A new photo of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden

Yesterday, Swedish Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia shared a new photo of them on @prinsparet, which is their official Instagram account, with the message "Hoppas att ni har haft en fin påsk!" (Hope you have had a nice Easter!).
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia shared a new photo of them on @prinsparet


  1. Nice as always.

  2. Does Philip work as you never see him at many charitable functions;not like Sofia. There isn't much a demand for ...these days.

    1. No one of rhese two "works"so much.I think they had under 35 days each.

  3. Lovely couple. They look relaxed and happy.

  4. They both work at the command of the
    King from what I have read. So I think he uses them as much or as little as he chooses. Everything done in most royal families is up to the monarch. I would say that Carl Philip and Sofia are exactly where they need to be at any given time and will surely give support to the
    King and queen and Victoria and Daniel as needed or asked. They seem to enjoy their engagements and the charities they are affiliated with.

  5. Agree. I think the king uses them as needed. And Carl Philip is considered a part time royal. I think. I don’t think that has changed.

  6. Yes Carl Philip does have a job besides his royal duties. I think he was and maybe still is considered a part time royal.

  7. Love this couple and their children. Lovely pic. Easter break getaway perhaps?

  8. Nice looking couple!!! Looks like they are dressed to have some fun. Maybe on the slopes. I think maybe they went skiing for Easter break.


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