Crown Princess Victoria received IPC's president Andrew Parsons

Crown Princess Victoria wore a white cross blazer by The Extreme Collection London. Asa Llinares and Bo Sköld

On May 12, 2023, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden received President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Andrew Parsons, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The chair of the Swedish Parasport Federation and the Swedish Paralympic Committee, Asa Llinares Norlin, and secretary general of the Swedish Paralympic Committee, Bo Sköld, were also present at the meeting.

During the meeting, the Crown Princess received infortaion about the Special Olympic World Summer Games 2023 which will take place in Berlin in June and about Paralympics 2024 which will take place in Paris in late August and early September, among other things.

Crown Princess Victoria wore The Extreme Collection London White Cross Blazer
The Extreme Collection London White Cross Blazer


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  1. Joli blazer mais je trouve qu'un simple boutonnage aurait été plus élégant pour sa silhouette ; toujours son incontournable chignon ?

  2. Anonymous13/5/23 16:21

    This jacket has an excellent cut that suits her figure very well. On my screen I see two different whites and greige pants. It is one color too many for a truly polished look. Perhaps the whits look alike IRL

  3. Anonymous13/5/23 18:07

    She looks beautiful in this white suit. Classic and classy.

  4. Anonymous13/5/23 21:35

    Always in style. css

  5. The jacket is superb, beautiful cut and fit. The pants work in well.

  6. Virginia Dogwood14/5/23 05:26

    One of the Princess' best and chic looks. Please leave the frumpy florals in the back closet and stick to classy outfits like this - can't go wrong.

  7. Anonymous16/5/23 17:29

    Is it really necessary to show your handicap like this. I know it is not her fault and she does not have to be ashamed of it. But weak people and little children could be chocked by seeing this.

    1. Anonymous17/5/23 06:18

      ??? I would suggest the weak become a little stronger and parents expose their children to people that are less than "perfect" to avoid the "shock", as you call it. What an absolutely horrible comment. Have you no compassion for your fellow man? The Paralympians don't feel sorry for themselves, and they probably have a lot more to be proud of than you ever will.


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