Prince Albert and Princess Charlene visited a day center in Beausoleil

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore a gray Henrik belted cashmere coat by Loro Piana. Lenval Foundation

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco visited a psychiatric day center for young people in Beausoleil together with a delegation from the Lenval Foundation. The objective of the day center is to offer a comprehensive outpatient service for children and adolescents below the age of 18, who are suffering from complex psychopathological disorders.

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore a gray Henrik belted cashmere coat by Loro Piana. Lenval Foundation

The day center works in close collaboration with the actors involved in the provision of care, health and social services, national education, youth and sports organizations in the Principality of Monaco. Founded in 1888, the Lenval Foundation is a non profit, private children’s hospital that has the mission to receive all children, without condition of resources and without distinction of religion or nationality.

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore LORO PIANA Henrik belted cashmere coat in gray
LORO PIANA Henrik belted cashmere coat


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  1. Superbe ce manteau bien porté par Charlène qui n'a pas besoin de le ceinturer pour être élégante !

    1. Anonymous30/3/24 14:08

      Loro Piana is one of the most expensive brands. I would guess that this coat starts from 10000 euros onwards. There is a Loro Piana boutique in Monte Carlo.

    2. Yes it is expensive because a Loro Piana coat is eternal.
      It’s made from the most expensive wool on the planet and 100% “made in Italy”.
      The company is almost 100 years old.
      Princess Charlene will have the coat for life and then it can be passed on to Princess Gabriella who then may be able to pass it on to her daughter/s.
      I read that the clientèle for this type of product is called …“old money”.
      If I pass through Monaco, I’ll do a “selfie” in front of their shop window.
      It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being one of their clients.

  2. Anonymous30/3/24 09:15

    Simplicité = chic et élégance

  3. Ladyofthemanor30/3/24 09:34

    Very nice coat with a good length

  4. A classy looking coat but there's a bit too much blouse for my liking.

    1. Anonymous30/3/24 20:25

      I think it is a scarf, weather is not very good here these days

    2. Anonymous31/3/24 08:59

      The weather is 14C Spring in Monaco. Everyone in the picture is dressed for Spring.

    3. Anonymous31/3/24 13:52

      Everyone else was probably inside and have been so for a while before they got there. She could also have a dress with a low neck. There could be a chill in the air, she could also be a little under the weather. There could be a lot of reason to the scarf. Charlene is from South Africa and might be a person that freeze easily. I live in a North of Europe and are cold all the time prefer warm weather like the south of Europe. Should think after a long life my body could handle the cold, but no. Why all this negativity..

  5. Anonymous30/3/24 12:42

    Lovely coat. I would love to see her interact more or give a speech on swimming. I’ve never heard her voice.

    1. Anonymous30/3/24 22:14

    2. Anonymous31/3/24 15:07

      Try Google where are several live interviews with Charlene.

    3. Thanks a million @Anon 22:14 for the link to the video.
      I'd never seen it before.

  6. Anonymous30/3/24 14:20

    Charlene looks elegant, but her outfit looks very somber, like she is going to a funeral.
    -Royal Watcher

    1. Anonymous30/3/24 18:03

      The men are all in dark suits. The prince look very nice in his. The princess looks lovely and fits the color scheme of the event. Love the lipstick color

    2. Anonymous30/3/24 18:29

      Agree, too somber and dull for a youth setting.

    3. Anonymous30/3/24 22:06

      Strongly enough when Letizia or Mery wears a black dress we never see funeral comments. A black dress is an iconic classic outfit that is never wrong, and never out of style.

    4. Anonymous31/3/24 09:03

      Men always wear dark suits.
      The other ladies are wearing color.
      You cannot compare Charlene's love for black clothing to other royals. Letzia and Mary wear it once in many weeks, we don't even notice. Charlene wears it nearly every event, last year her blog feed was 90% black.

    5. Anonymous31/3/24 14:59

      No it was not. That comment says a lot of M. If we check this blog and what Charlene is wore.
      Starting Jan1. White/light grey metallic dress.
      Jan 5 Black jacket and top. Light many coloured skirt.
      Jan 9 Grey coat, black sweater, and jeans.
      Jan 25 blue coat. The rest we couldn't see.
      Jan 26 In brown
      Jan 27 in grey
      Feb 10 black
      Feb 14, March 3 and March 15 black and beige
      March 26 silver
      April 4 grey
      April 13 2 outfits black dress,white grayish suit
      April 17 white
      April 23 blue, white
      May 24 and 28 blue
      May 29 black
      June 11 Green, white and beige
      June 18 white and light grey also red and black
      June 21 blue
      June 23 red and black
      June 24 beige and black
      June 29 black and white
      July 12 blue
      July 19 white
      July 21 black
      July 30 white
      Sept 2 black, cream beige
      Sept 9 blue
      Sept 7 black
      Sept 9 grey
      Sept 10 many coloured
      Sept 11 black
      Sept 12 black and many coloured patterns trousers
      Sept 18 blue
      Sept 25 black
      Sept 28 blue, white
      Oct 8 black, Blue
      Oct 22 black
      Oct 20 green,black
      Nov 4 beige
      Nov 12 black
      Nov 16 white, black and blue and black
      Nov 17 white, red and black
      Nov 18 Green, black
      Nov 19 red. That day the comment was to much red.Nov 20 red
      Nov 23 beige and black also in red and black
      Nov 24 black
      Nov 26 beige
      Dec 8 red and black
      Dec 10 silver
      Dec 13 red, grey and black
      Dec 15 black
      Dec 15 gold
      And finally Dec 20 in red and blue. If this is 90% black someone need to go back to school.

    6. Anonymous31/3/24 22:52

      lol. you could have just dropped the link. but thats alot of black you mentioned proving the point.

    7. Anonymous1/4/24 14:26

      Wearing black pants or as an accent to colours it still not 90% black. The negativity some ladies get is astonishing. And why just share a link some people think they know. They are to lazy to educate themselves.

    8. P. the original3/4/24 18:54

      @ Anonymous 31/3/24 at 14:59

      I see you' ve been about the " Charlene's fashion chronicles or journaling" lately.
      Just genial👍😁

    9. P. the original3/4/24 19:02

      @ Anonymous 14:59

      * you've been on about...

  7. Anonymous30/3/24 15:44

    Simple and chic--Charlene looks fabulous here. I love her choice of red lipstick too--adds that needed pop of color and adds another level of sophisticatication to her look.


  8. Anonymous30/3/24 18:17

    There’s no doubting how marvellous HSH is looking of late.This look is no exception.Beautifully tailored coat.The red lip lifts the whole look.

  9. Anonymous30/3/24 18:56

    La longueur du pantalon ne convient jamais à Albert
    En italien, on dirait : Ha una 7 nelle calzoni

  10. Perfection! The coat, the detailing of the blouse or dress peaking out from the coat, she shoes, even her choice of nail, polish. Everything is well put together. Charlene looks very elegant here. Very much a modern princess.

  11. Anonymous30/3/24 21:14

    Very nice they think of others

  12. Anonymous30/3/24 22:03

    This is a great look on her.

  13. Anonymous31/3/24 07:08

    Excellent, to give to those whom need help.. My trustee's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, but not limited too, declared me insane in a Switzerland mental health hospital to receive my inheritance.. And then dead.. I forgave them.. And pray the truth comes out about all there lies and hate.. Thank for helping those whom need help.. God bless you.

  14. Anonymous31/3/24 14:38

    What can I say.....she is just always sooo stylish and elegantly dressed....a true Princess

  15. Anonymous31/3/24 21:24

    Thank you Anon., 22:14 and 15:07

  16. She looks stylish and chic. The coat is a good length and warm!

  17. Charlene looks fabulous in ANY color! Her happiness is her greatest asset and she FINALLY looks happy and at ease. Good for her! And if she's wearing black and smiling, who cares?


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