Princess Charlene celebrated her 46th birthday with her family

Princess Charlene wore a The Cube tregil quilted shell down gilet by Max Mara, Princess Gabriella wore a Runaway coat by Max&Co

On January 25, Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrated her 46th birthday with her husband Prince Albert and their children Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella at the Condamine Market in Monaco. An official photo was shared on the social media account of the Prince's Palace of Monaco with a caption: "This Thursday, January 25, Princess Charlene celebrated her birthday with her family at the Condamine Market."

Princess Charlene wore Max Mara The Cube Natural Tregil Quilted Shell Down Gilet
Max Mara The Cube Natural Tregil Quilted Shell Down Gilet

Princess Gabriella wore MAX&Co Kids Runaway single-breasted coat
MAX&Co Kids Runaway single-breasted coat


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  1. La couleur camel du gilet matelassé sans manches s'accorde très bien avec le reste gris de la tenue ; je le préfère à la doudoune noire portée récemment. Quel gâteau magnifique mais je serais curieuse d'en connaître la composition afin peut-être de me faire saliver !

  2. Anonymous27/1/24 10:33

    Un magnifique gâteau pour une sublime princesse

    1. Oh, my eyes went straight onto the gateau before I noticed what the Princess was wearing. 😁
      Love the Max Mara coat but without the sleeves, it could be a bit chilly.

  3. Anonymous27/1/24 12:30

    As usual Princess Charlene is dressed very fashionable. They are a lovely family! FITZHUGH

  4. Anonymous27/1/24 13:18

    jackets coordinating in color.
    Over the top Cake! but ofcourse when ur husband gives you $1million per year spending money.

    1. Anonymous27/1/24 16:18

      Isn’t Prince Albert a billionaire? A million is probably pocket change to him!

    2. Anonymous27/1/24 16:59

      Are you jealous?

    3. Anonymous27/1/24 17:36

      @ Anonymous 27/1 13:18
      That is the same news paper article I read in my news paper about the accountant of Prince Albert, which I mentioned earlier this day in connection with the Burberry coat of Princess Gabriella.
      @ Anonymous 16:18
      Billionaire or not. If there is no control anymore on what is spent and what is coming in, the millions can change quickly into negative amounts. The children he had before he married Charlene are also demanding their part as well as their mothers.
      @ Anonymous 16:59
      I am not jealous at all and with me a lot of people I think. I am quite happy with the money I have on the bank and the money I can spend every month.
      In any case it is not our problem, Prince Albert is responsible for all the situations he caused, so he has to pay for it.
      It is a pity for these wonderful twins that they receive an education like this. I hope for them that they can continue in their future life to live the life that they are living now, otherwise it will be two very unhappy adults.

    4. Dear @Anon13:18
      Thanks for the link.
      My reaction was when I read it “WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH”
      An Australian newspaper that is trying to get known on the international media scene.
      Their time would be better spent on writing about the infidelity amongst kangaroos as told by their accountant.

    5. Anonymous28/1/24 07:38

      I read more or less the same article in a regular newspaper, no gutter press at all.

  5. With the gutter press the Sussexes aren’t earning much money for them now.
    They’ve squeezed everything they can out of the “Sussex’s” lemon.
    They're looking for new fodder.
    And we’re ready to buy the rubbish and speculation they produce.

  6. Anonymous27/1/24 23:21

    What great look on her 46th birthday. css

  7. Lovely photos, but that cake looks gorgeous!

  8. Birthday Wishes for Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlene of Monaco


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