Queen Letizia of Spain or Michelle Obama? Who is more stylish?

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain had a reception with President Barack Obama and his beautiful wife Michelle.

Our image is very important because it is the first thing people see.” By Letizia of Spain
President Barack Obama, Queen Letizia, King Felipe VI, First lady Michelle Obama

Queen Letizia of Spain chose a glamourous dress by Spanish fashion designer Felipe Varela. It’s a cocktail dress in dark blue silk with embroidery on black tulle. No doubt, it is a very elegant and fine dress! She completed her look with black sandals by Magrit and very long earrings with aquamarines.

First lady Michelle Obama wore a dress much more youthful, but also very chic. A dress of black color, sleeveless, and with gauzy skirt.

Who is more stylish Frist lady Michelle Obama or Queen Letizia of Spain?

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  1. The Queen of Spain gets my vote.

  2. Not really a Letizia fan but I think her dress looks better than Mrs. O for this occasion. Loved her shoes too.

    Not my favorite look for the first lady. Somehow too "casual".

  3. Anonymous27/9/14 09:44

    Definitely Queen Letizia , I don't think Michelle Obama is particularly stylish. She doesn't have an elegant pose, and she is a big woman, not really what I would call elegant

  4. Anonymous27/9/14 11:18

    I vote for Michelle! Much more carisma and the dress fits perfect for the occasion. Classic but with a touch of youthness.
    Didn't like Letizias shoes.

  5. Anonymous28/9/14 09:14

    No doubt about it: My vote is for Queen Letizia

  6. Anonymous28/9/14 21:56

    Letizia of Spain, I love her style, she is beautiful!

  7. Mrs Obama, definitely. I've always been impressed by her and the way she's dressing.


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