The Duchess of Cornwall returned to work after spending 14 days in isolation

The Duchess of Cornwall officially got out of self-isolation and returned to work from Birkhall in Scotland yesterday. The couple reunited after Camilla spent 14 days in isolation following Charles' COVID-19 diagnosis last month. Following the government guidelines, Charles spent seven days in isolation, and though Camilla tested negative for the virus, she too had to self-isolate to avoid potentially contaminating others.
The Duchess of Cornwall spoke with 85-year-old Doris Winfield from Rickmansworth
In her role as President of The Royal Voluntary Service, yesterday, The Duchess spoke with 85-year-old Doris Winfield from Rickmansworth, who lives alone and has spent the last two weeks self-isolating. The Duchess also sent a message of thanks from Birkhall to National Health Service (NHS) volunteers. Clarence House released a photo of The Duchess taken at Birkhall in Scotland, where she and Prince Charles have stayed and will be staying according to the coronavirus precautions.


  1. Mignon petit pull et chemisier dans un très joli rose-pale qui vont à merveille à Camilla. Il me semble qu'elle a un petit peu minci ; qu'elle continue à bien se préserver !

  2. Good to see her again. Great colour which really suit her. Wish I was up in that part of Scotland just now--it's always lovely at Easter time

  3. Nice to see her again. This is a hard time for everyone, I for one wish it would be over already,no never reached us in the first place. Nice sweater, the pale pink looks good on her.

  4. Great photo. Beautiful colour on the Duchess.


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