Queen Rania of Jordan celebrates her 52nd birthday today

Queen Rania wore a new Triora embroidered blouse by Silvia Tcherassi. Princess Salma, Rajwa Al Saif, Princess Iman

Today is August 31 and Queen Rania celebrates her 52nd birthday. The Queen shared a new family photo on the occasion of her birthday. People in the family photo: Prince Hashem, Princess Iman, Jameel Thermiotis, Queen Rania, Rajwa Al Saif, Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Salma. Making an appearance for the first time in a family photo is Crown Prince Hussein's fiancee, Rajwa Al Saif, and Princess Iman's fiance Jameel Thermiotis.

Queen Rania wore Silvia Tcherassi Triora Embroidered Blouse
Silvia Tcherassi Triora Embroidered Blouse


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  1. Quelle silhouette de rêve dans ce pantalon à taille haute ceinturée sur une belle blouse brodée de motifs modernes ; il manque le roi avec ses magnifiques yeux bleus. PS J'ai failli oublier qu'en cet jour particulier, de souhaiter un bon et joyeux à la Reine !

  2. Anonymous31/8/22 18:18

    Great pic with her children and soon to be son and daughter in law. Happy 50st Birthday to a beautiful lady. css

    1. @css, 52th birthday but it doesn't matter since age has no grip on her ... apparently.

  3. Anonymous1/9/22 01:51

    Happy birthday Rania gorgeous photo. Mary

  4. Lovely photo. The blouse is very pretty, unusual, I like this very much. The pants look great, perfect fit.

  5. Lovely picture, they all look good and particularly the queen. Rajwa wears a very simple shirt dress, why not..

  6. This is a very lovely photo. Warms your heart!


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