The Duchess of Cambridge recorded a video message for Children's Mental Health Week

Kate Middleton can be seen wearing a cosy navy beanie with a huge fluffy bobble and a quilted Barbour jacket. Barbour longshore quilted jacket

The Duchess of Cambridge recorded the video message to mark the Children's Mental Health Week. To highlight the start of Children’s Mental Health Week in the United Kingdom, and as the royal patron of Place2Be, The Duchess shared a selfie video on Instagram with a message. The Duchess filmed the candid video suring a jog in the grounds of Anmer Hall, Norfolk, where she is spending lockdown.


The Duchess said: Tomorrow is the start of Children's Mental Health Week - an opportunity to remind ourselves not just how important our own children's mental health is but also parental wellbeing too. We look forward to sharing more about this year's theme of expressing yourself throughout the week.

Kate Middleton wore Barbour Longshore Quilted Jacket
Barbour Longshore Quilted Jacket


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  1. Great message from the Duchess, and I love seeing her in apparel much like all of us wear on a cold winter day. Well done, Catherine.

  2. One can sense how important this topic is for her. She really cares.

  3. Like the jacket. Impressed at how much more relaxed the Duchess is on video and video calls--like many of us she will have had more practice than she might have wanted over the past year. As Coralie says, she really sounds as if she means what she says.

  4. Anonymous1/2/21 17:34

    putting the camera close to the face amplifies imperfections!

    1. Anonymous1/2/21 21:26

      Yes, that would be the case, but her " imperfections " are so few...
      She looks like a woman that takes care of her skin and looks natural, and fresh.

    2. Anonymous1/2/21 21:52

      That is your take away from this?

      I disagree with you. She looks beautiful and fresh-faced. Sometimes the message is far more important than the appearance.

  5. Anonymous1/2/21 19:37

    Isn't she fabulous?! She is just so relatable here. Not overly dressed, not made up, just a mom. Her message is important, and it is so clear she cares.

  6. Anonymous1/2/21 23:54

    What a champion Duchess Kate is. I love the hat; and the jacket looks particularly cosy and warm.

  7. Anonymous2/2/21 06:44

    The Duchess looks faboulous.

  8. Très joli le style de sa veste matelassée qui doit être bien chaude ; j'aime beaucoup son mignon bonnet à gros pompon de la même couleur !

  9. Anonymous3/2/21 17:43

    She is my favorite Expert, really. Abtw she is looking youthful, love the natural hair.


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