Princess Sofia attended Sophiahemmet's Board Meeting

On December 11, 2019, Princess Sofia of Sweden attended Sophiahemmet's board meeting held at Sophiahemmet University College in Stockholm. Sophiahemmet is a private hospital at Norra Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. It is associated with the Sophiahemmet University College. The private hospital was constructed in 1889 at its current location on Valhallavägen. Princess Sofia of Sweden is the honorary president of Sophiahemmets non-profit organization.
Princess Sofia wore Hugo Boss Baliana top and 2ndDay Duster classic coat. Sophiahemmet is a private hospital
Princess Sofia wore HUGO BOSS Baliana Top
HUGO BOSS Baliana Top
Princess Sofia wore 2ndDay Duster Classic coat
2ndDay Duster Classic Coat


  1. I must say I like this top,it also has a little color block this way. Nice coat too.

  2. That's the kind of top I would wear for work too. It is on sale on Hugo Boss website for just 50.- Euros. I think I will get one.

    1. Do, I have one too:-) Good quality and nice fit

  3. Ce haut original est porté à ravir par Sofia !!

  4. Lovely outfit for a board meeting. Nice look. Jane

  5. What a great look -- perfect casual elegance.

  6. Nice look, however, the un-even hemline on the white blouse makes it look too casual.

  7. The Princess looks lovely. I really love that coat!

  8. Hmm Board meeting in an attire that looks like you’re hosting your girlfriends for a chat? Not sure if is that different in Sweden, but since the other person in the photo is wearing a proper suit and tie, I am inclined to believe it isn’t that different. She isn’t dressed appropriately imo.


  9. She needs to stop with all these outfits that look like she just got off a horse. She is representing the royal family; she is not an employee or "going to work". Dress like you respect the charity or board you are on. Otherwise no one will care. G


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