Princess Marie at the WHO Conference meeting in New York

Princess Marie is in New York to attend the WHO (World Health Organization) Conference in New York on Autism and other developmental disorders.
World Autism Awareness Day and the United Nations resolution on autism have succeeded in calling greater international attention to autism - See more at:
the meeting will bring together autism advocates with national and international policy makers and experts - See more at:
This report refers to the outcome of the consultation on Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disorders that was held on 16 - 18 September 2013 in WHO Headquarters. The objectives of the consultation were to identify priorities for action and effective strategies for strengthening capacities in countries to meet the needs of persons with ASD and other developmental disorders. The meeting has brought together more than 80 participants: high-level stakeholders, policy makers, experts from relevant disciplines, civil society, international organizations and NGOs.

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