Prince Frederik's and Princess Mary's morning jogging on Palmy

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who are in Australia with their children for Christmas holiday were seen on Sydney's Palm Beach while they were jogging in the morning. Sydney's Palm Beach also known as 'Palmy' is an iconic region in the North of the city.
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik in Australia with their children for Christmas holiday. Nike tshirt,short


  1. This one is just the kind of image I wish I did not have to see in this blog. Obviously taken by a paparazzi in a moment when the Crown Prince couple does not wish to be in a picture. Show a little respect, do not publish like this!

    1. The Danish Crown Prince's couple protested earlier that photos were taken of them for private stays, I also have read. Australia therefore imposed a ban by law several years ago …… it is repealed again ??? During the previous visit, Mary changed to new trendy swimwear everyday and was photographed in it !!
      ;-) Why ??? …… if she did not want (!) photos to be taken. Had she regretted the ban, it seemed like that, indeed!!!


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