Queen Silvia and Princess Victoria attended a wedding in Palma

This weekend, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attend the wedding of Helena Christina Sommerlath and Ian Martin held at the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral in Illes Balears. The bride is niece and goddaughter of Queen Silvia.
Princess Victoria wore VALERIE lace gown for Helena Christina Sommerlath and Ian Martin's wedding.


  1. Victoria is beautiful in this lovely summer gown. The sleeves are especially feminine and flattering. I believe we saw this dress on the Queen a few weeks ago - was it at another goddaughter's wedding?

    1. We´ve seen this gown on Silvia a lot lately, and I´m a bit tired of it. And it wasn´t the best choice for this event anyway - too hot in the Mediterranian in the middle of summer, too glitzy for a day event, too dark for a wedding. It´s not a bad dress as such, but looks out of place here. Best to give it a long break and take it out again for a royal gala in midwinter in a few years, then it will make more sense and look fresh again.
      I think Victoria got it right, she looks delightful.

  2. I guess Queen Silvia wasn't cold :) Since giving birth CP Victoria is blooming!

  3. Victoria looks lovely - its a perfect dress for the occasion and place. I agree Silvia's dress is not for a summer afternoon wedding.

  4. La Reina No debió acordarse de la calor que hace en España.. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/08/07/17/430D697F00000578-4768644-image-m-17_1502122411553.jpg


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