Crown Princess Mary became President of WWF Denmark

Crown Princess Mary became President of World Wide Fund for Nature Denmark. Prince Henrik founded WWF’s branch in Denmark
Crown Princess Mary became President of World Wide Fund for Nature Denmark. WWF Denmark aims to protect threatened animal species and create solutions that can ensure a better future for nature and the world. In 1972, Prince Henrik founded WWF’s branch in Denmark and, until his death, The Prince was president of the organization.

The following statement was made by The Crown Princess: “We have only one globe, and we must take care of it and the animals if our children and generations after them are to have a safe and natural world in which to grow up. The projects that WWF Denmark works with all over the world are important in the efforts to protect our forests, coral reefs and diverse wildlife, and it is crucial that we, together, find new solutions for how people can live in balance with nature.”

For several years, The Crown Princess has actively worked with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, and with the role as president of WWF Denmark, The Crown Princess looks forward to being a part of the organization’s work in finding solutions to the challenges the world faces in relation to conserving nature, protecting threatened species and creating more nature.

WWF is the world’s largest nature conservation organization which has over 6000 personnel members across the world. WWF works on more than 1,000 projects in more than 100 countries.


  1. Agréable photo où nous voyons Mary en tenue décontractée dans la nature, idéale en cette période estivale !

  2. The CP looks fabulous and dressed perfectly for the occasion.

  3. The WWF is very important. The U.N is outdated in its thinking;and since covid,the Development goals are too small minded; we are all better to work as regions around the world as we are all unique,not centric. The Royals need to focus on one;and not be the voice for faceless rhetoric,global banksters. Mary's clothes look fine ;however these days she is looking stressed and drawn; Princess Kate looks fresh and more likeable

    1. It is the Princess of Denmark's choice to what project/s she can do. She looks great. That's what makes her more better and likeable than just looking young and fresh Princess. Its the work input into creating a better world and preserving nature what matters than looks of a Princess.

  4. It is really wonderful to think that there are still people who are really willing to take the risk and involving in certain projects to take of our environment we must really step out of our comfort zone in order to make the world a better place.


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