Princess Madeleines's husband Chris O'Neill went bankrupt!

Swedish newspaper "Stoppapressarna" writes that Chris O'Neill went bankrupt. According to the swedish newspaper, all financial actions done by Chris O'neill in the last year failed and now he has too much debt.
Swedish newspaper "Stoppapressarna" writes that Chris O'Neill went bankrupt. According to the swedish newspaper, all financial actions done by Chris O'neill in the last year failed and now he has too much debt. If that news given by the newspaper is true, this is a troublesome and serious situation for Princess Madeleine of Sweden. In the news, it is stated that Madeleine is very anxious but "she hopes that Chris will reestablish his financial position". Although the Swedish newspaper claims that this information has been taken from the Swedish Royal Court, it is necessary to state that this newspaper is known for its made-up news. It is highly probable that this news is also a made-up one.


  1. Knowing World's economy at the moment it could happen and to many unfortunately did, but it does not mean at all that he wont achieve success again. Chris O'Neill is smart man.

  2. This article sounds like total rubish and this so called "reporter" doesn't know anything about real estate market nor how profit is calculated. The argument that he's struggling because he took a lower price for his house is stupid.
    Chris had a holiday home in Florida and likely bought for investment purposes and Chris was shrewd enough to sell when appropriate, which is certainly now as real estate market is close to the previous peak of 2006 (you buy at the trough and sell it at the peak and earn nice profit. That's what smart investors do!).

    As the couple now live in Europe, then there's no point of keeping residence in Florida and Manhattan, so the most reasonable thing to do? Yes! Sell it.

    I sometimes fail to see how no one in the Royal Court can not put a stop to the media for their constant harassment and mud slinging against Chris O'Neill but also Princess Madeleine. She's at the maternity leave but the press constantly make nasty, petty remarks about the couple.
    Wish them well and keep calm nerves :)

    1. @Anon 2:14 ,You do not know much about real estate investments.
      You do not sell because you live in another country. You keep your investments especially in the times like now.

    2. How reliable this newspaper is?
      Somehow I also think that this is another stupid story to slander Chris O'Neill but each gossip article can do much harm to his business.
      I also agree that its smart move to sell real estate in Florida now that they have moved to Europe, especially when you can get good price for it.
      I certainly admire him for wanting to earn his own money and support his family, so that Madeleine can concentrate on their little children (but I hope that Madeleine will return from the maternal leave soon).

  3. ils vont revenir vivre en Suède

  4. i known Chris o neal will recover his business I very positive thinking that they will overcome these situation

  5. He is absolutly not bankrupt!Chris is a very smart man.....leave them alone.

  6. Please do not spred or believe in gossip ! I really thought this blogg had a higher level than that !

  7. I agree with Anonymous. I thought this blog was classy, not fanning the flames of gossip and spreading bad news that's not true. I've already lost respect for this blog. What is wrong with you people?

  8. Just ran across this article and this is May 2016 and this article is posted January 2016. I have not heard anything about bankruptcy at all as of May. Why in the world would this site publish rumor and lies? Class it up. I come here to see the fashion that the royals wear and I really don't care to hear lies and rumors and falsehoods.


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