The Mary Foundation's 2020 board meeting took place digitally

Every year, the board meeting of the Mary Foundation used to be held at Frederik VIII’s Palace. This year, 2020 board meeting took place via virtual due to very different circumstances. At the meeting, what the Mary Foundation can do to help solve the problems that arose in the wake of the Corona crisis, was discussed.
Crown Princess Mary wore Cartier Love diamond bracelet. Princess Mary wore a grey cashmere wool sweater by Victoria Beckham
The day's most important issue was that the consequences of the Corona crisis actually hit straight into many of the challenges the Mary Foundation faces. At the meeting, it was stated that there is a risk that more people will feel lonely, domestic violence will escalate, and isolation and physical distance will go beyond the well-being of children and young people. The Mary Foundation’s efforts focus on three areas: Bullying and Well-being, Domestic Violence and Loneliness.
Crown Princess Mary Cartier Love Diamond Bracelet
Cartier Love Gold Diamond Bracelet


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  1. Anonymous22/4/20 20:16

    Mary looks younger without make-up.


  2. Anonymous22/4/20 20:40

    So nice to have her due her part. It just is sad minus the real human touch. Love the pics of the kids in the background.

  3. Keep up the good work, Mary!

    1. Yes, keep up the good work. The areas the foundation is covering are important. Especially during this period.
      Love the decor in the room. Simple, modern, traditional well fusioned together.

    2. Anonymous23/4/20 13:52

      @Deadeggs: If you're interested in more about their house, search YT for an old video where Mary and Frederik give a walking tour of parts of their house during renovations, and explain some of the concepts and ideas of what they wanted and how they brought together traditional Danish style, the historical references of the original house, and modernism. I watched it about 3 or 4 years ago and enjoyed it.
      - Anon 9:13

    3. Thanks for the information Anon 3:52PM. Hope I can track it down. Sounds interesting. Right up my street.

  4. Anonymous22/4/20 21:55

    Oh, I love the photographs of her children in the background. Beautiful <3

  5. Mary's office is beautiful, the pictures of her children are gorgeous. I love her smile here, she looks so young!

  6. Que la princesse Mary continue bien son travail surtout pendant cette période. J'aime beaucoup son très joli bracelet de chez 'Cartier' !

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