Princess Charlene attended an event of Monegasque Seniors' Association

Princess Charlene wore a Charlise gathered asymmetric cashmere top from The Row, and a black long skirt. Bottega Veneta clutch

On September 24, 2023, Princess Charlene of Monaco attended an evening event of Monegasque Seniors' Association (Amicale des Aînés Monégasques) on the Place d'Armes square in Monaco. The Princess planned and organized the event. Princess Charlene wore an asymmetric cashmere top from The Row, which she wore for the second time this month.

Princess Charlene wore a Charlise gathered asymmetric cashmere top from The Row, and a black long skirt. Bottega Veneta clutch

Princess Charlene wore a Charlise gathered asymmetric cashmere top from The Row, and a black long skirt. Bottega Veneta clutch

Princess Charlene wore THE ROW Charlise gathered asymmetric cashmere top
THE ROW Charlise gathered asymmetric cashmere top


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  1. Anonymous25/9/23 10:10

    Gorgeous 😍

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 11:22

      Except for the constant black/brown dark clothing; the hair is okay, but please try other colors that you did post engagement.

    2. P. the original25/9/23 13:42

      You know, @ Anonymous, re:to hair: blonde is magnetic just as a red head.
      Very, very attractive.
      They say men prefer blonde women and I think this must be true😉

  2. Anonymous25/9/23 10:37

    Blond again?

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 10:48

      hair the only good thing. constant black is beyond weird

    2. Anonymous25/9/23 11:31

      10:48 you mean brown? Strangly enough no one complained when Letizia last week outed 3 dark dresses, 2 of them black.

    3. @Anon 10:37 “Blond again” Well almost.
      Princess Charlene looks smashing
      Good initiative she is doing for the ‘seniors’

    4. P. the original25/9/23 13:29

      Yes, @Anonymous!
      I am fully convinced that the comments from us bloggers have been a turning point for Charlene's back to blonde decision.
      Ok, ok, I'm being partial, that's also my hair shade but on long hair( please, Anonymous, don' t scold me or my ego would get deeply hurt).
      Absolutely a stunnner, wonderful Charlene👍👍👏👏👏
      And excellent initiative, too.

    5. P. the original25/9/23 13:37

      Oh, I forgot to mention her classic timeless beautiful BLACK combo.
      I confess i would have loved a snug sheath knee length (with sheer black panels) dress but it would not have been appropriate for this occasion, of course.

    6. I'm wondering about the women here. Do you keep your hair colour the same every year, year after year? I have just went from blond to dark, for how long time will tell, but it's not gonna be for ever ;)

    7. Anonymous27/9/23 22:36

      Louise, I have been a forever blonde and my hair colour is always the same. But I have utmost respect for people like you, or Charlene, who like to shake things up. I think Charlene has already had a lot of hairstyles that actually suit her. I didn't dislike the brown either. I very much liked her high blonde pixie cut. Damsel Dragonfly

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  4. Anonymous25/9/23 10:43

    An unusual top and at first I thought 'oh no' but honestly the more often I look at it the more attractive it gets. It is definitely not my personal taste but as long as Charlene feels good in it it is perfectly okay. I.P.

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 13:55

      On point - this outfit hits ower times.

  5. Ladyofthemanor25/9/23 10:46

    Asymmetry can be both interesting and elegant but in this particular case I find it odd and unattractive.

    1. Me too!

    2. Me too. Because it doesn´t look like a design idea but rather like she rolled up one sleeve because it bothered her. I do that when it rubs against a mosquito bite. Also, I agree with Tara below. This "design" isn`t worth $1790. Ridiculous. Actually, I remember my mother once came up with a similar "design" with a few random seams placed in an old top of hers gathering it up a bit in various places. It looked good and original, but the reason was to hide a few tiny stains in the folds.

    3. Anonymous25/9/23 21:19

      @Ladyofthemanor: That was my first impression too. It almost looks like a missing body part. :(
      - Anon 9:13

    4. Anonymous26/9/23 01:31

      Ready for vaccination !

    5. Anonymous26/9/23 23:58

      Anonymous 01:31, your comment made my day! :-) :-) :-) Thank you for the astute sense of humour. Count me in the "no" club for this top


  6. La silhouette sportive de Charlène supporte à merveille ce haut froncé asymétrique ceinturé surtout qu'elle le porte avec une jupe de la même couleur ; superbes ses cheveux dont elle continue à adoucir la couleur ; magnifique le bouquet rouge/blanc offert par une dame d'un certain âge et qu'elle a l'air de fort apprécier !

    1. Boito Isabelle26/9/23 12:19

      C’est moi, qui demandais des nouvelles de Tulipe. J’aime suivre vos commentaires, c’est tout. Je ne comprends pas votre réaction négative.
      Je vous présente mes excuses pour avoir osé prendre de vos nouvelles, vous aviez indiqué, une fois, être une personne âgée...voilà

  7. Anonymous25/9/23 10:49

    Lovely! The dress is fun and suits her and she looks happy and healthy. C

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 12:04

      Looks like new procedures...

    2. Anonymous25/9/23 13:56

      If it is down to "procedures" HSH is in very good company. All the (married in) Royal women seem to have them with the exception of 2-3. Leave Charlene alone. Jacqueline

    3. Anonymous25/9/23 17:29

      Jac. What do you mean with leaving her alone? I am shure, none of us never met her...;))

  8. Ce haut est magnifique ,bien porté et surtout original.

  9. Anonymous25/9/23 11:32

    Charlene looks absolutely stunning from head to toe. Hair, outfit, colour everything is perfection.

  10. Anonymous25/9/23 11:33

    Tenue élégante et originale, pas de faute de goût quand on porte du noir.
    Elle a changé sa couleur de cheveux , c est bien de changer ( je change régulièrement ma couleur de cheveux, chacun ses goûts)

  11. Anonymous25/9/23 12:12

    Bergdorf Goodman price for this Charlise Cashmere Asymmetric Top is
    $1,790. That’s more than I spend in a month for everything. For me this is a prime example of silly money and I can’t help but say, for that price you could have expected the other sleeve to be included too! Sometimes fashion can be ridiculous, when we give it some context. Tara.

    1. Love your sense of humor!

    2. Anonymous25/9/23 14:43

      Agree! She looks lovely anyway, but what a strange thing fashion is that a one armed tshirt can sell at such a price! - AnneLise

    3. Anonymous25/9/23 16:17

      If you don't understand the edgy design...

  12. Boito isabelle25/9/23 12:28

    Où est passé tulipe ? J’espère qu’elle va bien

    1. Tulipe33 is still there.
      She has changed her nickname to Achard62
      And she continues to always find something positive to say, even if a royal lady is wearing a disaster.(no names mentioned)
      And she always draws our attention to the jewellery worn by the person in question
      And she stays out of our cat fights and sticks to fashion.

  13. Anonymous25/9/23 12:29

    Où est passée Tulipe ? J’espère qu’elle va bien.

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 16:18

      à Anonymat 25/9/2023 12:29
      J'aimerais bien savoir qui se cache derrière votre anonymat afin de demander de mes nouvelles ; apparemment, je n'ai pas dû beaucoup vous manquer !!!

    2. Anonymous25/9/23 18:53

      @ Achard. Ce n'est pas très gentil de votre part. Au moins elle est inquiète de votre santé. Peut être ce n'est pas une femme mais un homme.

  14. Anonymous25/9/23 12:30

    Does the asymmetry add to the attractiveness of the top?
    Donny think so.
    Nevertheless Charlene looks good,

    1. Anonymous25/9/23 13:08

      “Donny”= donot

    2. Dear Mabel.
      Thanks for clarifying the word “donny”;
      My parents had a donkey called Donny.
      I was beginning to have a flashback.

  15. Anonymous25/9/23 13:16

    She looks fine to me but I can’t help wondering if she can actually have a conversation with these people.
    I can assure you -they don’t speak English.

    1. @Anon 13:16 and can you assure us that Princess Charlene doesn't speak French?
      I think you are insinuating that Princess Charlenee doesn’t speak French.
      Language experts say that around 90 percent of ADULT students have problems with a second language and less than 10 percent become fluent.
      I’m in the 90% group. Learning a second language has been a heavy burden on my back for many years and I still have problems.
      Before you start pointing the finger at Charlene, have a go at learning, for example, Afrikaans as a foreign language (otherwise known as Cape Dutch).
      It is spoken by about 60% of the white population in South Africa, 6 in 1 persons or about 3 million of the white population.
      You might then understand the challenge confronting adult students, like me and perhaps Princess Charlene.

  16. Anonymous25/9/23 13:27

    Very good in this haircolour!

  17. Hurray! She is going back to blond which suits her so much better than that mousy brown. Charlene looks amazing!

  18. Anonymous25/9/23 14:55

    The cashmere top has grown on me. I think Her Serene Highness looks beautiful in this outfit. This colour is much more flatering on her. I would love to see a repeat of this oufit with a symmetric top - short sleeves, not sleeveless.


  19. Anonymous25/9/23 15:40

    I think she looks beautiful. I imagine with that being from the Row, it is super soft and luxurious. The asymmetry adds some interest without being over the top. Her hair looks great. And wow, some of these comments, harsh troll city lol.

  20. Anonymous25/9/23 15:53

    She looks fabulous

  21. Anonymous25/9/23 16:38

    The top is not at all a good look.

  22. Anonymous25/9/23 16:52

    Hello lovely blond pixie, nice to see you again! Charlene loves dark colours and why not, she wears them well. The cashmere top: I cannot detect anything that I could find either generally pretty or especially favourable for Charlene. But then again - hello blond pixie! hope she keeps it short. And a wish, I know clicks are more important than moderating, but anyway: I wish those stupid plastic surgery discussions could be stopped here.(GM)

  23. Anonymous25/9/23 17:01

    There must be something wrong with me seen all previous positive reactions, but to me this is just a really ugly top. I keep feeling like someone needs to pull down the right sleeve...I feel like this design has nothing to do with fashion and therefore don't consider it a fashion statement. PC's looks wonderful in this soft colour though

  24. Anonymous25/9/23 17:05

    Princesse Charlene est vraiment magnifique avec sa nouvelle couleur de cheveux bien qu'elle affichait tout aussi avantageusement une couleur plus foncé. Quand on a de la classe, tout nous va. J'aime aussi sa tenue vestimentaire. Une petite note d'originalité avec le haut juste ce qu'il faut pour alimenter les sites sur la royauté. Lorraine

  25. Anonymous25/9/23 17:46

    She is one of a few than can wear this sort of edgy outfit. I am not a fan of the sleeves however much I want to like the top.The lighter hair is better since she is wearing dark colours most of the time. It helps brighten her face.

  26. She looks lovely in this ensemble. Her hair color looks divine.

  27. Anonymous25/9/23 19:56

    No, deadeggs, her knowledge of French is very restricted.
    I am just stating a fact and wonder how she communicates with these seniors.

    1. "Sa connaissance du français est très limitée"
      L'avez vous déjà rencontré ?
      Si oui avez vous échangé?

    2. Anonymous26/9/23 08:49

      This is quite well discussed in the Monaco as read, that reportedly Charlene has very limited French language.

    3. Anonymous26/9/23 09:37

      La princesse Charlène parle la langue du cœur, il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir un très grand vocabulaire pour se faire comprendre.

    4. P. the original26/9/23 10:28

      I can't t realize how you state as a fact that Charlene does not speak French or has a restricted knowledge of this language given that she lives and moves in a world you will never have access to.
      Anyway, even if this were true, either she knows how to use it well on her official engagements and is so correct as to not use a translator every step of the way like you do( which would be ridiculous, just like you do in your commentaries).
      Yes, I have my own certainties just like you .
      I know for sure that you do not know either English or French not to mention all the other languages you change in your commentaries and that you depend enterely on your translator.
      I would spend my time seriously studying these languages- and German as well-, if I were you.
      I am totally sure about your lack of knowledge as far as English and French are concerned just like you are so sure that Charlene has a restricted knowledge of French.
      Moreover, who knows, maybe these elderly people can speak English better than you will ever can!
      I myself speak French for my job sometimes but I do not reckon it important to give you or others proof thereof on this site.
      Re: Charlene's hair.
      You see, @Anonymous, a hairstylist knows what kind of hair texture he / she is working on and Charlene surely has very good hair structure, otherwise I doubt he/ she would have never ventured to operate this transiton to platinum blonde.
      Also, I am pretty sure that you do not know anything about the process involved in getting a platinum shade plus the products used during and after the treatment.
      Finally, re: this black top on Charlene which seems to be so mindblowing to you.
      Ok, you can just say that you do not like it ONCE so you would spare a lot of energies creating your incredibile amount of funny nicks and becoming sooo boring!
      Why wasting your time given- I am sure about it too- that this top is something beyond your reach in every aspect?
      You do not need to prove over and over again that your fashion knowledge is very moot and truly restricted.
      It' s pretty clear already.

    5. She will have picked up some French and likely has some passive understanding. Actively, however, she really doesn´t use French much, which is proof that she doesn´t feel comfortable speaking. If she was comfortable, she´d use it. I heard her speak French a little bit, but it was not great, and read off a script. I personally find that sad. I understand that language acquisition doesn´t come easily to everyone, but it is possible to learn, especially after so many years living in a French-speaking country. To me, it is a matter of interest. If you take an interest, you´ll learn. If you don´t, you won´t. It doesn´t make Charlene a bad person. She is kind, she is warm, she is friendly. Just not interested. I think she misses out on a deeper understanding of her partner in which his native language plays a big role as it so closely related to culture, heritage, mentality and identity. I think it also results in not ever feeling truly at home. And I think it makes it harder to represent the people and thus fulfilling her role.

    6. Anonymous26/9/23 18:56

      Again P. with some "interesting" comments, so funny

    7. Anonymous26/9/23 18:57

      Totallay agree to Vanessa, well said!

    8. P. the original27/9/23 08:41

      Anon. yesterday at 18:56
      Oh no, my peevious comment wasn' t meant to be funny at all.
      You misunderstood me once again.
      I just stated a series of FACTS about you, namely I was immensely factual and REALISTIC.
      You know, I think that you should be applying for two jobs at the same time and I'm sure you would be brilliant at both of them.
      Bucks guaranteed too.
      1)Since a brand called " Pas de rouge" already exists, I suggest you establish your own brand called " Pas de noir"- all written in French, of course (the translator is ready for you)-;
      2) Since you have a soft spot for gossip, I suggest (again!) you work as a columnist for the gutter press.
      I know, the stakes are high but I am sure that you are talented and with a strong motivation, which is of utter importance to fulfil both tasks sooo successfully.
      Good luck!👍

  28. Anonymous25/9/23 20:21

    The Pss looks very elegant in this outfit. It seems she is having a bit of fun at this event. So nice to see her again. css

  29. Anonymous25/9/23 22:35

    This shade of brown is so pretty on HSH P Charlene; a nice look for autumn. I think her hair is really pretty here and I liked it before when it was darker, too. The last photo of her dancing is so sweet!


  30. Anonymous25/9/23 23:09

    I love the photo of her dancing with the older gentleman.

  31. Anonymous25/9/23 23:41

    I don’t like this outfit. It looks like her sleeve isn’t ‘unfolded’. The idea is fun but it seems not quite right.

  32. Anonymous26/9/23 00:55

    Her hairdresser is the winner here. Changing that dark brown to the light blonde must have been a feat to accomplish.

  33. Anonymous26/9/23 00:59

    Charlene is a very beautiful woman and looks good no matter what haircolor she chooses. I kinda miss the brown shade because it really made her blue eyes pop. I'm glad she hasn't returned to the platinum shade as this softer color is so marvelous for her. As for her sweater--sorry, didn't like the first time and still don't. Sorry, it just doesn't seem right--it is too off-balanced . Of course, Charlene looks gorgeous and what a wonderful event! That last photo shows what a marvelous time she and the seniors had together.


  34. Love the hair and I'm surprised how the blonde actually carries the brown outfit. The cashmere must be very comfortable for an occasion that requires bending and moving without looking rumpled. Good for you, Charlene. Jy is pragtig!

  35. Her hair is beautiful, the brown colour of the outfit works for her (wow - blonde hair can actually carry that type of brown) and she is smiling so warmly. She is happy. Jy is pragtig, Charlene!

  36. Anonymous26/9/23 08:13

    I like asymmetry but not this one and not in this fabric. To me her hair may stay like this. I prefer this type of blond than the platina blond. About the fact she is speaking French or not. Normally since the time she lives in Monaco, she should be able to have a normal conversation with older people. Generally with old people you don't have difficult discussions, unless there are scientists or other highly educated people among them. Rose

  37. THE ROW is an American fashion house based in New York.
    Today it covers the spectrum of fashion for women, men, children plus a wide range of accessories.
    Established by twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2006 with the objective of creating understated luxury in the fashion world.
    The ‘In Style’ magazine’s fashion critic (January 2023) said “ their collections typically focus on neutral colours, such as beige and black” and went on to say “Items are often oversized and there are multiple, must-have coats in every mix”.
    Perhaps if not already, we may see Duchess Meghan wearing some of their creations.

    1. Anonymous26/9/23 19:05

      Advertisment for the full house girls, deadeggs?;)

    2. Dear @Anon 19:05 (no nickname) and others.
      You’ll have to excuse me but I’ve always had an inquiring mind.
      I’m not doing free advertising for fashion houses 😉
      My old mum often warned me that my curiosity would get me into trouble one day.
      I’m always curious as to what has been done and by whom when I look at a final fashion creation. I’ll leave the “couturier” comments and advice to the experts.
      There are some fascinating designers/stylists out there and there is a history behind most of them.
      I love the rags to riches histories.
      I’m not just happy at looking at the cover of a book, I want to see what there is inside.
      If a blogger isn’t interested in a bit of fashion history or if they know it already, then there is an easy solution, just click on. Simple ….. no?

    3. P. the original27/9/23 10:18

      Hello, @ Deadeggs,
      I bet there is another truth or FACT behind it all.
      You see, you may sound as a supporter / promoter of other brands and this is seen as not fair by the owner of the newly established brand "Pas de noir" and its appendix " Pas de vert".
      Please, let emerging talents grow !

  38. Anonymous26/9/23 12:36

    Stop being so hatefull.Charlene is a stunning women

  39. Anonymous26/9/23 15:39

    Nice to see Charlene's hair back to blonde, however the top looks strange, as if the one sleeve was bunched up over her shoulder. Not a fan of this look. Edwina

  40. In the last photo, Princess Charlene seems to be laughing whilst she is dancing with her partner.
    Perhaps that “playboy daddy” is trying to talk her into having a private candlelit dinner with him. I wish him luck. 😁
    Would love to know what the ladies at the table behind Charlene are talking about. Do they have "old biddies" in Monaco?

    1. P. the original27/9/23 08:50

      Yes, I am sure that some old biddies are out and about in Monaco too.
      And yes, the old gentleman or " playboy daddy" has a sharp eye for a beautiful woman.
      Well done to Monsieur !👍👍😉👏👏👋

  41. Re: Princess Charlene and learning a foreign language as an ADULT student.
    Speaking from personal experience (a cross on my back) of almost 40 years as an adult student trying to fluently speak a foreign language and if Charlene hasn’t arrived at the fluency level maybe she is having the same problem that I had.
    With oral expression, one gets blocked from the fear of making mistakes and being at the amusement of others. And I can assure you that it hurts.
    It took a long time before a teacher identified this as one of my problems and convinced me to speak, even with mistakes. She told me not to worry and if my mistakes made people laugh, so let it be. And I can assure you that some of them fall about laughing at times.
    IF Charlene is not speaking fluently and IF she spoke bad French and made mistakes, it would be like fodder for the media.
    She will benefit from her children growing up and learning French.
    Kids love to help their mum.
    Adult learners of a foreign language need support, not criticism.
    Please, try learning a foreign language as an adult student yourself before you start pointing the finger at others.
    Hopefully, you’ll be in the 5% who succeed to a fluency level.
    Why not try Afrikaans which would help you if you ever visit the beautiful country of South Africa.

    1. P. the original28/9/23 09:30

      Dear @ Deadeggs,
      I hear you.
      Personally, I think that what you described in your comment mostly stems from a structural difference between English- a Germanic language- and French - a neo latin language (same would have happened with Spanish/ Portuguese somehow).
      I needed to learn Norwegian and Danish as an adult for my job and it was pretty challenging for me as well, even though I have always been able to pick up foreign language easily.
      On the other hand, differences within languages belonging to the same Germanic group should also be taken into consideration.
      Now I'm speaking from my personal experience.
      What I have realized so far is that a Norwegian and a Swedish can understand each other quite well but a Swedish/ Norwegian and a Dane have to cope with mutual misunderstandings.
      That' s not surprising, after all, as Danish is structurally and phonetically different from both Norwegian and Swedish.
      When speaking Swedish, you have to put the stress on intonation, for example.
      It depends on the element/s you want to emphasize when you interact with other people.
      How can this happen given that they all are Germanic languages?
      It dates back to all the structural/ phonetical changes occured within the same bunch of Germanic languages over the centuries , to peoples' and tribes' migrations and their mingling with other languages spoken by other peoples and tribes living on adjacent territories and also far away from their homeland.
      If you have a look at written or happen to listen to a Finnish, you' ll feel puzzled because It is even more challenging , I'd say there is a good mix in it!
      That' s why Pss Mary found Danish so challenging to learn at least when she first entered the Danish Royal Court despite the fact that she already spoke English- her mother tongue- , a Germanic language-
      I bet you would pick up Norwegian quite quickly as it is the most conservative language among other Germanic languages-,namely it retained most of the features of the original old Germanic prototype and is more similar to English for many reasons.
      English Is an insular language and developed quite differently, that' why It has elements of its own not to be found in other Germanic languages.
      Anyway, please, don' t be afraid to speak French in public.
      The more you speak, the less you''ll make mistakes.
      Don' t worry about what other people say.
      When I first landed in Arlanda Airport in Sweden some time ago, I felt as a UFO coming from Mars and I already started from a good level as far as a few Germanic languages are concerned!
      English is perfectly known and spoken in Sweden too but I still needed to learn Swedish for some professional and practical reasons.
      Little by little, one can learn anything

    2. P. the original28/9/23 09:39

      @ Deadeggs
      I want to add that you' ve surely seen that I make some mistakes when writing on this site.
      Unfortunately, I am almost always in a hurry and not able to correct them.
      I can just say...I am sorry.
      Everyone may happen to make mistakes, don' t worry👍😉👋

    3. P. the original28/9/23 10:28

      * a Finn (not a Finnish)

  42. Anonymous9/10/23 12:41

    To P.the original
    You are quite right when saying that Danish, Norwegian and Swedish belong to the Germanic language group, but Finnish is different because it is NOT a Germanic language. Finnish language belongs to the Fenno-Ugrian language group with Estonian as the nearest language (if I remember it correctly).
    But back to Monaco: I remember Princess Grace having once said that she only learned French properly after Caroline and Albert started school. So we still have to wait a little what happens with Charlene.
    Margot (a native speaker of Finnish)

    1. P. the original11/10/23 08:55

      @Anonymous as Margot now

      I never said in my previous comments that Finnish is a Germanic language..
      I said it is a mix (I know what I am talking about).
      I am sure you are not a Finnish native speaker either.
      You need to study if you want to know and speak languages well ,not just using a translator (same goes for German, which I clearly perceive you know nothing of) and concoct nationalities which have nothing to do with you.
      You know, a good education as well as language practice in real life are the very base of it all.
      Your Google researches- also as far as languages origins and features are concerned-will never substitute for a quality schooling.
      You should take into account that I have to practice a handful of languages on a daily basis speaking to real native speakers, which I am sure is something unknown to you.
      I find it almost ridiculous to speak to you in German or Spanish or other languages given you change idioms just out of a sort of childish fun and not out of a real and effective knowledge.
      You are not a German or a Spanish native speaker either.
      Hope you' 'll get the sense of my comment.


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