Swedish Royal Family Attends Wedding of Gustaf Magnuson

Swedish Royal Family attended wedding of Vicky Andren and Gustaf Magnuson (King Carl Gustaf's godson and son of Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson) at the Ulriksdal Palace Chapel in Stockholm


  1. The woman in green is the Queen of Norway

    1. Yes, she was invited because the bridgegroom is her godson.


  2. Bad choice for the bridesmaid's dresses, especially for the girl on the left!

  3. Thank you for the explanation as to why they were there - very helpful!

    I LOVE the dress on Victoria's brothers girlfriend (I can't recall her name, sorry)would love to know who it's by if you are able to do your 'designer' update posts (so useful)and I like her hair.

    They all look lovely.


  4. The Swedes have such style with their weddings, and there's not a man alive who doesn't look impressive in white tie and tails!

  5. Gustaf Magnuson is not only the godson of King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, he is also his nephew. Gustaf's mother is the son of the king's youngest sister, Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson.


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