King Felipe and Queen Letizia held a lunch for Paraguay's President

Queen Letizia wore a Talla blazer by Bimba Y Lola. First Lady Leticia Ocampos wore a white tweed midi dress by Zara

On February 28, 2024, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain held a lunch in honor of President of Paraguay Santiago Pena Palacios and First Lady Leticia Ocampos, who are on a working visit to Spain. The lunch took place at the Zarzuela Palace. King Felipe also held a meeting with the President of Paraguay Santiago Pena Palacios.

Queen Letizia wore a Talla blazer by Bimba Y Lola. First Lady Leticia Ocampos wore a white tweed midi dress by Zara

Queen Letizia wore a Talla blazer by Bimba Y Lola. First Lady Leticia Ocampos wore a white tweed midi dress by Zara

Queen Letizia wore a Talla blazer by Bimba Y Lola. First Lady Leticia Ocampos wore a white tweed midi dress by Zara

Queen Letizia wore a Talla blazer by Bimba Y Lola. First Lady Leticia Ocampos wore a white tweed midi dress by Zara

Queen Letizia wore BIMBA Y LOLA Talla blazer and trousers in Olive
BIMBA Y LOLA Talla blazer and trousers


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  1. Anonymous28/2/24 16:41

    Letizia looks lovely with this new shorter hairstyle. The fringe gives a softness to her face.

    1. Anonymous28/2/24 19:25

      You are right, 16.41, this hairstyle is very nice and elegant. e.

    2. Could you call it a 'Midi-Bob' haircut ?
      I wonder if she had it done during her short visit to London.

    3. Anonymous29/2/24 14:48

      @deadeggs...she has a private hairdresser, called Luz Valero, she travels with her.

  2. Anonymous28/2/24 17:25

    Wow, yesterday at the ceremony to remember king Constantine her hair was still long. Today at lunch time, it was cut shorter all of a sudden. I prefer it this way.

    1. Anonymous28/2/24 20:05

      she removed the extensions, its that easy. i thought looked more elegant yesterday

    2. Anonymous29/2/24 00:31

      @m There really is no nice way for me to say this. Educate yourself or shut up. Long healthy hair does not automatically mean extensions. Her hair is all natural. To go a step further, anyone who does wear extensions is not doing anything wrong.

    3. Anonymous29/2/24 05:39

      @00:31 the purpose of hair extensions is too look as natural hair, for most people one can never know they are wearing them until they remove them. Either way they are beautiful.

    4. Dear @Anon 00:31 I’m sure there is a nicer way to make your point.
      For example, “Your comment was wonderfully observed and marvellously expressed", thank you.
      You know, our job here is to advise and help the royal ladies with the daily demands they have to present themselves as fashion icons at home and when they are travelling in other parts of the world.
      It appears they take our advice and suggestions.
      I’m sure Helen is proud of us.
      But as we’re dealing with royal ladies, I’m sure they expect us to have a certain level of decorum.
      I’m sure you get my drift.

    5. Anonymous29/2/24 11:10

      Anon at 20:05, it takes about one hour to make a good hair cut. Last thursday morning I had long hair and in the afternoon I had a bob, so simple. Every one can see that her hair looks freshly cut.

    6. Anonymous29/2/24 14:30

      I see the hair police are on active duty again. I don't understand why some ladies get so defensive when someone brings up hair extensions or doesn't like long hair. These people seem to "know" intimate details about the royals hair insisting it is all natural. How do you know? Are you their hair stylist? Maybe you wear hair extensions yourself and are triggered that there are people who make that assumption when they see your long, beautiful hair. Sorry but we live in an era where cosmetic enhancements of all types are widely in use especially among the rich and famous. Even if they are all natural people will assume otherwise. Sandra

    7. @deadeggs - "our job here is to advise and help the royal ladies with the daily demands " ?? Are you sure about this ? I would be more modest, I think are commenting out of personal fashion interest and leisure activity.
      I fully agree with Sandra : "we live in an era where cosmetic enhancements of all types are widely in use especially among the rich and famous".

    8. Anonymous2/3/24 06:59

      I agree with MaryT. Especially about being more modest and commenting out of personal fashion interest and leisure activity. As if the royal ladies are listening to our "advice". We are not stylists and we belong to different age categories. A young queen or princess has other preferences for her clothes than an older royal lady. There is also a difference in fashion choices in other countries than in ours.
      I think it is us who are trying to copy some of the fashion choices made by the royal ladies.

  3. Rien de tel qu'un changement de coiffure tant au niveau de la coupe que du style pour apporter du rajeunissement à son look !

    1. Anonymous29/2/24 08:29

      Tellement vrai Achard 62. Je pense qu'elle a réellement fait raccourcir ses cheveux.

    2. Yes, that is very true.

  4. Ladyofthemanor28/2/24 18:44

    One of many business suits. Always impeccably cut and well fitting. So elegant!

  5. Anonymous28/2/24 18:52

    Love Letizia's shorter hair, but not a fan of the suit. It's just a tad too unstructured and the colour is slightly too drab. It'd be nice for a business meeting, but not this occasion. I also appreciate the slightly lower heels, but they add to the somewhat boring look. The First Lady's done a bit better - the shoulder silhouette is especially pretty.

    1. Anonymous28/2/24 19:39

      Again, she has a Morton's neuroma, no more high heels in her Life...

    2. Anonymous28/2/24 23:57

      She's worn much higher heels in the more recent past, so I highly doubt she's sworn off those shoes for good. But I wasn't criticising the shoe as such (love myself a more sensible heel), just that the baggy suit and the low heel don't go that well together ;)

    3. Anonymous29/2/24 07:34

      So if you want to wear this pantsuit, you need high heels?? I doubt that woman at work wear them and they are Who wear suits....sometimes....I have no words..

  6. Anonymous28/2/24 18:53

    I love her hair! The bob looks great on her!

  7. Anonymous28/2/24 19:38

    Soit Letizia a un cheveu de bonne qualité ou bien elle en prend soin. Le résultat est parfait comme sa tenue

  8. Dear Queen Letizia, the new hair style is very flattering. The trouser suit is smart but please bring back some colour into your outfits!

    1. Anonymous28/2/24 22:08

      There is nothing wrong with the way Letizia is dressed, color or otherwise. Some of us like and/or look better in dark colors. Maybe she'll be in Spring/Summer colors soon, so do not despair. |Melanie|

    2. Anonymous29/2/24 07:36

      It is February, freezing in the morning and even rain and floods in some places and fire trajedies in the country, maybe in your House It is spring and jouful..

    3. Anonymous29/2/24 23:51

      in Glasgow, there is rain and wind and now snow and hailstones forecast for tomorrow 💨🌧️🌨️❄️. That’s why I need colour to brighten my life! 😀

  9. Anonymous28/2/24 20:41

    She looks so good with shorter hair.

    1. One newspaper this morning is calling it “the celebrity hair cut of 2024”.

  10. Virginia Dogwood28/2/24 21:01

    The shorter hairstyle gives the Queen a more youthful, fun look. The First lady's white dress is lovely and she has perfect posture.

  11. Anonymous28/2/24 22:41

    Letizia looks good. I would have liked her in a dress for this visit. But yes, she looks good. css

    1. Anonymous29/2/24 07:37

      It is only a lunch, not a State visit.

  12. Anonymous29/2/24 01:28

    QLet looks great in her new, shorter haircut! Fresh and stylish--perfect for her. I like her suit but feel the jacket is bit too boxy for her. But she looks nice despite the jacket.


  13. Anonymous29/2/24 02:41

    Love the hair, now I wish Kate would cut hers!

  14. The president and the first lady make a very handsome couple.
    The first lady, Leticia Ocampos has a choice of fashion wear from about 60 haute couture fashion houses in Paraguay.
    We know little about them in Europe.
    No doubt her outfit for the photo line ups is “home grown”.
    There is a four day Paraguay fashion week each year.
    Some info on Leticia Ocampos’s C.V. …..
    She is 44 years old and is a qualified architect.
    She married her husband when she was 17 years old.
    They have two children.

    1. P. the original1/3/24 19:06

      Hello, everyone.
      Some minutes left for me here and then I'll be gone.
      Ok, let me stray from the fashion path this time and let me say that I am really very, very glad to see this warm gathering .
      I mean that I clearly remember how Q.Letizia's visit to Paraguay did not receive the best welcome last year.
      Great to see all of them in such good spirits.
      Letizia''s hair( a wow modern medium blunt bob cut) and total ensemble give me Frenchy vibes...simply great, chic, elegant, professional.
      Effortlessly charmant!
      And gorgeous high heels this time.

    2. P. the original. Good to see you here commenting, have missed your input and comments! Hope you are well and all is good in your part of the world. Hugs!

    3. P. the original3/3/24 09:39

      Hello dearest Ava, thank you so much!
      Yes, I' m doing well but you see, my schedule gets so incredibly stuffed most of times that I just can't comment on my beloved Royals here...
      Hope you' re doing well too.
      Missed your kind, clear and straight to the point posts as well.
      I know I stray from the fashion path sometimes just because I need to talk about other points inspired by the beautiful pics Helen always showcases on this site for us.
      Great work, indeed!
      Thank you again and hugs for you!

    4. Anonymous4/3/24 01:19

      P. the original.
      Its good that you are kept busy, proactive!
      Yes, thank you doing okay, but I have had enough of our hot summer, February was horrendous. We are now into Autumn as of 1st March, cooler, but still some warm days ahead. At this rate, Winter cannot come quick enough LOL!
      I like when you stray from fashion, it keeps the blog interesting!
      Take good care.
      Thank you and Hugs!

    5. P. the original4/3/24 10:05

      Thank you, Ava ( I think you are Ava P. at 01:19)!
      Oh, I understand that your hot summer must have been quite hard to bear and that' s becoming the rule in some European countries as well , alas.
      I'm freezing in my northernmost destinaton at present.
      Just a bit of a pause and then back home again..
      You know , I seem to be living kinda of a Camel Trophy existence sometimes but it' s okay😉😅
      And..I can be a " naughty bubbly girl" at times but it's just me .
      I just need to feel active and live It all.
      I have gone through hardship in some periods of my life and I know what pain and sorrow are.
      I faced them and I know how deeply they can hurt.
      That' s why I want to live to the fullest, till the end, feel free, no matter what tomorrow brings.
      I have experienced tears and joy and I know how life can be precious..
      I don' t wanna waste a single moment of it, never again no more.
      Hugs for you.

  15. ¡¡Preciosa Letizia!! Estaba yo esperando que algún día volviera al corte bob que le sienta tan bien y la rejuvenece, aunque este es un poco más largo que el antiguo. El traje verde está muy bien estructurado, es bonito y le sienta muy bien. Letizia está siempre perfecta vestida de working girl. Bravo.

  16. Anonymous29/2/24 20:15

    Love Letizia's hair it suits her so much better. It looks very sleek. Mary

  17. Anonymous29/2/24 21:37

    Full moon, has brought the worst in some today, be nice.


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