Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 45th birthday today

Princess Charlene is the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco and the mother of Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Today, on January 25, Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 45th birthday. Princess Charlene (née Charlene Wittstock) was born on January 25, 1978 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Charlene relocated to South Africa in 1989. Charlene met Prince Albert at the Mare Nostrum swimming competition in Monte Carlo in 2000. The couple married in 2011 and have two children, twins Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.


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  1. Anonymous25/1/23 15:43

    Be brave, be brave, be brave...
    Health and happy;) all the best

  2. Belle Charlène, recevez en cette journée particulière mes souhaits de bon et joyeux anniversaire, que votre moral continue à s’améliorer ; j’espère que nous aurons le plaisir de vous voir plus souvent !

  3. I wish Princess Charlene a very Happy Birthday .
    May she have a day full of happiness with her family, her children and her Prince.
    It has been reported that Prince Albert has fallen ill with Covid again (third time).
    I hope he has a quick recovery.

  4. Anonymous25/1/23 18:40

    Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  5. Anonymous25/1/23 19:07

    Wishing HSH a very happy birthday. So good to see her looking so well. I’m sure the twins and the family have lovely plans for her!
    Wishing Prince Albert a speedy recovery!

  6. Anonymous25/1/23 19:32

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful flower, Princess Charlene of Monaco. JD1

  7. Anonymous25/1/23 20:03

    Happy birthday from South Africa

  8. Anonymous25/1/23 20:09

    Happy birthday to Princess Charlene - she has IT.

  9. Anonymous25/1/23 21:53

    Princess, are you sure it's not your 35th birthday..... Your looking so darn good. Please wear more colorful clothing like you used to. Greetings from the Mother City

    1. Anonymous26/1/23 18:20

      Ti sembrano 35 perché è ben levigata da un bravo chirurgo. Lo dico con simpatia e rispetto per il tuo giudizio e per Charlene.

  10. Happy Birthday Pss Charlene

  11. Virginia Dogwood26/1/23 00:28

    Wishing the very best for a wonderful birthday for Princess Charlene, one of the most serene and beautiful royal ladies in the world.

  12. Anonymous26/1/23 04:52

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday Princess Charlene & a speedy recovery to Prince Albert. Lots of love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  13. Anonymous26/1/23 19:19

    That teal color on HSH Charlene is simply gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous26/1/23 20:30

    A very happy Birthday to the Pss Charlene of Monaco. How nice one of my children share the same Birthday. Shé looks stunning. css

  15. Anonymous28/1/23 10:07

    Belated Happy Birthday to her Serene Highness. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead. This colour really suits her.


  16. Anonymous30/1/23 12:03

    Happy birthday. I am proud of our beautiful Princess. Do your thing, be happy and healthy. Enjoy your beautiful and special cildrrn as well. Isabella.


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