Two new photos of Swedish Royal Family have been released

On the occasion of the upcoming jubilee week that celebrates King Carl Gustaf's 50 years on the throne, two new photos of Swedish royals have been released.

Princess Estelle, Princess Sofia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore and Princess Adrienne
The King and Queen are on the front row surrounded by, from left, Prince Oscar, Prince Gabriel, Prince Alexander, Princess Leonore, Princess Adrienne and Prince Nicolas. On the back row, from left, there are Princess Estelle, Princess Sofia, Prince Carl Philip, Prince Julian, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill.

In the first photo, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden are surrounded by other members of the Royal Family. In the second photo, the King is seen with the Crown Princess and Princess Estelle. The photos were taken by photographer Clément Morin in the White Sea ball room at the Royal Palace.

King Carl Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle

Crown Princess Victoria wore Roland Mouret Pink Short Sleeve Stretch Cady Midi Dress
Roland Mouret Pink Short Sleeve Stretch Cady Midi Dress

Princess Sofia wore Roland Mouret Garten Crêpe Midi Dress In Pink
Roland Mouret Garten Crêpe Midi Dress In Pink

Princess Madeleine wore Self-Portrait Floral-Embroidered Pleated Midi Dress
Self-Portrait Floral-Embroidered Pleated Midi Dress

Princess Estelle wore By Malina Francesca Dress in Floral Pistachio
By Malina Francesca Dress in Floral Pistachio

Princess Estelle wore SELF-PORTRAIT Girls Knitted Dress In Fucsia
SELF-PORTRAIT Girls Knitted Dress In Fuchsia


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  1. Anonymous9/9/23 12:28

    Lovely photos!

  2. A beautiful family photo.
    I particularly like that Madeleine and her daughters are color coodinated.
    Not so keen on the dress that Victoria is wearing in the photo with the King and Estelle.
    The color is very bland.
    Can anyone please tell me if the celebrations at the end of this week will include other European royals?
    I am hoping to see lots of beautiful gowns.

    1. Anonymous9/9/23 16:10

      I find the dress which your eyes see as bland absolute perfection for Victoria and her dark hair and eyes. And that’s why fashion is so interesting - we can all see it differently. I think this is one of Victoria’s best looks ever, in all simplicity and elegance. - AnneLise

    2. Anonymous9/9/23 16:34

      I read somewhere earlier last week that representatives of all the Scandinavian Royal houses (Queen Margarethe included) are expected to attend.
      - Anon 9:13

    3. A gala-dinner will be held with foreign royals being invited on Friday, Sept. 15, 2023.

  3. Very good photos, I think.
    Beautiful dresses all around. Silvia apparently wearing the nice turquoise dress like the other day, so maybe this photo session was the same day.
    I would have probably skipped the neckties for the young boys, but they went for formal, so why not.
    It´s remarkable how much Leonore looks like her paternal grandmother Eva O´Neill. Estelle looks great - and a lot like Daniel in the first picture. Carl-Philip´s boys all need a haircut.

    1. Anonymous9/9/23 18:10

      I like the boys in neckties. This is an important occasion and should be treated as such. What I don't like to see are sneakers with a suit. If you are going to wear a suit, with tie, wear dress shoes. I am thrilled to see that the boys are dressed properly.

  4. Anonymous9/9/23 14:32

    The Roland Mouret dresses are wonderful. Hopefully, Helen can provide the designer for that dream of a blush dress Victoria wears in the second photo. Wow ... that one makes my knees go soft, Victoria looks so good in it. Malina for Estelle: Total frill overload, not good even for a young girl. I don't really like the other one (self portrait), but it is at least more Estelle, well at least as I think she is. (GM)

    1. Anonymous10/9/23 05:17

      I agree with everything you wrote. Especially about Victoria s dress on that second picture. It is exquisite the cut, the fabric everything about it is just simple luxury.

  5. Protocolairement parlant, il me semble que l'on aurait dû intervertir Leonor (assise) et Estelle...c'est cette dernière la future reine en second...
    Mais jolie photo tout de même

  6. Anonymous9/9/23 15:04

    According to the Royal Agenda published on, the website of the Belgian Royals there is no visit to Sweden planned for the King and Queen, nor for any other member of the Belgian Royal Family. I don't know if the Agenda is complete. Sometimes an activity that was not announced is taking place anyway.
    I cannot speak for the other RF in Europe because I don't know their Agenda. Rose

  7. Anonymous9/9/23 15:10

    All the ladies are dressed very beautifully. I particularly like CP Victoria's pink dress by Roland Mouret and Estelle's dress by Self-Portrait and also Queen Silvia's turquoise dress in which she is looking so very good and young. Rose

  8. Anonymous9/9/23 16:53

    These are both lovely photos, and they show such a high degree of the thought and planning that went into their composition. In the first photo, the ladies’ dresses and the mens’ ties harmonize with the colors of the flower arrangements - I love that!

  9. Anonymous9/9/23 19:24

    Nice picture, but what has happend to Gabriels hair, he is always light blonde, on this picture he lokks red!

  10. Anonymous9/9/23 19:58

    Nice pic of the family. The children are really getting big. css

  11. Superbes photos où nous voyons que les enfants ont bien grandi ; dans les bras de son père, le dernier garçon de la fratrie de Sofia est vraiment craquant !

  12. This would have to be one of the nicest family photo's I've ever seen of the Royal family.

  13. Anonymous10/9/23 01:38

    Great pic! everyone looks fab. Love Sofia's dress the most. The children are very cute, especially little Adrienne ;-)

  14. Anonymous10/9/23 05:39

    The Swedish royals always take the best family pictures. Love the shade of pink Victoria is wearing.

  15. Anonymous10/9/23 05:48

    Princess Adrienne - soooo cute. :-)

  16. Thanks to those who answered my question about other European royals attending the celebrations in Sweden this week.

  17. Une magnifique photo de famille dont certaines monarchies devraient s'inspirer !

  18. Anonymous10/9/23 16:31

    Lovely family photo; The dress Estelle is wearing is not quite up to par. Edwina

  19. Anonymous10/9/23 20:59

    Estelle and Oscar look gorgeous with their facial features and hairstyles, the same for Madeleines children. Viktoria looks beautiful, even with her bun. All in all great pictures. Frieda


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