Crown Princess Mary attended a meeting with executives of Mødrehjælpen

Crown Princess Mary wore a multicolor tulip pleated chiffon shift dress from Michael Kors

On Tuesday 20 April 2021, Danish Crown Princess Mary received Ninna Thomsen, Director, and Trine Schaldemose, Deputy Director, from Mødrehjælpen (Mothers' Aid) at a meeting that took place at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. Mødrehjælpen is a social humanitarian organization that has provided social and health support to pregnant women in vulnerable situations for more than 100 years.

During the meeting, the executives spoke about how Mødrehjælpen over the past year has managed to continue its important work at a time when the corona crisis has exacerbated the challenges of particularly vulnerable women and vulnerable families and therefore has created new demands for Mødrehjælpen's offer of help and counseling. The Crown Princess also received a review of Mødrehjælpen's new strategy (2021-2025) for helping families with children, who are having difficulty.⁣

Crown Princess Mary wore Michael Kors Multicolor Tulip Pleated Chiffon Shift Dress
Michael Kors Multicolor Tulip Pleated Chiffon Shift Dress


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  1. The dress looks ok. Not sure I would like the decoration of the room.

    1. The room is rightout ugly to my eyes. Dark, depressing, busy, head-ache-inducing. The lines distort the room, the pictures make little sense to me. It pains me that they did this to a historic building.

  2. Un modèle tout en légèreté au joli décolleté idéal pour la silhouette de Mary que j'aimerais bien voir debout en portant des chaussures à talons ou même des bottes de couleur Bordeaux ? avec la ceinture noire, cela peut donner un magnifique look !

  3. There's not much to see, but Mary is a classic and elegant lady!

  4. Anonymous21/4/21 11:42

    She looks lovely &, elegant as usual. Mary I

  5. Not much to say about the ladies' fashions, partly due to the wall covering. I can see that it features a map of the world, with a line drawing of a room running through it. I'm sure it has a significant meaning, and I'd be interested in learning what it is.

  6. Anonymous21/4/21 16:54

    CP Mary favors a darker color palette especially during cold weather months, and while it suits her and is appropriately business-like, it doesn't particularly inspire me without some brightly colored accessory to enliven the whole. We don't often see Mary's personal assistant Christine Hansen, but when we do I frequently prefer her style over Mary's. This is a perfect example (Christine is the blonde lady with bun and glasses). S.M.


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