activity, that's why you are so confused and biased.

    6. P. the original30/4/24 10:59

      * wheather you like it or not

    7. Anonymous30/4/24 11:29

      Based on her fit arms, she looks like she works out a lot and lives a very healthy lifestyle. Not so common in the US, so I sure do understand the confusion.

    8. Anonymous30/4/24 20:17

      @P. The Original Thank you for speaking up. I don't know how so many people make it into the comments believing that it is acceptable to bodyshame these women. Weight loss drugs would only be given to a person that was overweight. Madeleine has always been very trim. It is utterly stupid to suggest that she is taking weight loss medication! She lives in a state that has beautiful weather. The opportunities for health and outdoor exercise are year round. Just being an active mother probably keeps her in shape. The speculation about her body, and every other woman on this blog, is improper in every way. I wish these type of comments would stop getting posted.

    9. Anonymous1/5/24 01:32

      I agree with the comments on how thin Princess Madeleine is in these photos. I would not have recognised her it was a photo of herself on her own. The body police don’t like it but she definitely looks very different. I hope she is well

    10. P. the original1/5/24 09:47

      @ Anonymous yesterday at 20:17

      Oh, thank you.
      You know, I' m always direct and say what I think.
      I'm not afraid of speaking up when needed and to express my views " klipp und klar", as Germans say.
      I am convinced that good doctors can help control weight and cure so many illnesses.
      But there's no way of healing or recovering from stupidity and wickedness and that's really sad.
      Yes, I do wish that these type of comments would stop getting posted as well.

    11. P. the original1/5/24 09:57

      Anonymous 29/4/24 at 20:11

      Now, I want to take a step further just out of curiosity.
      What do you exactly know about Ozempic and why do you keep on naming it ?
      Please, be sincere.
      Hope you know that weight loss drugs taken without any medical supervision are similar to extremely dangerous weapons and likely to cause serious harm to one's body.
      Please, take care of yourself.
      P. the original

    12. P. the original1/5/24 11:28

      @ Anonymous 1/5/24 at 01:32

      No, you missed the point again.
      The body police stems solely from your own mind and perception.
      Ok, you want to see a dramatic weight loss in Madeleine' s body and you could have just stopped to your own impression.
      Why do you embark to bodyshame other women and talk about drugs you do not have any clue about, instead?
      Saying that you feel a woman has gained/ lost weight in your view has nothing to do with fat shaming ( in the case of Pss Amalia) or bodyshaming Pss Madeleine for being too skinny in your eyes.
      Can you grasp the difference?
      You seem to have appointed yourself as a sort of weight/ hair/ height / heels/ feet/ illnesses/ money and wealth police on this site but you clearly do not realize that.
      Facts are facts while obsessions with weight and other physical features are worth being addressed, discussed and handled because they are just mind dysfunctional and unhealthy creations.
      What is not entirely clear to me is wheather your bodyshaming other women- particularly because of their weight- arises from your not accepting yourself or from a form of sheer nastiness/ hatred towards women in general.
      You should work on the cause/s which lead you to despise women - no matter if they are royals or not-
      to this extent and for a number of reasons, including their weight.
      This means coming to terms with yourself and clear up your own ideas before writing any commentary on this blog.

    13. Anonymous1/5/24 15:35

      @P. the original Again, beautifully stated. You said everything I was thinking.

  5. Anonymous29/4/24 18:26

    This is something for a fashion blog of royals? Don't understand why. Just my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own, just as I am.

    1. Anonymous30/4/24 10:19

      Idd this isn’t fashion, just fun outfit

    2. Anonymous30/4/24 12:27

      Anonymous30/4/24 10:19, I think the poster was not referring to fashion, as much as a royal, pushing herself into the spotlight, because it was her son's b/d.

  6. Anonymous29/4/24 18:59

    Good natural picture of Princess Madeleine and Nicolas. He’s growing up fast, a spitting image of his father !

  7. Cette chemise en jean sera idéale pour la saison estivale !

  8. Lovely photo of Mother and son.

  9. Anonymous30/4/24 00:26

    Madelein looks very nice with this jean top. Nicholas is a mini version of his father Chris. Nice pic. css

  10. Anonymous30/4/24 06:21

    P M always beautiful! Sweet picture mother and son! I hope the will move to Sweden soon!

  11. Anonymous30/4/24 06:37

    Nicke är så söt!

  12. Anonymous30/4/24 20:12

    Prince Nicholas has the most beautiful face.....Jacqueline


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