Queen Camilla hosted a private afternoon tea at Windsor Castle

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl Olivia Taylor who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea. Olivia Taylor and her family were invited for tea with the Queen after she performed as part of the King’s Christmas broadcast. The blind schoolgirl with a brain tumour sang a Christmas song and gave the Queen a handmade ring when she was invited to Windsor Castle.

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl Olivia Taylor who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl Olivia Taylor who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl Olivia Taylor who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea

Queen Camilla has invited a little girl Olivia Taylor who has spent most of her life on chemotherapy to Windsor Castle for tea


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  1. Such a nice thing to do! It reminds me of the tea party princess Madeleine once hosted for a bunch of children. Camilla as well as the girl and her family seem to have a wonderful time. Very nice! Damsel Dragonfly

    1. I thought the Queen was so lovely to them .. I always say children genuinely know when a person is good to them the Queen was. The two girls hugged her like she their granny. Beautiful so it was❤❤

  2. Queen Camilla est très sincère dans ses approches avec les gens. Rien n'est affecté. Elle ne craint pas de les serrer affectueusement dans ses bras, surtout lorsqu'elle se trouve en présence de jeunes enfants malades et/ou handicapés et de femmes violentées. Lorraine (ROSE)

  3. Qu'elles sont adorables les petites filles qui ont été invitées par Camilla vêtue de rouge avec un échange de cadeaux ; dès la première photo, j'ai été très émue !

  4. Camilla is the best thing that could happen to Charles. She is down to earth and knows whats going on in people's life. So normally interacting with the girl. A very nice and heartwarming meeting. Camilla at her best. Frieda

    1. P. the original26/12/23 20:53

      Yes, I'm getting more and more aware that what you said is true.
      I can hardly believe I 'm changing my mind about her but it' s happening.

    2. I agree with you Frieda.

    3. Agree wholeheartedly. Charles smiles a LOT with genuine delight and more and more frequently as the years go by, perhaps not all because of Camilla, but I’d reckon her to be a big part of it. - AnneLise

    4. I completely agree agree with you Frieda. I've been a fan since her wedding to the then Prince Charles in 2005. She has done so many good things over the years.

    5. Yes the Queen is so kind down to earth too

    6. Credit where credit is due - Camilla is doing a good job.
      Her heart is in the right place.
      @P.the original - said “Life can be so unfair at times.”
      I would add that life can be difficult to understand at times.
      What a wonderful Christmas present for this little girl and her family.

    7. P. the original27/12/23 18:21

      Hello, @ Deadeggs.
      I don' want to embark on a philosophical/ religious discussion, I feel I am not even worth finding a miserable answer whatever as I am an imperfect mean earthly creature unable to fathom God's Will.
      However, when I see beautiful little ones doomed like this, due to major health issues or because they are war victims, I cannot help but wonder: Where is God?
      Why does all this mad destiny hangs on so many innocent children' s heads?
      Christian Christmas is the celebration of Life, it Is Birth and Light sweeping away darkness.
      It's Lux in Tenebris.
      I still and strongly and more stubbornly than ever want to believe that any miracle can happen any time.
      May these little ones be relieved of such heavy burdens weighing on their young lives.
      Light is stronger than darkness and only God can turn blindness and its cause to a resolution for the better. May God save these little angels'/ martyrs.
      Sometimes my Faith looks so feeble in my own eyes, I feel I can stumble at every step of the way.
      Sometimes I don' t really know what to think, what to believe and Who to trust in.
      Can you see, @ Deadeggs what is there behind my closets stuffed incredibly to the fullest, behind makeup, blondeur, glamour, humour and my almost crazy life and schedule?
      Whatever sounds vain and immaterial in comparison to these senseless tragedies and I would gladly give up all I own to save just one of these children' s precious lives.
      Who knows if Q.Camilla feels the same whenever she meets with these wonderful little ones?

    8. P. the original27/12/23 19:58

      And those two splendid parents, trying hard to crack a smile for the love of their little girls ,well, they have all my deepest respect and admiration.
      They are bearing the heaviest cross of all together with their ill little angel.

    9. From my (limited) experiences with young handicapped children and children with terminal illnesses, I am always impressed at how brave they are.
      It helps to ease the sadness in front of our eyes.
      And, maybe some of us could learn a lesson or two from them.

    10. @P. the original- I was a huge fan of Diana Princess of Wales and I kind of lost interest in the British Royal family when she died. I really wish for the sake of their children that Diana and Charles had found a way to make it work.

      BUT...there is no way for me to deny that Camilla has grown on me. She has her own very special gifts that go deeper than outside glamour and more profound than physical beauty. She appears warm and dignified. Animals and children seem to adore her, which is usually the sign of a very good person.

      And yes. She brings the king great personal happiness. Well done Your Majesty!

    11. P. the original28/12/23 19:36

      It is kinda of bizzarre how a royal blog may turn into something more substancial, thoughtful than just the glitz and sometimes the heap of brick a brac things typical of the royal world.
      Feels like a sort of runway work somehow : when the glamour is over, the lights off, the show and the smiles have been served and everyone is left alone to think over the sense of life
      You just need to step out there and what you find is real tough life with its pain or sometimes sorrow when mourning people lost to serious illnesses.
      The smoke and mirrors are gone, material things are just worth nothing, the bling Is senseless glow without any real sparkle inside.
      Honestly, I do not know why I' m turning into such a solenn number.
      That Genius was right:
      "Life Is a tale told by an idiot..", .something like that, no less, no more.
      Yes, @ Deadeggs , the brave little ones can teach truths one never could even conceive, though I wish they could be spared all these sufferings.
      They should only be playing and laughing throughout their tender years.
      Just unfair.

    12. If only Camilla would have shown any empathy towards Diana and her children. If she had any thoughts about how her behaviour was impacting William and Harry. Maybe Diana would have been the one offering children her compassionate smiles. Camilla is at least half of the reason the royals are where they are as a family. Sure, many years have passed. But time doesn’t always heal everything.


    13. P. the original29/12/23 13:33

      Anonymous P 00:58

      Yes, you may be right so some extent.
      Anyway, nobody is in a position to know and judge how it all really was inside the Palaces walls and particularly between Charles and Diana.
      Unfortunately, nobody can change what happened.
      I immensely liked and still like Diana Princess of Wales maybe because she was a free spirit just like me.
      But I am growing on Camilla too, as Anonymous 16:57 wrote.

    14. @00:58
      Well said.


  5. How very wonderful! The cute little girls are so pretty with their dresses and shoes!

  6. I start to cry ...

  7. This is so wonderful- I always liked Queen Camilla. The little girl looks more than happy, I guess she enjoyed this special teatime very much. Hopefully she wins the fight and has a long healthier life ahead, even if she’s blind it can be so good. Fashionwise all look nice and appropriate.

  8. What a lovely gesture for the Queen to make! Who cares what Camilla is wearing as the guest of honor can't see her anyway, but she can feel the genuine warmth of Camilla's hospitality. Love this. --Vino Crochet

    1. P. the original27/12/23 08:33

      Yes, the little girl got her gift, hugging a real Queen like in a fairy tale.
      Emotional intelligence and the heart sight are all is needed on this occasion.
      No clothes to talk about, nothing else matters.

  9. This is what Christmas is all about, do unto other, splendid. Little one is the sweetest. How lovely she and her sister looked. Sending hugs and kisses, to you sweetheart. Goodness, such a terrible illness, I wish her all the best.
    The Queen looks lovely in this red dress, the small addition of the brooch, is welcome adding interest, well done to the Queen, this was a wonderful visit.

    1. P. the original26/12/23 20:56

      Yes, Ava.

    2. P, the original. Totally, agree.. It brings tears to my eyes, just thinking, how little one has suffered.
      P.S I hope you are well, and your Xmas was wonderful. Hugs x

    3. P. the original29/12/23 13:25

      Dear @Ava,
      how nice of you to send me your hugs!
      Thank you!!
      Christmas was good for me, time for family and some rest , at last!
      It may be sound a bit weird on my parte given I always seem to be a kinda of sista glam on this blog.
      BUT, I have a strongly empathetic nature too and I feel the same as you.
      It still brings tears to my eyes seeing any ill child or children killed in war conflicts or being hunger victims.
      You know, I should be rejoycing because it is a festive season after all.
      I can't t feel this joy now, though.
      Too many tragedies affecting this crazy world make me sad.
      I happened to listen to " It's Christmas.War is over" by John Lennon.
      So many years have passed and It seems nothing has changed yet in the world.
      Human mind has learnt nothing from past tragedies.
      Hope you had a cheerful Christmas.
      I wish you and yours all the best for the New Year, especially good health, peace and prosperity.
      Sista glam doesn' feel like commenting on her beloved royals and clothes now.
      A sort of pensive mood pervades me.
      I need some some to stop and think.
      Hugs for you x👋

    4. P. the original. Lovely message, thank you. Yes agree with you, nothing has changed. Just look around us! conflicts, war, etc....You made very good points. We need to be thankful for what we have.
      Aw, thank you. I wish you the same, please stay safe and have a Healthy and happy 2024 to you and your family. Look forward to next years comments from you P. the original! love reading them! Hugs from Australia

  10. How lovely. What a special day.

  11. There are a million small things we can do everyday, that let people know they are loved. And that is a big deal. This is very sweet and a wonderful memory to have.

  12. P. the original26/12/23 20:50

    I've just popped in for a moment and I' m gonna say just one thing from the bottom of my heart:
    Camilla has never topped my royal list, to be honest.
    But when I see her interacting with these children , hosting events for them at her homes, welcoming them with all her genuine joy and empathy, I think to myself.:
    "Sorry, .Madam, I was wrong about you, you have raised skyhigh in my esteem.
    Thank YOU, Madam".
    I may not like many of her sartorial choices , but I love her tenderness towards the little ones.
    Life can be so unfair at times.
    Absolutely touching.

    1. No need to poste another word. You have described my own feelings to perfection-Jacqueline

  13. What a wonderful gift of compassion for the little girl, by Queen Camilla. She really has a way with kids. I loved it. This visit to the Palace will be not forgotten by her and her family. I like the red dress Camilla is wearing. css

  14. Lovely to see! I noticed that she was a part of the children's choir that sang at the end of His Majesty's Christmas message this year. She kept touching the child next to her and now I understand that she was reassuring her placement! What a lovely thought from Her Majesty. Well done.

  15. I personally have always liked Camilla. She is so right for Charles and so right for the job at hand. She exudes intelligence, common sense, and empathy.
    Heartwarming to see her with the children.
    Excellent role model.
    From the outside her beauty may not be as it is/was in others, but from within she has it in spades and then some.

  16. Potevamo godere delle doti nascoste di Camilla se fosse stata lei la prima, e unica, moglie di Carlo. Invece è stata Diana, amata subito dal suo popolo, e non sapremo mai che regina sarebbe stata se fosse stata amata anche da re Carlo.
    Rossella 🎄

  17. I was a devoted Diane fan. But with the years I have come to truly like Queen Camille. It is true. She is grounded, is intelligent and have endured much over the years. I would go as far as to say that I admire her calmness and steadfastness.

  18. What a proud moment for Olivia & her family. I love Queen Camilla she has a generous heart. Mary

  19. What a really, really, REALLY nice thing for Q. Camilla to do!! I agree completely with you all, words fail me but you all expressed the emotions so well!! Bless those babies' and parent"s hearts!!


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