Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held a video call with teachers from the IMCG

The Duke and Duchess held a video call with teachers and children from the Islamabad Model College for Girls. Kate Middleton wore a gold kurta

One year on from their visit to Pakistan, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held a video call with teachers and children from the Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG), which they visited in October 2019. During the video call, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received information from the teachers about how they have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and then, took part in a Pictionary game with the students.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held a video call

Founded in 1967, Islamabad Model College for Girls, formerly known as Federal Government College for Women, is the oldest girls institution in Islamabad. The Duke and Duchess shared on their Twitter account the video of their interaction with Pakistani students.


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  1. Great course and ovely machind smiles.

    1. Eh?

      They smile the way they smile - it's a bizarre world where people are criticised for looking cheerful!!!

    2. If you like to criticize their smile 3:44, let's see your smile eh.. and let the rest of us decide.

    3. Agree how bizzare to say these heartfeld and warm smile are fake.

  2. She has the most beautiful hair of all royal woman .

    1. Funny you should say that because I don't like her hair in these images. Normally I would agree but they look a bit spaniels ears to me. It could be because these are screenshots of a video call so not very high quality.

    2. Maria from Italy18/10/20 09:39

      If the 'a bit cocker spaniel ears' had been written about another lady , there would have been a revolution on this site.
      Oh, there is a
      very convincing explanation, namely it depends on the images we are shown.
      Anyway, this definition does not change a bit in people 's views.
      I mean people who greatly appreciate the Duchess of Cambridge for her beauty and good work.

    3. Maria from Italy18/10/20 13:31

      * Correction:
      'a bit spaniels ears '

    4. Yes, her hair is very healthy and beautiful. I have no idea what spaniel ears have to do with a womens hair....never seen spaniels look so good!!


    5. Maria from Italy18/10/20 20:55

      I have never seen spaniels looking so attrattive either.
      At least, Catherine does not need any extensions or tricks.
      She has natural thick healthy hair.
      That was clearly a clumsy attempt to do bodyshaming.
      The bullet has missed the mark.

    6. This was not an attempt at body shaming, clumsy or otherwise. There was no bullet.

      I quite clearly stated that I normally like Catherine's hair but in this particular instance I didn't - the way it waves and falls reminds ME of spaniel ears. It's just a phrase to describe what I see!! I also stated that this was possibly just the image which I don't think is especially high quality.

      I stand my opinion and whilst you disagree would you please stop imputing intentions that were never there?

      Getting just a bit fed up with the over analysis of comments by people looking to take offence!

    7. @Anonymous 11:57PM.

      I felt that you expressed your opinion very respectfully and I'm sorry you're getting so much grief. I can commiserate.

    8. Maria from Italy19/10/20 08:53

      Anon.10/18/20 - 11:57 P.M.
      I apologize for hurting your feelings.
      That was the impression you were giving and still give.
      Not only to me, actually.
      Maybe thinking over what one is writing could be a good starting point and can avoid some kind of consequential responses.

    9. No, it's not the impression I'm giving or still giving - it's the one you and other people have decided to read into it.

      I've explained my intentions (which I hadn't realised were so obscure) so I'm somewhat puzzled as to how you still think I'm attempting some kind of body shaming.

      I do think about what I write - personally, I just thought it was a gently humorous way of explaining what I saw.

      Maybe reading more carefully and thinking over what the other person might have intended before pulling them up on it might avoid such exchanges in the future.

    10. Hi Anna. Thank you. Was just trying to say what I thought in a slightly humorous way.


  3. Great Couple. Really. I like her English accent and the accentuation. You can understand her very well. Her speech melody sounds very pleasing to my German ear. Frieda

    1. Maria from Italy18/10/20 09:48

      Totally agreed.
      She has a nice voice and an impeccabile English ( some would call it 'posh' LOL) accent.

    2. Because it is posh. And ever so slightly affected.

    3. Maria from Italy19/10/20 08:43

      @ Anon.10/18/20 11.58 P.M.
      I do not know if you ever studied phonetics.
      I did and I can tell you from a technical point of view that the so called ' intrusive r' in American English is much more annoying.
      I could make many more example about pronunciation and intonation in American English , but I am going to refrain.
      Kate' s accent and intonation are faultless without any kind of affectation .

    4. @Maria from Italy10/19/20, 10:53 AM "Maybe thinking over what one is writing could be a good starting point and can avoid some kind of consequential responses." Excellent advice. Maybe you could take a page out of your own book? Don't paint all Americans with the same brush. The intrusive R is regional, limited to a very small part of the US. There are regional dialects all across the country, just as there are in England.

    5. Maria from Italy - I have a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics. I also speak what we call standard English in the UK or received pronunciation ie. I sound a bit posh.

      The Duchess does indeed have a beautiful speaking voice with clear diction and enunciation. However, it isn't the accent she used to have - she has "poshed up" since joining the royal family. That could be because she now mixes with people who also speak like that but I think it was a conscious effort on her part - perhaps affected was not the right word. I meant her speaking voice as it is now is a learned one.

      As for the intrusive American r being "annoying" that is a subjective opinion not a matter of fact. What i will say is that as a teacher of pupils in an international school many second language English find a generic north American type of pronunciation easier than standard UK English - that's my purely anecdotal experience of course but I have always been fascinated by how there seems to an international school accent which seems to be located somewhere mid-Atlantic.

    6. Maria from Italy20/10/20 08:46

      @10/19/20 7:27 P.M.
      Well, I follow my own advice.
      In fact , I would never have written and I never wrote anything
      about a certain lady' s physical appearance of
      this kind, which could sound at least ambigous .
      I do not depict Americans the way you imagine.
      You are generalising without knowing my personal experience and what I feel exactly.
      I can assure you I do have some American friends and we always feel and show mutual respect and esteem for one another.
      Have a nice day, ciao,

      @ 10/10/20 10:59P.M
      First of all, let me thank you for your beautiful comment, which I greatly appreciate.
      It is always a pleasure to talk with an expert on a technical level.
      Yes, you are perfectly right about regional features in American English and the fact tha the North American kind of pronunciation can be easier than the standard British English.
      We both know well there are so many features apart from rotacity in American English, the intrusive /r/ just being one of them one can find more or less annoying.
      About Kate' s being 'posh': I noticed she has some kind of ' upper class accent', but honestly I do not remember Kate speaking differently before entering/ when / after entering the Royal Family.
      I do not see any affectation, but probably some people do.
      I lived for quite a long time in London and I studied there before and after graduating.
      I am a teacher at a local High School here in Italy now.
      Have a nice day, ciao

    7. Maria from Italy20/10/20 08:54


  4. Lovely couple, full of dedication to each other and their position. The photos while not the best quality still allow us to see their down to earth smiles, and their partial outfits. In the first video grab, William does look a little tired. However he's always up beat and meets the task at hand.

  5. It is so nice that they follow-up a year after their initial visit. I wonder how often that happens. It sends a message that the visit was important to both parties.

  6. Is Catherine wearing shalwar qameez even for a video call? Its amazing how thoughtful she is about everything.


    1. Agreed, she knows how to do sartorial diplomacy so well. She looks great!

    2. Agree with "W" and Chel - to think about every detail is typical for Catherine and it shows how much she takes her role and everybody she meets serious. That is how to act regal.
      And of course she is a beauty!

    3. Maria from Italy19/10/20 09:36

      Totally agreed with W and Chel.

  7. Pretty little eccerpt from royal life.

  8. I call it class.


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