King Felipe and Queen Letizia Visit France

King Felipe and Queen Letizia  are currently in France  for a one day official visit.( Source : )


  1. THIS is a Queen outfit. Love it.

  2. She is so beautiful... Love the dress too :-)

  3. Letizia's overall "look" was spot on. While being very feminine, the slightly blouson effect of the top of her dress falling over the neat waistband, at times, gave the illusion a bare midrift but that was just a trick of the light.. But, in the greater scheme of things, this dress was definitely a plus that ticked the boxes. It was a complimentary colour, a flattering style, and the perfect length while still being subtly flirty.

    Her accessories were absolutely gorgeous. The soft, almost pink earrings perfectly offset byr her hairstyle and her clutch a was gorgeous colour and shape but, the shoes were the absolute cherry on top!

    Her hair though, was a big disappointment as it looked messy which, to be honest, her updo's almost never do.


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