Duchess Maria Teresa Celebrates Her 61st Birthday Today

Luxembourg's Grand Duchess Maria Teresa Celebrates her 61st Birthday today. Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (Maria Teresa Mestre was born on March 22, 1956 in Marianao, Havana, Cuba.), is the spouse of Grand Duke Henri. Happy Birthday to you Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa Celebrates her 61st Birthday today. Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg


  1. I don't know much about her, but she seems to be a friendly woman with a good heart. Just my impression.

    1. There are a bunch of stories how she cope with her seeminglu difficult mother in law. So yeah she's relatively a sweet person that won the heart of the people of Luxembourg

  2. She does seem charming and does her job well.

  3. I loved the pictures released for her 60th! Happy birthday to her.

  4. A nice lady with a big warm heart.

  5. Doña Maria Teresa Mestre of Luxemburg is descendant of:

    Don Ambrosio Sotolongo Y Salazar; General Governos of La Habana, knight of Calatrava. 1633.
    Don Fernando Machado Jaén y Lorenzo. Perpetuel governor of Tenerife. Knight of Calatrava.
    Don Tomás de Torres y Ayala, General Captain of Merida. Knight of Montesa. 1634.
    Don Francisco NÚÑEZ VELASQUEZ de QUERO, caballero de Calatrava, * Santa María de Indias, test Cartagena de Indias 16 VIII 1704 m. Cartagena de Indias 16 IX 1660.
    Don Luis Francisco de BERRIO-GUZMÁN, gobernador de Antioquia y de Cartagena de Indias, cab. de Calatrava (1661), test I 1696 m.
    Don Gonzalo de HERRERA y TAPIA, de la TORRE y CEPEDA, 1 marqués de Villalta (18 IV 1668), gobernador de Cartagena de Indias (1652), * Villalta del Alcor (Sevilla) 26 X 1598 m. Cartagena de Indias 28 XI 1630.
    Don Juan TRIMIÑO y GUILLAMAS, Gobernador de S. Agustín (Florida) m. 1589.
    Don Mateo SANCHEZ-PEREIRA, gobernador de Yucatán, caballero de Calatrava m.
    Charles Adrien de SUCRE y d'IGNES(sic), baron de Preux (1680), gobernador de la provincia de Cartagena de Indias, * Cambrai 4 VIII 1641, + Madrid 18 XI 1712 m1. Brugge 4 VI 1661 or Namur 7 IV 1661, ascendant of Great Marshal fo Champ Don Antonio José de Sucre Colombian Independence Officer and Patriot, Libertor of Colombia too.
    Don Laureano José de TORRES AYALÁ y QUADROS, CASTELLANOS y SOTO de VELASCO, 1 marqués de Casa Torres (12 XII 1708), caballero de Santiago, bapt Sevilla 13 XI 1649, + La Habana 1 IX 1725 m. La Habana 5 VIII 1687.
    Don Juan NÚÑEZ del CASTILLO y PIÑERO / de CASTILLA NÚÑEZ del CASTILLO, 1 marqués de S.Felipe e Santiago, bapt. Grenada de Almuñecar 22 II 1660, + La Habana 11 VII 1725 m. La Habana 1 II 1690.
    Don Juan Clemente NUÑÉZ del CASTILLO, Grande d España, 4 Marques de San Felipe y Santiago, 1 Conde del Castillo, bapt. La Habana 5 XII 1754, + La Habana 28 III 1821 m. La Habana 12 X 1772.
    Don Ignacio MONTALVO, I Conde (24 X 1779) de Casa Montalvo, Prior del Real consulado de La Habana, * La Habana 18 VIII 1748 (bapt. 9 VIII 1748), + La Habana 5 IX 1795 m. La Habana 5 IX 1768.
    Don Antonio GONZÁLEZ de MENDOZA y BONILLA, presidente del tribunal supremo de Justicia, * La Habana ... [~ 21 IV 1828], + La Habana 14 I 1906 m. La Habana 30 III 1855.

    Doña Maria Teresa Mestre of Luxemburg is descendant too of Fernandez de Cordoba, Sotomayor, Chariño, Saavedra, Alvarez de Toledo and Alvarez de Asturias lineages. These lineages own to most hig spanish nobility; consequently, she is noble by ascendance and her daughter Doña Alexandra of Luxemburg is descendant of most noble spanish lineages.

    1. Wow, Ambrosio! Marvellous! That's what I ment on another place about the "Commoner"-girls (which they are'nt at all!!), coming to Royalties by marriage.
      Nethertheless she seems to be a right "Mama", maybe with a'n energetic temperament... Thanks for your introduction in history! :)

  6. Happy birthday ...lovely picture

  7. She is blessed with a lovely face and looks very youthful for her age. Her hair is always neatly and freshly done, too. I like her style.


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