Princess Caroline & Prince Albert visit Artmonte-Carlo exhibition

Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Caroline of Hanover attended the opening of the Art Monte Carlo 2017 exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Art Monte-Carlo is a new art exhibition, which aims to establish an artistic platform on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur).
Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Caroline of Hanover attended the opening of the Art Monte Carlo 2017 exhibition


  1. Not sure of the purpose of the green feathery bits but otherwise I quite like this look. I like the cut and print on the skirt. Again, I like the soft hairstyle Caroline has here.

  2. Caroline's outfit looks a bit kookie to me. Oriental top with feathers? Not sure they necessarily go together. Picture number two looks like Caroline and Albert are having words! Lol I'm sure it's just the odd moment the camera flashed. Wish we could see more of what Caroline is wearing here.

  3. Oh la la, this is a little bit heavy. A mix: chinese and featherduster. Can't see the skirt or shoes... Hmm. Sometimes I think she loves to have a joke about fashion and prefers to have fun for herself and the spectators. And why not. Very different from her younger years when she loved to pose.

  4. The skirt has red lips on it and is knee-length A line. She is wearing heels. I believe the outfit is Prada, according to some comments I've seen.

  5. Don't care much for Caroline's look. And as usual Charlene is not there because Caroline is there. And never the twain shall meet.

    1. I'm not sure what Caroline and Charlene's relationship is - personally I don't think it's as terrible as people think although I doubt they have much in common other than Albert.

      I would say the real reason Charlene isn't at this particular event is that she doesn't usually do the Arts and Culture events - that's Caroline's area.

    2. Good point Franny. That's exactly what I am thinking. And because the twins are still toddlers, Charlene might be quite happy to do a kind of job sharing with Caroline.

  6. ik ben het eens met Franny,dat is toch leuk geregeld,maar de mensen denken gelijk het
    kwade !!ze maken toch alweer naar dingen mee ,ze moeten die telgraaf eens
    goed bekeuren,dan houd het eens op !!!!!

  7. ik heb gehoord dat roddels ,de gemene dingen mogen zeggen,daarvoor heet het rodel blad en leugens dat mag allemaal !!!ze weten wel bij wie ze het doen ,als je zo je brood wil
    verdienen ,mensen met verstand weten wel beter prive!!!!!


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