Princess Madeleine is spending her winter holiday in Kitzbühel with her family

Prince Nicolas, Chris O'Neill, Eva O’Neill, Princess Adrienne and Princess Leonore were guest at Rosi Schipflinger

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is currently in Kitzbühel for winter holiday together with her husband Chris O'Neill and their children Prince Nicolas, Princess Adrienne and Princess Leonore. Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill and Chris' mother Eva O’Neill dined at Rosi Schipflinger's restaurant “Sonnbergstuben” in Kitzbühel on Monday. The Princess and Rosi have known each other for years. Kitzbühel is a small Alpine town in the western Austrian province of Tyrol.


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  1. Anonymous4/1/24 17:33

    Princess Madeleine's mother in law has a lovely green jacket!

    1. Anonymous4/1/24 17:40

      It is Rosi Schipflinger

    2. Anonymous4/1/24 18:45

      That woman is Rosi Schipflinger

    3. Anonymous4/1/24 18:47

      I think it is the owner of the restaurant.

    4. Anonymous4/1/24 20:19

      That is not her mother-in-law, it's the lady Rosi Schipflinger who owns the restaurant. |Melanie|

    5. Anonymous4/1/24 21:37

      She isn't Princess Madeleine's mother-in-law but Rosi Schipflinger (read carefully the post).

    6. Anonymous4/1/24 22:31

      I think that's the restaurant owner Rosi Schipflinger, not her mother in law.
      - Anon 9:13

  2. Anonymous4/1/24 17:44

    I’m a afraid that she is not Madeleine’s mother in law

  3. Anonymous4/1/24 18:14

    How nice to see royalty with their in-laws. We see so much time focused on the royal families that I wonder when there is time for the other side of the family. This is a lovely picture!

  4. Anonymous4/1/24 19:02

    It's not her MIL, it's Rosi Schipflinger, the owner of the restaurant.

  5. Anonymous4/1/24 20:18

    This is Rosi....chief of "Sonnbergstubn" not her mother-in-law

  6. Anonymous4/1/24 23:05

    Wow they are still in Sweden. Did not School start in Florida? Hope they all had a good time. css

    1. Actually, they are in Austria according to the picture

  7. Photo de Madeleine avec sa belle-mère vêtue d'une belle association de vert et de bleu presque blanc mais pourquoi donc nous ne voyons pas son époux ainsi que ses charmants enfants pour ses vacances d'hiver ?!

    1. Anonymous5/1/24 00:57

      Il ne s'agit pas de la belle-mère de la Princesse Madeleine mais de la propriétaire du restaurant.

    2. Merci pour cette précision ; je remarque quand même nous sommes plusieurs à nous être trompés !

  8. Anonymous5/1/24 01:36

    Madelaine looks good.Rosi looks good in her green Tyrol top.I bet it is cold in Austria;I hear there is a bit of Artic coldness through Europe(Tara)

  9. Lovely photo. The Princess looks very pretty.

    1. To be honest, I think the photo shows that Madeleine, without perfect make-up and perfect light, looks quite average.

    2. P. the original5/1/24 18:24

      @ Coralie
      You know, I seem to remember that this is the typical remark which supposedly ( or should I say : undoubtedly?) average or less than average women resort to when they see a bombshell like Madeleine or the like and cannot/ will never relate to them.
      I must have heard your remark somewhere...someone must have told me the same, yes!
      I apologize for itching you and I say this on behalf of all of us bombshells 😉👋

    3. Anonymous5/1/24 20:35

      Most of us look average without all the make up and perfect light and there’s nothing wrong with that. And I think Madeleine is a very pretty woman with or without all the ‘glitz’. Just an opinion.

    4. Dear P. the original, being a bombshell myself, I also am a supporter of free speech!

    5. Anonymous5/1/24 23:07

      Would love to look like a make up free Madeleine!

    6. P. the original6/1/24 07:41

      @ Coralie at 22:22
      Yes, of course you' are a bombshell and a free thinker.
      That's the best matching 😂

    7. Anonymous7/1/24 00:25

      Her hair looks amazing even while on skiing vacation :O

    8. Errrrrrrr - I’m getting lost again, what is a bombshell?
      I asked my hubby and he just stared at me.
      He finally muttered something which I didn’tquite understand but sounded something like a ”peanut shell”.
      Anway, doesn’t sound too important so I’ll just put the kettle on.

    9. P. the original7/1/24 11:11

      Dear @ Deadeggs, ehm...
      A bombshell is a (very)sexy woman.
      Sometimes this sexy feature Is unintentional as it is in my case.
      I was born with these genes.
      Bombshell means a very beautiful and fascinating woman, the one men can't get their eyes off.
      According to my own experience, being a bombshell ain' t easy at all.
      You get stared at any time and it can be alright to some extent.
      If a woman Is blessed with good genetics, this can sometimes turn into kinda of course..
      You must be wondering what I' m trying to say.
      Well, if a woman is very beautiful , many think they have a right to state that you have no brain, no culture, no views of your own, just your beauty and that you are playing with it.
      You can have It all, you can be
      beautiful ,cultivated, dynamic and this is often a cause of eccessive envy and jealousy especially from the majority of the other women meeting / speaking with you.
      This happens to me on a daily basis due to the constant interaction with any type of passengers.
      I have learned to be bullet proof to stupid critics.
      I have a very good self- esteem and I have learned to be quite tough.
      Many do not forgive my strong personality associated with a degree of beauty I never didn' t ask for.
      Of course, I take care of physical aspect and skin care/ makeup is a part of it.
      This Is my story, as simple as that.

    10. P. the original7/1/24 11:48

      @ Deadeggs

      I just want to add that I have never seen myself in competition with any other woman.
      That's the reason why feel no need to bring down the royal ladies featured on this blog when I see how beautiful , smart and classy they are.
      I just applaud them for taking care of themselves so effectively.👍👍

    11. P. the original7/1/24 14:28

      @ kinda of curse

    12. P. the original7/1/24 19:05

      * I never asked for

  10. Anonymous5/1/24 07:29

    Is there no skiing location in Sweden?

    Kitzbühel is the typical location "see and be seen" for the rich and famous.

    The costs for this trip are in the mid five-figure range, not to mention the CO2 footprint.


    1. P. the original5/1/24 10:00

      Anonymous as Katharina

      People do like touring places outside their native countries regardless of the season and their status.
      Quite normal and stimulating..
      Not so normal to plong along in the same corner of the world for all of one's lifetime without knowing anything of reality out there.
      About Kitzbuehel:
      I get the impression you just know what the web allows you to know but I do not think you never experienced trips of your own.
      By the way : the weather conditions in Sweden are currently dreadful, there's nowhere to go skiing now.

    2. Anonymous5/1/24 11:04

      There are many "see and be seen" ski resorts in Austria. Not only Kitzbühel. One does not have to be famous to do skiing in those villages. Of course if you have to pay a third of the price in a hotel in the neighboring village, your choice is quickly made .
      I agree with you about the CO2 footprint. But all the royals are taking planes for their pleasure and vacations, not only Madeleine. There are even royals who take helicopters to fly from one town to another. But they are the first to give speeches how the ordinary civilian must conduct to save the planet. And there is a big difference when a royal is flying in a private jet instead of having a seat in business class of a regular air-plane company. These planes are flying anyway with or without a royal on board.

    3. Anonymous5/1/24 16:00

      Obviously there is skiing in Sweden as well, but Madeleine's mother-in-law is Austrian and apparently likes to go there. These are the kinds of places royals go, because they can afford it. William and Catherine always go to Courchevel, it's even more expensive!

    4. P. the original5/1/24 17:36

      It was meant to be :
      * to plod along

    5. Anonymous5/1/24 17:43

      My son went skiing a few times in Courchevel (Fr.). It was not more expensive than the hotels we were used to choose in Austria of Switzerland. Of course the royals are in the most expensive ones or what is more likely they occupy a chalet of their own or an appartement or chalet belonging to one of their friends or family.

    6. Anonymous6/1/24 14:03

      Yes, exacty, William and Charles take the helicopter from one house to another to avoid a 3 hour drive. All the while preaching about the environment. Madeleine has never preached about the environment, so let her take her commercial flights for summer and winter vacation, she's certainly not the worst royal polluter.

    7. You know, all these “tra-la-la” ski resorts are a completely unknown scene to me.
      The closest winter adventure I’ve had was when I was going to the supermarket and slipped on some black ice. Because the footpath is black bitumen, you can’t see this ice.
      Well to cut a long story short, I had a nice old slip and slide and thanks to my shopping trolley, I stayed upright and didn’t break any bones. Must have been my lucky day.

    8. P. the original7/1/24 14:29

      Oh, @ Deadeggs , I' m awfully sorry to hear of your...winter Adventure.
      But all' s well that ends well 👍😉

  11. P. the original5/1/24 10:03

    Pss Madeleine looks sensational, just my cup of tea fashion wise and wise!
    Natural in born glamour , I dare say.
    The lady standing by her side is lovely too.

  12. P. the original5/1/24 10:06

    I wish Helen, the blog administrators and all fellow bloggers a very happy , blessed and healthy New Year.
    Special thanks to Helen for showcasing such beautiful posts and pics all year round, great work .

    1. And she spoils us with tons of photos.
      Newmyroyals is the best site for photos.
      Thanks Helen.

    2. P. the original7/1/24 14:27

      Yes, she really does!
      The best royal site.

  13. Anonymous5/1/24 16:55

    Greetings from Sweden : here is - 15 degrees and lot of snow


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