Crown Princess Mary's all four children are back in school

Prince Vincent,Princess Josephine, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella returned to school at Tranegårdsskolen
For a long time, schoolchildren in Denmark have been receiving homeschooling due to the infectious coronavirus that has spread worldwide. In Denmark, education in school has been started in stages. Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine returned to school on April 15. Prince Christian and Princess Isabella returned to school on May 18 and started receiving education there.

Prince Vincent,Princess Josephine, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella returned to school at Tranegårdsskolen
Children's mother Crown Princess Mary took a photo showing all of her children together and shared on her Instagram account, when all of her children returned to Tranegårdsskolen, which is the school they attend, in Gentofte, Copenhagen.

A message as the following was added to the photo:

"Yesterday two of my children started school, so now we are happy that all of my four children are back in school. I think they have been good at dealing with what has been a very different everyday life. But they are happy to return to all that they have missed: the teaching, their peers and their teachers, - in short, a school life.

But not every children in the world are so lucky. I have read that UNESCO estimates that school closures around the world due to the Corona crisis are affecting education for over 70 per cent. It has a great impact on the world's children, especially girls and especially in developing countries. After my meeting with the Minister of Development last week, it is clear that we must ensure education - even in times of crisis.

Because education is the way to a better future for everyone. For girls, education specifically means that they have a greater chance of taking themselves out of poverty, that they marry later, that they have fewer and healthier children, and that they have financial freedom and can contribute to society."

Crown Princess Mary


  1. How lovely is is smiling and the others smiling back. :-)

  2. Belle fratrie en route pour l'école ; à part Isabella qui est en pantalon, nous pouvons voir les trois autres les jambes nues ; j'ai froid pour eux !

  3. I'm green with envy. At my place there still is no end to homeschooling to be seen. Scarlett Witch

    1. We are looking at online fall semester college/university courses as well. I know the kids are ready to go back, but we are seeing a small jump in COVID cases as we slowly reopen the economy. As trying as it is for all, I think most agree it is for the greater good to take slowly.

  4. Surely happy to be back in their Danish school again … before Covid-19 and the lockdown, they went to school in Verbier.
    New pics ? Not the one with the young girls. Indeed, we haven't seen much from CP Mary under the corona pandemi. Hopefully she is felling well.

  5. A future Queen who at the same time is a caring mother to her children. Her mother role doesn't stop there as she also works hard to help other less off children in the world. The world needs lots of people like Princess Mary.

  6. Great message CP MARY! I followed you from the Pub, marriage, children and all the dress up Events...Perfect!!! It IS daunting sometimes with demands for Show on you and your lovely children....thank you for the video n pictures!! GOD PUT YOU THERE.!!

  7. I am sure the children would be happy they are back at school and some sort of normality. They are a lovely family.

  8. Cute pics. However, I'm weary of the world's elite telling people in developing countries how many children to have. I thought colonialism was a thing of the past.


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