The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared in TIME magazine's TV special

Meghan Markle wore a new silk shirt from Victoria Beckham, suede pumps from Manolo Blahnik, gold bracelet from Cartier. Prince Harry
On September 22, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a joint appearance in a televised special on ABC announcing TIME magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people. The Duke and Duchess appeared along with other famous faces including Trevor Noah, Sandra Oh, and John Legend. TIME magazine recognises 100 pioneers, artists, leaders, icons and titans who have had the most impact in 2020.
Meghan Markle wore a new silk shirt from Victoria Beckham, suede pumps from Manolo Blahnik, gold bracelet from Cartier. Prince Harry
It was a special celebration because it also marked the first time that the TIME 100 festivities were broadcast on television. Like countless other awards events, TIME was forced to forgo its original gala and in-person events due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Duchess wore a new silk shirt from Victoria Beckham.
Meghan Markle wore a new silk shirt from Victoria Beckham, suede pumps from Manolo Blahnik, gold bracelet from Cartier. Prince Harry
Meghan Markle wore a new silk shirt from Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham silk shirt
Meghan Markle wore Manolo Blahnik BB Pointy Toe Pumps in Black SuedeMeghan Markle Cartier Love Yellow Gold Bracelet
Manolo Blahnik Pumps                          Cartier Love Bracelet


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  1. The colour of the blouse really suits her. It is a difficult colour to wear. I am not a fan of her hair worn this way I keep wanting to brush it back. Tied back in a pony tail or messy bun really suits her and she is young enough to get away with it. My personal hate is brown shoes with a blue suit I have no idea why I hate it maybe because all you see are the shoes. I also think the princes suit is way too tight across the shoulders. It almost looks like he took someone else's jacket by mistake it fits so badly. Good British tailoring does not look like this it is very odd I think

    1. Anonymous23/9/20 22:41

      It is worthy to hear their speech. Henry is as good as his wife.

  2. The colour of the blouse really suits her. It is a difficult colour to wear. I am not a fan of her hair worn this way I keep wanting to brush it back. Tied back in a pony tail or messy bun really suits her and she is young enough to get away with it. My personal hate is brown shoes with a blue suit I have no idea why I hate it maybe because all you see are the shoes. I also think the princes suit is way too tight across the shoulders. It almost looks like he took someone else's jacket by mistake it fits so badly. Good British tailoring does not look like this it is very odd I think

  3. Anonymous23/9/20 12:37

    I like all the individual pieces but I don’t like that shade of brown worn with black. Meghan’s make-up is nice. Her hair is well styled but could use a good trim. I think she looks better with hair 4-5 inches shorter. Harry should have gone with a different color pair of socks.


    1. Anonymous23/9/20 18:27

      I don't mind the color combination we see that often in fashion. They both look good. Nice to see them. Hope now that we can thank the media for their decision to step back that they can relax and use their new roll to make an impact when and where they want on their own terms.

  4. Anonymous23/9/20 12:41

    The fashion is casual. Nothing stands out. A nice accolade for them, especially Henry, as he settles into his new life. Heartwarming to see that some people look for the good in others first. MB

  5. Là, je ne suis pas fan de ce chemisier marron en soie porté avec trop de noir (pantalon, chaussures..) ; peut-être que de la même couleur comme la jupe du mannequin, il serait à mon goût !

    1. I'am agree with Anonymous 9/23/20, 6.24 PM

  6. Anonymous23/9/20 16:24

    She's not a royal if I good remember. It was her decision. Why we must read about her?

    1. Dear Sir/Madam she is a royal and you do not become un-royal just because you choose to do something else for a while or for good. It is a bit like saying my sister is not my sister any more because she has chosen to be adopted by another person. She remains your sister whatever she does. you cannot Un-sister her.

    2. Anonymous23/9/20 17:38

      @Anon 6:24. Who is forcing you to read about her? Why not ignore the post if you disagree with the owner of this blog? You obviously LOVE to read about Meghan if you took the time to open the post and make a comment. Such a hypocrite! jeeze.
      - Anon 9:13

    3. Anonymous23/9/20 18:21

      Nobody force you to read about them and Harry made the decision not Meghan. That have we heard from his own mouth. So scroll by...

    4. Anonymous23/9/20 18:34

      You don't good remember.

    5. Maria from Italy23/9/20 18:56

      I must admit I ask myself this same question...
      Maybe because they belong to " Hollywood fashion"?
      Harry was born a Prince and will always be a Prince, I think , so he can have just this reason to be here.
      Anyway, I think I' d better say nothing about the two of them, given the attacks their posts always generate.
      Let me only say that I honestly do not like Meghan's ensemble.
      The colours look so dull and dark .
      Something brighter would have been more flattering.

    6. Anonymous23/9/20 18:57

      Move on, nothing to see here. You were not forced. Sil E.

    7. You misremembered then. They both are still members of the royal family. No one forced you to come this post and leave this comment. I don't comment on posts that I don't have an interest in and you could try doing the same :) It would save time and trouble.

      On a fashion note, I actually don't think the mixing of brown and black is terrible in this instance. The brown and a luscious rich brown and so it stands on it's own with the black. But I do agree that typically mixing brown and black doesn't work. The Duchess' hair is lovely in waves but it is very long.

      Preemptively, I would also like to state that I think it's great they are encouraging people to uphold their civic duty. Constitutional monarchy or republic, civic engagement is important. I saw some mentions of "protocol" elsewhere and I'm hoping that it won't be mentioned here. The Duke and Duchess were urging that people go out and vote, they did not endorse a candidate in this message. The Queen has also urged people to vote before so it shouldn't be an issue. Fingers crossed we can keep this discussion civil.

    8. We do read about Pauline Ducruet or Camille Gottlieb (both Monaco) as well and they are not royal. We did read about Autumn Philipps occasionally, she's not royal. And the lady we here speak about still is the Duchess of Sussex. Simple as that.

    9. Anonymous23/9/20 21:00

      That dear Anon 6:25 PM is the question! Frieda

    10. Anonymous23/9/20 22:25

      And we read about Sarah Tindall and about Charlotte Casiraghi and about Chris o`Neil and about ..

    11. Anonymous24/9/20 06:10

      @Anon 6:24 Must we read about her? The question is, "Must 'you' read about her?" The answer is no. No, you have no obligation to read anything you don't want to read. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that you are not obligated to read this. Why you would read things you have no interest in, then complain, is incomprehensible. I think your time would be better spent consulting your doctor about a possible diagnosis of Alzheimer's, since it is alarming how badly your memory is failing you. The subject of Harry and Meghan's royal status has been covered over and over again. Maybe you can get a discount if you take Maria from Italy and Frieda with you. They are having the same struggles.

  7. Anonymous23/9/20 18:11

    Why do you give space to political activism on this fashion blog? Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-WIndsor (= Harry and Meghan) are clearly campaigning for a Democratic candidate. It doesn't matter that his name won't be spoken. It is a political campaign. It is unfair.
    Although British law does not explicitly forbid members of the royal family from voting, the expectation that royals remain apolitical is considered sacrosanct, and in practice they never participate in elections, by voting or otherwise.

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 01:21

      Agree! Their continued disregard for royal protocol is reason enough to no longer consider them "royal". They are clearly an embarrassment to the queen, and quickly becoming an unwelcome sight here in the US. On a fashion standpoint, they look fine.

    2. It's different for all the people you mention. They have not announced that they are leaving their royal family or princess.

    3. SORRY !

      ... or princely family...

  8. You don’t have to read anything that you aren’t interested on, like you don’t have to buy books or watch movies that aren’t to your liking, the fact that you are complaining under an anonymous nick about reading a post that nobody is forcing you to read is utterly ridiculous. I believe that Ms. Electra publishes whatever she deems appropriate and we all have the choice to opine or move on, by your logic The Times, Washington Post, People, Time magazine, Hello etc., shouldn’t portray people that you dislike... my word!! Prince Harry will always be a royal, a fact that you don’t seem to comprehend, so it would be a waste of time to explain this one more time. It defies common sense that you are taking the time to comment of something that you aren’t interested.
    Now, about fashion.... I like the blouse, but nothing remarkable about it, the total outfit is a little dark and forgettable, I agree that Meghan’s hair would benefit from a good haircut, but I don’t think is horrible. Harry’s brown shoes need to be burned :-) that being said, I enjoy seeing them in good health and good spirits.

  9. Anonymous23/9/20 18:46

    I don't see why Harry injects himself into another country election.
    Like her blouse.

    1. Anonymous23/9/20 21:08

      Agree with you .
      Me too.

    2. Anonymous23/9/20 21:26

      He lives here, and pays taxes so the political climate affects him too. MB

    3. Maria from Italy24/9/20 08:47

      Totally agree!
      What does Harry have to do with American elections?

  10. They both look very blah, brown and black outfits, sitting in an old bench. Nothing newsworthy.

  11. Anonymous23/9/20 20:37

    Why are these photos so blurry?

    1. The original medium was a video. I suppose the photos are screen captures as thus they are a bit blurry.

    2. Anonymous23/9/20 22:30

      They are blurry and the couple isn´t. The couple is heartwarming.

  12. @ Sandra F, I couldn't have said it better. Agree with you a 100%

  13. Anonymous24/9/20 00:50

    I like Meghan’s casual look. Also, I find her beautiful. As for Harry, well I don’t like his shoes, especially with a might be okay with jeans.

  14. Anonymous24/9/20 01:16

    The blouse is too dark; and the black trousers they are black. To me they both look depressed.

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 03:18

      These pictures are stills taken from a video presentation. Not enough for a judgment call., and blacks are generally

    2. Anonymous24/9/20 05:51

      You see depressed only because you want to say something negative. They are being serious because they are talking about a serious subject. You are correct about one thing. The black trousers are indeed black.

    3. THANKS A MILLION dear Anonymous9/24/20, 3:16 AM for pointing out the colour of those black trousers. Fancy them being black!
      But now the next question is - the colour of that brown blouse - is it brown ?? This site is becoming too intellectual for me.
      I need a cup of tea and a rest. I'm getting a headache.

    4. Maria from Italy24/9/20 09:03

      No, I do not think they are depressed, but the scenary is depressing.
      That bench and the two of them sitting and wearing dull colours.

    5. Maria from Italy24/9/20 09:05

      .aria from Italy
      @ Anonymous 3.21 a.m.
      I fully agree.

  15. yes, but, they often look shabby, and here they are again. He looks rumbled as usual, and while her outfit is cute, her hair is stringy.

  16. I love the blouse, beautiful rich brown, collar is terrific.

  17. Maria from Italy24/9/20 09:00

    As far as I know ,Charlotte Casiraghi and Zara Tindall were born royals and still belong to Royal Families.
    They occasionally appear together with their Royal relatives, even though they
    do not have formal titles.
    They both are two Princesses' ( by birth) daughters.
    Their positions are totally different from the Sussexes', who deliberately stepped back as senior royals.
    Just my view, nothing more.

  18. Maria from Italy24/9/20 09:26

    Sorry, as to Chris O' Neill I can' t remember he ever defied the King of Sweden, disregarded Royal protocol and so on.
    I know he lives and works in US with a born Princess, Madeleine, and their kids.
    Madeleine didn' t brusquely step back from Royal duties, she asked for permission to her father and a Commission and was given what she had previosly requested.
    She occasionally takes part in Royal engagements alone or with her husband( often with her mother in US).

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 13:41

      @ Maria. a few facts.
      The King of Sweden like many of the continental royals, has reduced frontline representation to himself, the queen and the direct heir and her family. The others are free to pursue a life of their own choosing. It is said that Charles will follow the same line when his turn comes, so Harry would have been sidelined anyway.
      As the child of her parents, the P. Madeline attends major national functions, but she is not called upon to do ribbon cuttings etc.
      Mr. O'Neill's business interests are outside of Sweden so his wife and children live where he does. He does not need to defy another man in matters concerning his own wife.
      The foundation that Madeline works for was created by her mother - a guaranteed job.
      In case you did not know, P. Philip is not British, meaning he gave up his country to live in his wife's homeland, just like Harry.
      Even though she was the direct heir, QE2 moved away from the family to Malta after getting married and only returned when her father died suddenly.
      Your constant flow of negatives seems more intent on inciting others.
      Born princesses etc. are the stuff of fairy tales. They are still humans with hopes dreams loves and losses like the rest of us. The job of a family is to nurture a person until they can fly on their own then set them free without conditions. MB

    2. Anonymous25/9/20 01:16

      My apologies - my remark should have been addressed to Anon 8-10, I believe.

      As for the comments on fans, I was not referring to those here (I hope) but to the vile members of the so-called Sussex Squad who have said appalling things about William, Kate, their little ones and other royals - things I wouldn't think of repeating here.

      Any celeb can have fanatic fans and I wouldn't have commented on save for the irony that this is a couple who claim they are seeking kindness on the internet but have a number of their own supporters guilty of the worst sort of abuse. Unless they deal with their own following first, they should not be preaching against others. Meghan even rang and thanked one of the women for raising funds who had been linked to this abuse - twice.

      As someone who has faced Alzheimer's in her own family, and watched many friends face it in theirs, I think it is not something to be hurled at people - but obviously some here disagree.

      As for Edward VIII, it's worth remembering his views at the time were not seen as outrageous by many as they are today. Fascism was sadly seen as fashionable. A good lesson for all members of the royal family, active or not, to stay out of politics because their titles are lasting and it can never be certain how history will judge.

  19. Anonymous24/9/20 12:20

    Anon 6:24 with that cruelly offensive comment suggesting someone might have Alzheimer's, a horrendous disease that many here may have family members suffering from and which should never be used as an insult, is an example of the hypocrisy of Harry and Meghan's comments for Time. Their supporters are some of the nastiest and foulest on the Internet, and sadly there are too many examples that are never denounced by the couple. For this reason, their message is meaningless.

    Harry mat be royal by birth, so was the Duke of Windsor who spoke in favour of Hitler - but he has shown by his extreme disrespect of his grandmother, who has been so careful in her almost seventy years as queen not to take a political position, however much she might wish to, that he is no longer a member of the working royal family. The royal spokesman succinctly made it clear Harry is only a celeb now and can never go back.

    However it is up to Helen what she posts here and has been pointed out, she covers many who are not working royals although most live in countries where they are still part of an extended royal family, which is not true of the States. So that choice is hers. As for fashion, Meghan looked fine in her expensive blouse. The sort of thing a celeb would wear which is all she is.

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 16:27

      Anon 6:24 did not say anything about Alzheimer's. You are directing your outrage at the wrong poster.

    2. Expensive blouses are for celebrities now. Someone better notify the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex, Princess Mary, Queen Maxima and the whole lot of European Royals!

      The suggestion to get a check-up for Alzheimer's related memory loss may be in poor taste but your equating equating want to build a life for your family and having your own voice separate from the Crown (and speaking up against injustices while doing so) to supporting Hilter and his atrocities. Do you bring this much energy to denouncing the "Duke of Windsor" as you still refer to him or maybe Andrew? Both of them have their titles despite their despicable behavior and you still endorse at least one of their titles.

      Please stop twisting statements. The "royal spokesman" never stated that "Harry is only a celeb now and can never go back." The statement only states that the comments Prince Harry made are "in a personal capacity."

    3. Anonymous @ 2:20 PM, wow!! So you chastise somebody for using Alzheimer’s to illustrate a point, and I fully agree with your opinion, and then you proceed to insult and qualify the people that support this couple in a very insulting manner.
      Not happy with that you make a dismissive and quite ridiculous comment about what she is wearing in order to reduce her to celebrity status, I guess in your book that is an insult? So you call them hypocrites and here you are in your high horse lecturing a commentator while you dish out nastiness galore.
      Just as a suggestion... you can respond as anonymous to keep you privacy, but it would be so easy to add a fictitious name ( many choices ... ducky, chucks, Mildred, sourpuss, Lady Coco, Diana, etc.,)
      so we can keep track of who says what and maintain an organized debate, not too hard is it?

  20. Anonymous24/9/20 13:47

    He looks tense and uncomfortable in his corner imo.

  21. Pour mieux répondre à certains commentaires, Harry et Meghan sont toujours duc et duchesse de Sussex !!

  22. Maria from Italy24/9/20 17:10

    @ MB
    What constant flow of negatives?
    I can express my opinions freely like anybody else.
    If you do not like them, please do not bother to pay attention and respond.
    Madeleine decision to go away happened before the King decided to operate " cuts" in his Family, to begin with.
    Moreover, Mr O' Neill was clear and honest since the very first moment he entered the Swedish Royal Family.
    He did not want any title and said he wanted to carry on with this job based in America.
    This is a fact.
    I already knew the other things you said.
    This" intent on inciting others "is only your jumping to false conclusions(like others made in other posts), which does not surprise me anymore on this blog when speaking about the Sussexes.
    I speak for myself, I do not need any followers.

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 19:40

      Agree with you

    2. Anonymous25/9/20 00:38

      @ Maria.
      Speaking for oneself and not being a follower are not demonstrated at 11:05, at 10:45 or agreeing with yourself at 9:40. You are free to give your opinions but Harry is not? The point is that M&H are not breaking new ground. Others have done the same thing without all of this criticism.
      The cost of parliamentary monarchies living on the public purse is being questioned by more citizens. The smarter 'royals' will find jobs and move on. Continuing to compare real humans with the pictures in our coloring books is not sustainable. MB

  23. Anonymous24/9/20 20:22

    No María, you are wrong, and also not nice.

    1. Anonymous24/9/20 22:06

      You're pretty unpleasant yourself MM.

  24. Anonymous24/9/20 21:10

    Only one question. How much of this is his idea and how much is hers. He looks uncomfortable.

  25. Anonymous24/9/20 22:16

    The brown and black color combo is a bit gloomy. But the shirt is nice.
    I think they're tabloid clickbait as most Americans already decide whom they will vote for and many don't care or even know who they are let alone their medieval tittle. They think they're important.

    1. Anonymous25/9/20 02:02

      Please educate yourself before commenting. In the last presidential election, not only were the majority of voters sure of who they were voting for, pollsters had Hillary Clinton winning the election. For weeks, the polls said she had anywhere from a 79-90% chance to win the election, depending on which poll you looked at. On election day, the early exit polls were projecting Clinton the winner. These predictions were so definite that many people decided to forgo voting, thinking that their vote would not be needed or would not matter. Once the polls closed, and the actual numbers came in, the country learned the polls were wrong. The country also learned about all the people that failed to vote because of the polls predicting the winner so early in the evening. The combination of those two things are the reason Trump became the president. That is the reason the message to vote is so important this election year. It is not just people with name recognition that are speaking out. People in all walks of life, no matter their political affiliation, are asking people to exercise their right to vote. Jewelry designers have "Vote" jewelry. There are "Vote" t-shirts galore. The country learned a hard lesson, and no one wants it repeated.

      As for the black/brown combination, it is on trend. If Meghan was wearing an all black outfit there wouldn't be this much discussion. I like the color of Harry's suit much better than his typical blue suits. I also imagine he is enjoying having a chance to able to speak freely instead of being silenced by the circumstances of his birth. Reminding people to vote is a good thing, whether you agree with there beliefs or not. Any person who votes the way a public figure tells them to vote is a sheep. I have never been influenced by other people because I can think for myself.

      One last thing I want to mention is about the comments regarding the bench. I don't know what is supposed to be wrong with the bench they are sitting on. A weathered bench, probably constructed of teak, is goals. I would take that bench for my garden in a heartbeat, as would any number of people I know. So many mean spirited comments!

    2. Anonymous25/9/20 04:26

      To the poster above,
      I specific say most people make up their mind about voting or not voting base on their personal preference , motivation, situation and beliefs not because some celebrity telling them to go vote. As for polls, theyre educated guesses.
      You're very high and mighty and can't wait to belittle and educate others, can't you. So typical.
      But you know what if it makes you feel better then carry on, expert.

    3. Anonymous26/9/20 02:53

      Your first paragraph is exactly what was said the last presidential election. That is not an "expert" opinion, that is history. You obviously don't like H&M. You make it clear by the things you say and the way you say them. Happily, we can agree that we both like her blouse. That is something.

  26. This silk shirt from Victoria Beckham is georgeous. Very beautiful and trendy with a seventies vibe to it, with the pointed collar, the covered buttons and long sharp cuffs. It is not simply brown, more a mahagony brown with red undertones. This intense and earthy tone is according to Pantone color institute one of the top trend colours for winter 2020/21 and is called 'Burnt Henna'. Meghan has shown with this choice one more time that she knows the trends and it is a good choice, both colour and style suit her extremely well. It goes well with the black trousers, although it creates a kind of sombre look. But it looks stunning with the yellow/orange/amber pleated 'fake leather' skirt from A.W.A.K.E. I wouldn't be surprised if Meghan got the skirt too.

  27. Is there a Nobel prize for the most talked about newly married couple with one child who live in America?
    If so, no need to open the envelope to find out the names of the winners.
    The prize for 2020/21 will certainly go to THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF SUSSEX.
    In advance, my congratulations to the Duke and Duchess.

  28. Maria from Italy25/9/20 08:54

    Maria from Italy
    Now I can clearly see who has really followers here and does not speak for herself.
    Sorry, there will be no more comments from me.
    Bye everybody.

    1. Great. You're finally taking your own advice. Earlier you had said you thought it wise to says nothing of the Sussex couple and yet you were running amok in the comments...

      I hope you enjoy your day and put forth energy towards things that interest and bring you joy.

  29. Anonymous25/9/20 16:11

    Ahhh Maria !! Hard to believe that there are adults that get upset because their opinions about total strangers don’t coincide with others, on a fashion blog no less. Just a reminder, you do not know this people, you will probably never will, they don’t know you, all you know about them is what you read, some good some bad, obviously you only believe the bad.... Bye

    1. Maria from Italy25/9/20 17:44

      Maria from Italy
      I can just say exactly the same about you and others who badly attack people THEY DO NOT KNOW ( I am not speaking about royals, but commenters, of course), only because they do not accept who thinks differently , just like I did.
      This is my FAULT and of many others : honestly say what we think.
      The Sussex group reject all this.
      I proposed my points and arguments even though I knew they would not be accepted.
      I do have the force of my own ideas, at
      least and do not request others to share my views.
      If they do, it is probably because they recognize I am right.
      That' s all.
      I will never know all these royals personally, just like everybody else in this blog, including you.

    2. Maria from Italy25/9/20 17:53

      * I do have the strength of my own ideas, at least...

    3. Anonymous25/9/20 18:20

      Ahhh MM! There you go again - an adult presumably, making assumptions about people you've never met and being rude to them into the bargain.

    4. Anonymous25/9/20 18:49

      Just as you are entitled to your opinion from your tower in Italy on this British/American couple so are they. ..on where they live, work and who they support. M.

  30. Maria from Italy25/9/20 18:44

    * ...just like anybody else on this blog...

  31. Anonymous25/9/20 19:50

    Maria, I thought you were leaving? 😂😂😂😂
    I dare you to mention one example where I insult people...

  32. Anonymous25/9/20 23:42

    Hey anonymous @ 8:20 PM why are you signing your comment as me?
    Find your own nick, or is that the best you can do in order to insult me?
    This is clearly childish , if opposing views can’t be debated ....
    Maria, I though you were leaving, and yet....

    1. Anonymous26/9/20 03:06

      Maria from Italy must have a difficult time with goodbyes.
      I'll go out on a limb and guess that Anon 8:20 just made a mistake. Maybe the heat of the moment?
      ~ Not MM ;-)

    2. Maria from Italy26/9/20 09:55

      Yes, I am going away, don' t worry.
      I just wanted to clarify my position in all this useless debacle, which is I was not and never be afraid of expressing my views with my own arguments, without urging others to support me.
      As I said ,I'll always have the strength of my own ideas about this couple on a fashion blog and about much more important topics I may happen to discuss elsewhere.

      @ Anon.8.49p.m.
      No, you are quite wrong, I do not live in a tower in Italy, I live in a Republic now, just like the Sussexes and if anybody should ever say anything about voting or public figures in my country, I would never reply sharply and brusquely to adult commenters I do not know personally.
      I would never create groups to reduce people to silence on a public blog either, just because they have the right to express their own ideas as they want on what is going on in my country.
      This is democracy.
      Ah, just saying: you do not know me personally , so you clearly do not know I lived in UK for a long time and visited America twice.
      Then, which tower are you talking about?
      Do you think all people on this blog are forced to visit or live in UK or America to give their opinions?
      Do not make me laugh, please!!

    3. Anonymous26/9/20 12:48

      Hey MM - you're a bully. Why don't you lie down in a darkened room and take a long hard look at yourself?

      Maria from Italy - I think you should stay and make your points when you feel like it. You have as much right as the Mean Girls to say what you think.

  33. Maria from Italy26/9/20 11:43

    * all this useless debate...
    *... and never will be afraid...

  34. Is it possible to find another newly married (Royal) couple that we can talk and discuss fashion about?
    The ongoing saga with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has become very BORING.
    Happy departure Maria from Italy.
    Could you switch the light off on the way out?

    1. Maria from Italy26/9/20 15:09

      Yes, of course!
      I'll switch the light off as soon as you do the same.
      And yes, it is getting more and more boring!

      @Anon.2.48 p.m
      Thank you for your words.
      Yes, you are right.
      I had already noticed this mean way of bullying people, but I am too strong to yield, so the " Girls" ,as you call them, have really hard life with me.
      I am still laughing imagining myself in a tower in Italy.
      Oh, gosh, the Girls never toured Italy and say utter nonsense!
      Yes, now I remember, once I saw the leaning Tower in Pisa, what a breathtaking sight from the top, guys!!
      I asked to live there, but I was told it is forbidden!
      I also tried in Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna and it was forbidden too.
      Finally, I gave up the idea of living in a tower and that' s all folks!!
      Sorry, we Italians love laughing and making jokes, we are not so angry and unfriendly to people .
      That' s why I 'll never get used to this sort of
      bad behaviour.
      Thanks again for giving me this occasion to explain my point of view.
      Best regards, ciao,

    2. Anonymous26/9/20 16:09

      Actually we missed a great picture of Meghan when she appeared on TV this week to wish someone named Archie success in a talent competition. She wore what looked like another VB blouse and (reach for the smelling salts) skinny black leather pants. MB

  35. Anonymous26/9/20 16:20

    Anonymous @ 2:48 PM, really?? So you call a poster here a bully, by bullying her?
    Nobody on this thread has told Maria not to opine here, they simply disagreed with her view, and then the long tirades mostly tooting their own horn begun, and then the threat of abandoning the blog ( insert laugh here) just like a child, so people answers to her like one would be with a child. Everyone here can differ from others, and if you are dishing it out, be prepared to accept the repartee.

    1. Anonymous26/9/20 20:48

      Yes, really Isabel. Calling a person a bully is not in itself bullying. I haven't bullied anyone.

      Snarking at someone constantly and then telling them to leave (along with a group of other posters) is bullying behaviour. Whether they originally said they were doing that is neither here nor there.

  36. Anonymous26/9/20 18:31

    Maria, is not that people are being mean to you, I think you are missing the entire point, I think some of us though that you were being over dramatic about leaving the thread in a temper tantrum manner it seems to me that your comments where again about how you feel about this couple, so some pointed out how silly it is to harbor such judgmental thoughts about perfect strangers, specially because all you know is what magazines print in order yo make money. I haven't seen anything offensive towards you on this thread, perhaps just adult directness. You seem to make it about yourself, constantly talking about "you" and your life, that's is OK, but you aren't the subject of the blog.
    By the way, some of us have visited Italy, I personally love your beautiful country, rich in history and full of friendly and loving people.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Maria from Italy26/9/20 21:54

      Please read the comment 9.24.20 , 3.41 p.m very carefully.
      There are false conclusions about my views...'negatives' , 'intent on others' ( I am quoting some parts).
      No, sorry nobody can turn the truth the other way round and make me appear overdramatic and so on.
      I can' t accept that , also because it is not the first time I have been attacked for my views.
      I see a lot of comments which I do not like and if I have anything to say, I speak politely to others , not rudely.
      Given the tone of the comment I pointed out previously, should have I been mild and passive?
      No, I replied with the right tone.
      Your and others' assumption is that I only rely on gossip and press to make my comments.
      Maybe the others and yourself live next door with the Sussexes and other Royal Families?
      I don' t think so, none of us will never know any Royal.
      We learn about their engagements also here on this blog.
      Sorry, but blaming somebody because reads what everybody else reads too, that is royals news on papers and mags, sounds ridiculous.
      Then I read about " being childish".
      In my view creating groups which promote endless controversies about comments they do not like is childish .
      They do not accept me and others because we think different and attack on a personal level, which is lack of basic good manners and bullying.
      I would not decine bullying mr and others an adult approach to life.
      I' ve read about the importance of civic rights and rights in general , but what is the point in highlighting this when some people do not respect even the right of commenters to say their opinions freely on this blog?
      However, they support the Sussexes' freedom of speech, which is of utmost importance in their eyes.
      Paradoxical, isn' t it?
      Sorry, I just wanted to clarify my thoughts again.
      I am glad you enjoyed tour Italian holiday.
      Thank you and have a nice weekend too.

    2. Anonymous27/9/20 22:37

      You've outdone yourself. 16 I's not counting the my's in a story about someone else. M

  37. Anonymous26/9/20 19:42

    @Helen Will you please consider making changes to the type of content that is posted? The personal attacks, off subject comments due to personal agendas or biases and misinformation being posted has nothing to do with fashion. It is only bringing out the worst in some people. I fully support a ban on Anonymous posters, and would gladly go back to using my screen name if my screen name would not be associated with this negative content. I have recognized a couple of screen names elsewhere, and wonder if it is the same poster. As it stands now, I enjoy your site, not how it has changed over time. Thank you for listening.

  38. Anonymous26/9/20 20:54

    @ Maria. The objective is to be impartial and try to see the fashion for what it is , colors that represent the change from summer to fall, and how they are styled. Wading into their opinions on voting or their personal decisions is bad form. We will never know their true story. Getting upset if someone disagrees is a waste of your emotions, as is saying goodbye more times than the Von Trapp family. Leesel

    1. Maria from Italy27/9/20 11:15

      I can say to you exactly what I said to @Isabel L.
      These are your views and assumptions about others' emotional state.
      This is your interpretation of reality, not reality in itself.
      I do have the right to express freely my own ideas about fall fashion and the Sussexes in general like anybody else.
      Best regards.

  39. Maria from Italy26/9/20 22:01

    * I would not define bullying other people an adult approach to life...

  40. Dear Maria, like many people before me, once again this is not about you.
    Please stop acting like if people are attacking or bullying you. Is not happening. Nobody has bullied you, if you can’t take criticism you shouldn’t be criticizing. Full stop.
    Take a chill pill.

    1. Maria from Italy27/9/20 09:35

      These are your views.
      I have got mine and this seems to be really upsetting the Sussex group or club.
      Other people apart from me have detected clear bullying in here and we can' t all be blind or wrong.
      My idea of fall fashion is quite different from yours , what' s wrong with this?
      I can have different ideas about the Sussexes as well.
      The chill pill could be a genial solution for the group or club I mentioned above.
      Best regards.

  41. Anonymous27/9/20 05:55

    Anonymous @ 10;48, so I guess calling somebody a bully is acceptable to you? You can openly insult somebody and then rationalize it. So in your book telling somebody that has been ranting and promising to leave the forum, as if that was of any importance to anybody here , to please leave , perhaps for her own peace of mind, that is bullying... ummm

    1. Anonymous27/9/20 13:09

      Yes, Isabel - if I think someone is bullying it is acceptable to me to say it. And other people as well. The fact that you think it isn't acceptable to speak.up if you think bullying is happening speaks volumes.

      As to rationalising - claiming that a bunch of people are concerned with the peace of mind of the poster in question is utterly laughable - and I think you are being deliberately disingenuous.


  42. Anonymous27/9/20 16:04

    Oh looky look, there is another post about H&M , where you and Maria can go and vent, because let’s be honest, she is not leaving regardless of the promise:-(

  43. Hey Maria , there is no club, there is however at least 3 different groups of people.
    Group 1.
    A. People that tell the author of this blog, that she shouldn’t publish anything about this couple.
    B. People that feel betrayed by perfect strangers.
    C. People that insist in passing judgement without any knowledge of their private lives.
    D. People that dislike Meghan for her sociopolitical ideas, and whatever she does is wrong.
    E. People that think they have the right to diminish, insult and attack this couple from the privacy of their keyboards.
    Group 2.
    A. people that may be interested on this couple, but if not, they have the ability to scroll down.
    B. People that don’t find anything wrong about their decision, because they don’t go around judging others, and frankly this private matter doesn’t affect them at all.
    C. People that recognize that they know nothing about their private lives, because there is the version of the press, the version of the bloggers, and the truth.
    D. People that are capable of accepting different political stances without personalizing.
    E. People that can disagree about fashion without using it to personally debase this woman.
    People that absolutely hate this couple with a passion, and people that revere this couple with the same passion.

  44. Maria from Italy28/9/20 09:02

    @Anon.12.37 a.m
    Sorry, why do you waste your time in counting I 's and my' s or other in my comments?
    If this is you hobby, please count the same words in others' s comments and surprise!
    You will find many more.
    Some even talk about the lipsticks they buy , fancy that!

    1. Anonymous28/9/20 09:57

      This started as a discussion about fashion not an ode to oneself. The vonTrapps have left the stage. Leesel.

    2. Anonymous28/9/20 16:32

      Well Maria, lipstick would be something related to fashion, correct?
      These platitudes of yours are a little tiring, but I must admit entertaining as well, such a mix of self righteousness and victim-like behavior......

  45. Maria from Italy28/9/20 09:05

    * others' comments

  46. Maria from Italy28/9/20 13:32

    You should say exactly the same words to many others self - referential commenters.
    I do not know your beloved Von Trapps.
    Please, give them my best regards and my farewell.
    If you want to discuss fashion, please do, don' t focus about my odes, sorry, comments anymore.
    Best regards to you too.

    1. Bye ×5 or however much. Lost count of how many times you said you would leave.

  47. Maria from Italy28/9/20 15:15

    * don' focus on...

    1. Anonymous28/9/20 21:57

      @Maria Your corrections are not necessary. Your clarifications are not necessary. We all understand what you are trying to say. Instead of the intended corrections or clarifications, it just looks like you are trying to find a way to get back in to the discussion after making your dramatic farewell. Repetitive verbiage and multiple good-byes have taken any relative comments you may have had and made them a source of ridicule. As one commenter up thread put it, your comments ran amok. Maybe you could put a period on this and move on. Get a fresh start.

  48. Maria from Italy28/9/20 20:14

    Anon. 6.32 p.m.
    How strange, I feel the same about you and I get the impression I am always talking to the same person, with different names/ Anonymus.
    So what I tell one of the names , can be equally addressed to othe others.
    Of course, you don' t see how yours and some others' platitudes are tiring and entertaining at the same time for many commenters, me for one.
    If you are tired , please do not pay any attention , do talk about fashion elsewhere and forget me.
    It' s that simple!

  49. Anonymous28/9/20 23:02

    Maria, yes!! We can scroll down, but oh the fun.... you keep answering in spite of telling us with a very dramatic statement that you where living, like if you abandoning the blog was going to break our hearts, not to mention that you can always come back as anonymous and continue your platitudes ( but you know that right?) you are taking this too seriously, it's a fashion blog, not a debate about you....
    I don't think that is the same person answering you, I think we just can't resist 😂

    1. Anonymous29/9/20 06:00

      I guess she is gust not picking up what we are putting down. SMH This has really run off the rails.

    2. @ MM @ Anon.11.57 p.m ...and @ all the others
      I think the same about you and the other names / Anon..'s platitudes.
      I can do whatever I want including replying if this is fun for me.
      It is my decision if I want to go or stay, whatever I wrote previously.
      I then responded to one commenter or maybe to all of you given the fact you are all the same person changing names?
      This was my choice then and nobody else should care so much about what I do or intrude.
      The drama is in your eyes only.
      I am not in the least interested in your favourite musical.
      Do continue your platitudes on your own in your own theatre.
      Please, carry on entartaining us if this is your choice.
      Don' t worry, I write only with the name you can see at the beginning of my comment.
      I do not need to hide.
      By the way, all of your comments and replies are not necessary as well.

  50. Anonymous29/9/20 01:35

    @ Maria, the reference is from the 'Sound of Music'., a classic that should be seen at least once. The father, the 7 children and Julie Andrews/Maria all say goodbye to the audience at least twice before leaving the stage to escape over the Alps. That was at least 14 goodbyes. I leave there.. Leesel

  51. Maria from Italy29/9/20 08:43

    My previous comment is addressed to @ MM, @ Anon11,57 p.m, @ Leesel ...and....@@@

    I can be ridiculous as much as all of you.

  52. Anonymous29/9/20 12:59

    You said goodbye 15 responses earlier. Has the word lost its meaning? Leesel


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