Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate at Houghton Hall

The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were spotted at the Houghton International Horse Trials in Norfolk on May 29 also. The Duchess of Cambridge took children, accompanied by Nanny Maria Teresa and friends James and Laura Meade to watch top horse riders in action over the weekend. (It's likely the little girl in the pink tights is Princess Charlotte).
Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Kate Middleton at the Houghton Hall in Norfolk. Kate wore a Barbour jacket, George in Joules Jacket, Le Chameau Boots
Prince George wore Joules Quilted Navy JacketKate Middleton wore Le Chameau Boots
                      George; Joules Quilted Jacket                   Le Chameau Boot (Barbour jacket)


  1. That isn't Charlotte in the pink tights. That leg is way too big to be the leg of a one year old. It's more likely it's the daughter of Laura Meade or another person. Too big of a leg.

  2. Is it usually that cold there in May? All of them are bundled up.

    1. It's been in the low 50s for highs and rainy. That makes for a chill.

  3. its nice to have a normal outing their friends

  4. Diane is right. First look at where the waist of the girl in pink is. If this was Charlotte she would be way longer then her older brother. Second check out the nanny pushing the stroller. Look where her hand is. She is obviously holding Charlottes hand. That means Charlotte is behind the stroller. And the woman behind is either looking down on her shoes or as I think Charlotte.


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