Princess Victoria at a meeting of the National Geographic Society

Crown Princess Victoria met with the National Geographic Society's President and CEO Gary E. Knell and photographer Mattias Klum on May 29, 2015 in Stockholm.
Crown Princess Victoria Style - COS Dresses
COS Dresses


  1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looks young.

  2. except maxima, queens and princesses copy the look of kate...what a pity !

    1. Except Kate,I like all the other princesses!

    2. have you ever seen pictures of all these women before Kate came along? They dressed the same. Kate is no fashion icon, nor are the others. They all are followers and dress "safe" and have assistents shopping the same labels. That´s why they all wear the same stuff. I remember how Maxima and Mathilde met for some event and both wore coats from the same new designer collection. The pattern was the same, just a different cut.

  3. Queeens and Princesses are copying some Looks among themselves and benefit of it.


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