Queen Letizia visits the film set of the 'La reina de España'

Queen Letizia of Spain visited the film's set of the "La reina de España" (The Queen of Spain) in Madrid. Directed by Fernando Trueba and starring Penélope Cruz and Mandy Patinkin, is the second part of the film "The Girl of Your Dreams".
Queen of Spain is the sequel to Trueba’s 1998 drama “The Girl of Your Dreams,” which also starred Cruz in a story set during the Spanish Civil War with Josef Goebbels falling in love with Macarena Granada.
The movie is a sequel to Trueba's 1998 film The Girl of Your Dreams, which also starred Cruz.
Queen Letizia arrived at Bustaviejo to attend the last day of filming of Fernando Trueba’s new film “La Reina de España” (The Queen of Spain) starring Penélope Cruz, Jorge Sanz and Antonio Resines among others.
Queen Letizia stayed around 2 hours on set. She was offered a pair of rubber boots that she rejected. Instead, she chose to visit the set arms linked with Jorge Sanz and hand in hand with Penélope Cruz,
she chose to visit the set arms linked with Jorge Sanz and hand in hand with Penélope Cruz
According to Jorge Sanz “she has a great sense of humor and she joked with us ‘the Queen of Spain in The Queen of Spain’
She laughed a lot, she had a really good time and her presence made us all very happy. She loves Spanish cinema!”.


  1. La reine Letizia est une grande fan du cinéma. Elle et son mari vont souvent au cinoche le vendredi ou le samedi soir. Ils achètent leurs billets et ils sont assis parmi les gens, en tant que citoyens ordinaires. BRAVO!


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