Luxembourg's Grand Duke Jean has passed away aged 98

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg has passed away aged 98. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg announced the death of his father in a statement on Tuesday. He had recently been admitted to hospital suffering from a pulmonary infection, and passed away surrounded by his family, the statement said.
Grand Duke Jean has passed away aged 98. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg announced the death of his father
The 98-old former head of state was brought to hospital on 14 April with a lung infection. On Saturday, the Court announced that his condition had "deteriorated significantly." Grand Duke Jean was Luxembourg's head of state between 1964 and 2000, when he abdicated in favour of his son Henri, the current Grand Duke.

At the time of his death, Grand Duke Jean was the father of 5 children, the grandfather of 22 grandchildren and the great-grandfather of 15 great-grandchildren.


  1. Very Sad News. May his Soul Rest In Peace.

  2. Sad news. May he Rest in Peace.He had a very active life. For God and Country.

  3. I am so sad to read this news, although it's not entirely unexpected. One of the last of the generation which lived through the Second World War. In Grand Duke Jean's case, he also fought courageously through the liberation of France and the overthrow of the Nazi regime. From everything I have read about him he has always appeared to be a thoroughly decent person, who used his position for good. Thoughts and prayers with his family RIP

    1. You are correct AnnieM, he took part in the battle of Normandy as part of an Irish Guard regiment. He was much loved and respected by the people of Luxembourg and led his country very actively for 36 years. The whole country is saddened by this news, flags were flying at half mast everywhere in Luxembourg City (where I live) and there is official mourning until 4 May. RIP

  4. I remember when he married Josephine-Charlotte.

  5. Yumiko Kokuryu4/24/19, 4:43 AM

    May soul of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg rest in peace.

  6. Sad news about a man who was discreet and seemed one of the world's genuinely nice people. A life well lived in the service of his country.


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