Spanish Royal Family attended a dinner at Mia Restaurant in Palma

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

On August 5, 2023, King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Crown Princess Leonor, Infanta Sofia and former Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Irene of Greece had dinner at the restaurant 'Mia', located at Portixol Harbour in Palma de Mallorca. Every year, the Spanish Royal Family spend some days of the summer on the Spanish island. The royal family is currently in Palma de Mallorca for summer holiday.

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

Queen Letizia wore a red pleated halter-neck dress by Mango. Infanta Sofia wore an Ikat Arles dress by Babbaki

Queen Letizia wore Mango Agosto Pleated Halter-Neck Dress
Mango Agosto Pleated Halter-Neck Dress

Infanta Sofia wore BABBAKI Arles Dress Ikat
BABBAKI Arles Dress


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  1. Love Queen Letizia's gorgeous red dress. I also like CP Leonor's dress. Infanta Sofia's dress is fine, I just don't like the print, purely a personal view. Although I like to see Queen Sofia, have to say she is sticking with the nightwear vibe. Lovely to see Princess Irene but she looks very frail.

  2. Quatre styles de robe différents avec une préférence pour l'infante Sofia dont l'imprimé aurait mérité quand même mérité un peu plus de couleurs pour la période estivale !

    1. Anonymous8/8/23 03:33

      Même quand vous dites tout aimer, pus avez toujours un petit quelque chose à redire.

    2. à Anonyme 08/08/2023 03:33
      Ah oui mais entre tout aimer et préférer –comme je le dis- il y a une différence n'est-ce pas ?!

    3. à Anonyme 08/08/2023 03:33
      Ah oui mais entre tout aimer et préférer –comme je le dis- il y a une
      différence n'est-ce pas ?!

  3. Anonymous6/8/23 15:42

    How pretty young Sofia is in her Ikat print dress. The princess wears a variation on her current theme. Queen Letizia can do no wrong when she wears red. Abuela's caftan is a pretty pattern.
    The able bodied young people are supporting someone who does not seem as frail as Tita Irene.

  4. Anonymous6/8/23 16:04

    Queen Letizia looks amazing, as usual. She always looks fantastic in red, and her sandals are perfect. Leonor amd Sofia look good, their respective styles on display here. It's nice to see the whole family together.

  5. Anonymous6/8/23 16:47

    Love the red dress the queen is wearing.

  6. Anonymous6/8/23 17:25

    The only dress I like is Queen Letizia's. The dresses of the princesses are a bit too dark. The color of Princess Sofia's dress is brighter on the model. Maybe the dresses are looking better in daylight. I like the bodice and sleeves of Queen Sofia's dress but not the skirt. Rose

  7. Anonymous6/8/23 18:38

    Girls have length of their father and are struggling with it! Letizia, to sun tanned.

    1. Anonymous6/8/23 23:26

      Yes, too much, much to much suntan on Letizia. Looks cheap even though I understand that its not. C

    2. Anonymous7/8/23 02:19

      The tan police are on duty.

    3. Anonymous7/8/23 13:41

      Anon at 18:38 and C at 23:26. Are you commenting your own comment because you always make that one little typo? It's easy to recognize you. Elena

    4. Anonymous9/8/23 09:14

      Agree with Elena.

  8. Anonymous6/8/23 19:13

    Nice to see them out again. I do must say the dresses are nothing special. This is OMO of course; another Poster may love them. What is really concerning is to see Pss Irene, she looks so frail, her sister the former Queen is almost a decade older than her, and she is way more agile than her. css

    1. She's only four years older, that's not a decade, but you are right in saying that she looks far better than her sister.

  9. I don't care much for the young girls' choices, or Sofia's. Letizia looks wonderful in the red dress

  10. Anonymous6/8/23 20:22

    Sofia has a joie-the-vivre-clothing-style, maybe she is just that-kind-of-girl.
    BTW Sofia indeed looks younger than QL, but that's my vision, tan-faking makes only older like only fake tan can do ( or is she of exotic origin?).

    1. Anonymous6/8/23 22:12

      Letizia is a very good looking woman, always has been, but in her own eyes apparently never good looking enough, so she does weird things like get a fake tan and put on some sort of oily stuff like a Hollywood person.

    2. Anonymous7/8/23 02:08

      You read too many trash magazines. The ideas people have about things being "Hollywood". I get darker just going out to get the mail. My tan lines last all year. I can't help that. Why are you so obsessed with her tan? It will fade. If she enhances it on occasion, so what? I think she is genuinely tan because she is on vacation. Felipe is as well.

    3. Fake tan ideas are on here, I see. Not ssure that is true, because the arms of King Felipe are also, and not far away from equally tanned. That was even more clear on other pictures I have seen. Having said that, I think intensive sun bathing is a mistake, a bad decision for the skin, particularly for 50+ people. People from Mediterranean countries get very easily tanned.

    4. Anonymous7/8/23 21:11

      100% certain QL's tan is real. She is Spanish. More Spanish than her in-laws, who have German/Scandinavian ancesters.

    5. Anonymous9/8/23 01:52

      I hope sincerely it is facts FAKE tan. If her skin is this burnt, that could be a true health problem. Skin cancer is sadly all too real. Friend of mine had it and was sadly unable to survive it. Supposed to be caused by her love of beach life and aversion to sun screen. As I said. I truly hope it’s actually fake tan. The much better scenario.

      Skin colour aside, I disagree Letizia somehow looks older than Queen Sophia. Not sure why anyone would see that in these photos. Letizia might be a little too concerned with her image, but she looks very much younger than her age.


    6. Anonymous9/8/23 09:49

      @Petra, good point)):

  11. Anonymous6/8/23 20:48

    Letizia ha un'abbronzatura fantastica, ma voglio dichiarare vincitore Felipe per stile e fascino!

  12. I love Sofia's dress, love the style and the colors, she looks very beautiful, it reminds of Indian style. The rest of dresses are ok, but I don't care much about them. It seems Leonor lately likes green colors, it favors her.

  13. Anonymous6/8/23 23:30

    I seem to be an exception, because I do like the pattern and colour of Leonor's dress. But with a lot of dark blond hair (a muted colour in itself) around face and shoulders, a bit of colour could do magic. Maybe if she put on just a tiny bit of lipstick? Sofia did it and it looks lovely. (GM)

  14. Anonymous6/8/23 23:37

    Letizia’s dress is very nice indeed, as many here have commented, and it is a fabulous vibrant shade of red. But I think she has exaggerated with the fake tan. If you see the other members of the family none of them is tanned. In the case of Felipe you can actually clearly see the difference in his skin colour between his hands (more exposed to the sun) and his arms (normally more covered than the hands), so they don’t seem to have had much sunbathing yet - after all, their holidays just started, they were still working a few days ago, including Letizia, so there was no time for such deep tan yet, which seems to indicate that Letizia must have hit the solarium or the fake tan salon in preparation for the holidays. It is her choice, of course, but she sticks out from the rest of the family


    1. I have seen other pictures of him on other news pages, and i can tell you his arms look very suntanned! The pictures we see here are not so good.

  15. How wonderful to see Princess Irene out with the royal family, fabulous she was able to attend. Queen Sofia looks cool in her summer dress. The young royal ladies look stylish. Queen Letizia looks splendid, love this red dress, its definitely her color, she wears it beautifully. The pick for me is King Felipe. He looks so handsome in his casual wear.

    1. Anonymous7/8/23 20:24

      Agree, Ava. I had just thought on re reading these posts that there were no comments about how totally gorgeous King Felipe looks at the moment. I know it’s meant to be female fashion but there’s a bizarre thread on tan/fake tan/ running through so King Felipe is at least worth a mention.

    2. Anon. 20.24 Glad you noticed as well LOL! King Felipe, always looks so dapper and well groomed. He must have a very good tailor, his clothes always fit me well, especially a man his height, suits, uniform, always well fitted. Sincerely

  16. P. the original7/8/23 08:41

    All of them look fabulous.
    I don' t know how to put it but I get the impression that this daily insistence on Letizia's alleged eccessive tan on her skin begins to border on racist allusions and it Is frankly sounding increasingly disturbing.
    Could all of this array of obsessive remarks on Letizia's tan just stop?
    There are millions of tanned people all around the world and everyone can choose their tan intensity, light,.medium, brown whatever.
    Whoever makes such hanmering comments does not have a clue about how people look like on beaches or just in the streets in summer, be it in Mallorca or in other parts of the planet.
    The tan comments seem to be written by someone who knows nothing of the world out there.
    Please, go out and check how people live their real lives and how the real world spins.

    1. Anonymous7/8/23 12:18

      The issue is not a tan but a fake tan. It's quite the opposite of racism, because it could be bordering on black face to get a fake (!) tan to make your white skin look like this.

    2. P. the original7/8/23 18:28

      Anon. 12:18

      Please, try to understand at least for once and to elaborate what you yourself keep writing in your commentaries.
      It does not matter if it is natural or fake tan, the point is that you have been questioning Letizia's tan intensityi (brown as you call it) all the time and for days now.
      Your questioning and blaming her dark skin tone restlessly throughout a number of posts calls to mind racist allusions on your part.
      Why this intense tan shade -whatever is the way Letizia got it-bothers you to this extent?
      Why bringing in the alleged exotic descendance argumentation (I bumped into this comment of yours somewhere).
      Secondly: fake or natural tan Is only your issue, not Letizia's.
      She looks to be happy with it in either way., whereas you seem to be at a loss looking at it (to put it mildly).
      Thirdly: she surely knows how to be protected from sunrays( I say this given that her health is always on
      your heart and you can't find peace thinking about what's wrong with this royal lady).
      She probably applies also coloured lotions or just goes in for professional airbrush tan sessions.
      So what?
      Why all this is a deal breaker to you goes beyond me.
      Fourtly: now that you have blamed Charlene's broad shoulders, Letizia's tan , Princess Anne's sunglasses, eyes and teeth, Leonor's and Sofia's height and all the ' horrible' pieces of clothing you have been spotting throughout this site, I would say that you have successfully achieved the highest peak of personal dissatisfaction and jealousy for other women.
      Isn't it a great goal?
      Time to shut down for today, cherie.
      Isn' t it marvellous that you always find the worst way to stir the pot crying for five minutes' attention?

    3. Anonymous7/8/23 21:24

      Black face?! That is one of the most stupid things I have heard on here EVER. Genetically, Letizia obviously tans more easily than others. There are cosmetics that cover tan lines so a lady will look her best. Sophie DOE has been guilty of having visible tan lines and it is not a good look. There are artificial tanning products to even up a tan so the legs match the arms when wearing a dress. If you are old enough, think back to when women wore suntan colored pantyhose/tights. It was a terrible look! Dark legs and lighter arms. Women thought it was more attractive to have fake suntanned legs by way of pantyhose/tights than show their natural color legs. Women wear bronzer on their faces for some warmth and glow to their skin because it looks healthy. Having a pasty skin tone is often associated with illness. Lastly, we have seen over and over again that clothes can look different from one photo to the next depending on the lighting. The same goes for skin tone. The intensity of her tan changes from picture to picture. Letizia is putting lotion or the equivalent on her skin most likely due to being in the sun, which is giving people who are not well versed in tanning the impression that she has a faux tan. It is merely tan maintenance. The tan will last longer if you keep your skin moisturized. Stop finding things to be offended by.

    4. Anonymous8/8/23 00:07

      Why are you blaming all sorts of negative comments on me, P. the original???
      It is clearly several people who have commented on Letizia's tan. I only wrote the comment about her fake tanning and putting on oily stuff like Hollywood people, and the one about this bordering on black face if anything rather than it being racist to dislike fake tan. The other comments criticizing her fake tan are not mine!! Clearly several people dislike it, whether you can imagine that or not.
      Never did I criticize Princess Anne's sunglasses or teeth, I actually commented that she does NOT need to whiten her teeth. All of this is Hollywood stuff, fake tanning, teeth whitening to an extent where people don't look natural anymore. No idea what you mean about Anne's eyes, they are blue is all I can think of, but I never commented on them.
      Charlene's shoulders are awesome, the shoulders of a professional athlete!!
      Sofia and Leonor are super tall and pretty, great!! Never commented on their height either.

    5. P. the original9/8/23 18:20

      Anon.8/8/23 00:07
      Oh dear, have I been so blind, so wrong, so cruel, cherie?
      Oh ...and please , what are you talking about in your comment at 02:43 when you bring in my name and my noting comments on DM , RD...only God knows what it is ?
      Maybe you only were dreaming of me at 02:43 and this begings to sound creepy to me😂😂

  17. Anonymous8/8/23 02:43

    @:07 Your feigned innocence is not convincing. A woman of Letizia's profile does not have to resort to applying tanning products herself. Her grooming is always flawless, and implying that the application is poorly done. when she is in different lighting situations is either malicious or gauche. The former seems more like it.
    The use of the term 'blackface' is a targeted insult, (a white person pretending to be black by using black shoe polish on their face for a role) . As P. the Original notes these comments can be found on other sites too, notably DM and RD. Making mean comments about someone who cannot confront you head on is cowardly.
    This is a new narrative to add to all the others that have been used to imply that she does royal 'wrong' ....the original victim of the scorched earth policy that is now used on the Duchess of Sussex.
    Your tactics fool no one. The topic and purpose of the blog has escaped your grasp. Congratulations!!

    1. Anonymous8/8/23 09:49

      You really are simple minded if you think all comments criticizing royals come from one single person.

  18. Anonymous8/8/23 04:25

    Harry and Meghan wanted a private life, let them have it, that means no photo ops they arrange, how else would the photographers know to be at a certain place at a certain time. Leave them alone, thats what they said they wanted... I don't see them as working royals, so do what they ask, leave them alone. I understand most of the working royals are on vacation days, but find out interesting stores to discuss, not these two . Clancy

    1. Anonymous8/8/23 07:48

      What on earth are you talking about? From the sun tan to Meghan, she is not in these pictures. This site has become a big joke because of some irritated and jealous people. People, who want to order what Helen should publish and people who want to show their racism here. Can we stay with fashion comments, please. Elena

    2. Anonymous8/8/23 15:22

      I'll add that only a simpleton thinks the paparazzi find out if Harry or Meghan call them. Every employee and diner at the restaurant can be the one to tip them off. The incentive is great if they get paid for the tip. That is how we see pictures of celebrities buying groceries or pumping gas. Customers call in tips. That said, what do they have to do with Letizia?

  19. Anonymous8/8/23 17:37

    Sofia's dress is so cute with the print and cut out in the back!!

  20. Anonymous10/8/23 12:08

    Whoever is complaining about negative Letizia comments here, has never read Spanish comments about her. Go to a Spanish royal page and read what people are saying about her there, this will seem very nice by comparison.

    1. I assume you are referring to Vanitatis, but that's an extreme rightwing website, full of people who will never forgive her that she's not an aristocrat or a royal and who sometimes even insult the King. I really don't think the comments on this website represent the true opinion of Spaniards with respect to Queen Letizia.

    2. P. the original10/8/23 18:55

      Why the need of 'going to Spanish royal pages'?
      Why do you feel entitled to compete with the gutter press on this site or to legitimize your snide remarks?
      Reproaching Letizia or any other royal lady for their alleged imperfections is not mandatory and you are not supposed nor requested to bring here all the badmouthing you seem to be picking up here and there 24 hours a day.
      All this sounds like your schemed manouvre to make things derail towards a heated comment exchange .
      What you do seems also to suggest that you are badly in need of arguing at all costs.
      It speaks volumes about you.
      Could you please try to keep things inside the rails, so as to say?

    3. Anonymous10/8/23 21:52

      No, I don't mean Vanitatis, I haven't read that actually. I meant the comments on Instagram pages (Spanish comments on both pages that post different European royals and pages that just post Spanish royal family events - to be specific I don't mean the pages themselves but the comments) plus the comments on Royal YouTube channels, for example the channel el atico bbyo. From these comments I get the impression that Letizia is not very popular in Spain. People there are usually praising Sofia as the perfect Queen and criticizing Letizia, whom they consider a controlling person and not nice towards Queen Sofia.
      So people don't get offended again, I'm not saying this is my opinion, that's what tons of Spanish comments on the internet say. So I got the impression that she isn't very popular in Spain, though of course I can't know for sure since I don't live in Spain.

    4. Anonymous11/8/23 06:31

      Anon you understand Spanish?? Popular? It is not a Spanish concept, the Monarchy is NOT popular, Sofía was called "the Greek", many yeard ago, obviously you have no idea about Spain, Alfonso XIII was sent to the exile.

    5. Anonymous11/8/23 07:08

      @anonymous 10/8 21:52
      I read and heard comments on Queen Letizia too, coming from the Spanish media. I know Spaniards living next door. For them it is still Catalan or Castilian the 2 groups that we call Spaniards. There are groups among them who are against the monarchy.
      It surprises me that I don't read negative comments on this blog any more. There was a time that Spanish people wrote all kind of negative comments on the king and queen. For example that they receive a salary like everybody else and that they have to look after how they are spending their money. Therefore each time they read a negative comment on Queen Letizia's outfit or that she wears not much jewelry they answered that the Spanish royals had no money to spend on very expensive clothes and accessories because they had to live from the salary the government was offering them.
      And that is not all there are other accusations I won't repeat here because I don't know how much gossip there is involved.

    6. Anonymous11/8/23 10:28

      Anon 21:52..two groups?? LOL...there are 17 autonomous regions..4 cooficial languages, many regions do not want to speak castilian (what you calle Spanish)...the independentists are againts the Monarchy, the Catalans, the Basques, the Gaelicians....LOL.. Spain is a very heterogéneos country.

    7. Anonymous11/8/23 13:06

      @ Anon 11/8/2023 10:28
      I now there are more than 2 groups. I just told what the Spanish family (they are from Andalucia) were trying to explain to me by giving the example Catalan versus Castilian. I remember the demonstrations before the European Parliament in Brussels by different regions of Spain to mark their grieves against the Monarchy and so on....

  21. Although I am Belgian, I've been living in Spain since 1987 and my husband is Spanish and most of my friends afre as well. I can assure you that what you read on all those pages is either written by rightwing extremists or leftwing ones, the latter because they simply hate the monarchy. Furthermore a lot of these people are simply envious, because the daughter of a journalist and a nurse has become queen and last but not least there are also a lot of "trolls" going around. Most people have a neutral/positive opinion on the current king and queen, certainly compared to the former one, with all his love and tax evasion scandals. So if I were you, I would no longer read those "social media" pages, because they do not reflect the true opinion of "normal" Spaniards.

  22. To add something to my previous comment, out of curiosity I had a look at the channel el atico in Youtube. I discovered that nearly all comments are written by people from South America, not Spain. Must be a very popular channel in South American countries.

    1. Anonymous11/8/23 10:31

      That's right, the South Americans think that Sofía is fine when in Spain was considered a foreigner, they do not know Spain, actually they speak Spanish, here we have 4 languages that are "Spanish" too: Basque, Catalán, Galego and Bable and even Occitano..a 5th.

  23. P. the original11/8/23 11:00

    Anon.yesterday at 12:08

    You are missing the essential point again.
    This site is fashion- centred, not gossip- centred.
    It seems that you have a great deal of time on your hands and, if so, good for you.
    What I do not understand is how come you think only about collecting information, rumours and badmouthing from the gutter press and just tossing them all around this board.
    Having said that, I can see only two conclusions:
    1) Fashion is not your fortè and never will be, so you resort to just spreading all kind of rumours all around this board for lack of valid points fashion- wise;
    2) you are determined to create flames all around this board and bring here the incredibile amount of rumours you gather from different sources, no matter if they have nothing to do with fashion.
    You just aim at making fellow- bloggers address you and then you start arguing with them.
    I realize that this could be due to your need to get others' attention on this virtual dimension but you choose the wrong way and come across as a non- relatable person.
    I tend to think that you are doing both things,namely you just ignote fashion basics and trends and you are here solely to vent your own personal dissatisfaction through a great amount of heated commentaries written purposedly by you.
    I doubt I am wrong .
    If I were you, I would invest my time educating myself on a lot of topics, including fashion and learning about some of most essential commnucative and relational skills.
    Unfortunately, what I have realized so far is that you lack argumentations related to fashion or maybe you see fashion as something belonging to the past decades, not as a fluid, ever- changing phenomenon .
    Basically, I would say that if you want to learn about fashion trends also followed by royal ladies, you should be ready to abandon old fashion cliches and update your fashion habits.
    Moreover, you should try to overcome your compulsioni to find imperfections on women's s bodies at all costs.
    Your penchant for gossiping and reporting rumours has nothing to do with the leading concept of this site and Is leading you nowhere.
    Of course, I expect you to deny it all but believe me, your game is crystal-clear as well as your lack of basic fashion knowledge (including shoes, jewels and make- up/ hair related trends knowledge).

  24. P. the original11/8/23 11:45

    Last but not least ,according to my personal perception.

    Of course, it is up to the blog administrators to decide what should be published but I think that some comments from some commenters should be simply restricted or deleted, particularly when bodyshaming and just ' lampooning' royal ladies, be it young or more mature adults , are involved.

    I do not think that this Is a place where personal frustrations from people claimining they are just expressing their own ' opinions' should be showcased.

    Also, I feel that this board is no daycare for toddlers throwing tantrums and crying for attention.
    It deserves more than this.

    Sorry for saying this, I am just being direct and going straight to the point.

  25. Anonymous11/8/23 18:27

    @P. the Original. When reading your comments you are lecturing others how they should think, write, live..... Your problem is that you think you are better than the other bloggers. You tell us that it is a fashion blog in the first place which is true, but you are the first to start discussions about subjects that have nothing to do with fashion and then you are surprised that other bloggers give you an answer that you don't like. You keep telling us that we we are all missing the point. Of course you are thinking that you are much smarter than people with another opinion than yours. All my admiration goes to the bloggers who don't even bother anymore to write you an answer. They are the smart ones.

    1. P. the original11/8/23 22:23


      I was and still am entirely sure that you' ll never catch the meaning of what people tell you so what you wrote does not sound surprising to me.
      I know I am just wasting my time..

      If you bring in argumentations only good for pub gossipers, you' ll be given some replies accordingly, as gossip has nothing to do with fashion and this blog.

      I am in no position to lecture anyone nor am I any better than other people..

      If I happen to share my memories and talk about my touring places around the world, I do not generate any harm to this board.
      These memories are relevant and in line with certain topic featured on certain posts.
      On the contrary, if YOU toss unrequested badmouthing taken from all your sources , if you still keep trying hard to find out imperfections on women's bodies no matter what age they are, THIS Is most harmful and totally off the concept of this blog.
      Can you see the difference?
      I doubt you can.

      If I happen to share my own experiences about make- up , hair, dresses, they all are fashion- related, not gossip and badmouthing- related, so they are relevant.
      Can you see the difference?
      I doubt you can, once again.
      I am trying to explain but I can do no miracles.

      Then, what other bloggers are you talking about?
      I am addressing only YOU and your ' entourage' of strange names popping out everywhere on this site.
      I would never tell other totally pacific bloggers what they should do or how they should live.
      Oh, you can just live the life the way you want to but you have to be correct on a virtual site and respect its policy, whether you like It or not.

      Stop finding out pretexts to reject my right reproaches on your conduct as a blogger here.
      Stop trying to consider bodyshaming and gossiping as the most normal' things you can do here.
      There Is nothing normal in bodyshaming royal ladies and bashing them all the time.
      Stop considering this place as a platform you use just to attack royal ladies and common people
      There Is nothing normal in trying hard to strenously' look for any escamotage just to argue with other bloggers.

      If you reckon I am not worth being addressed, why do you carry on talking to me?

      You have been addressed also by other bloggers but you pretend this has never happened
      Many of us bloggers have made our best to lead you to some form of awareness, saying...please stop it, enough with all of your bashing royal ladies, stop seeing imaginary imperfections on them.
      You ignored all this, though.

      A fellow-blogger is particularly witty and brilliant in her commentaries on this site and she always tries to smooth tensions.
      I often have funny exchanges with her.
      Do you understand that we (this blogger and me) make giggles trying to mend and smooth the tensions which stem from the majority of your commentaries?

      Lastly, please do not use the 'we' subject when only talking about what you say and what you do.
      There is nobody who can support you when you are so openly wrong throughout your snide commentaries,
      Just speak for yourself without looking for companions.
      I feel you can have none.

  26. Anonymous12/8/23 10:13

    P. the Original 22:23
    You are wrong again. I am only the observer. I read what others wrote. I am not the one that you think I am, besides you are creating a person that is made of a various range of reactions here. Did you really thought that it is all one and the same person ? I thought you were smarter.

    1. P. the original12/8/23 14:04


      Oh dear, now I understand , you are just an silly of me...
      Anyway, let' s wait and see what this Saturday night brings.
      My guess Is: the pub gossipers ' corner for you and a fun night out for me.
      Gonna make the most of it, I promise.
      Bye, cherie👍👋

  27. Anonymous12/8/23 20:50

    Y’all. Chill. This is not your real life.


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