Swedish Royal Family shared a photo from their winter holiday

Between week 7-10 of the year, a week long holiday takes place in Sweden, called ‘Sportlov’ or sport break. Some members of the Royal family, that is, King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel are in Jämland on the occasion of that sport holiday. They shared a photo taken during the holiday on their social media accounts.
King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel


  1. Très jolie palette de couleurs.. Souhaitons-leur de bonnes vacances !

  2. Lovely colours (reminds of Spring.)
    - Anon 9:13

  3. It seemed a beautiful winter day in Sweden.I like the colors of the jackets,nice strong colors. Maybe a small reminder of spring.

  4. Great picture of the family. Love the bright colors.

  5. Love those bright jackets!! Lovely family.

    1. I agree the colours are bright and cheery;I love the pompom hat.

  6. Replies
    1. I agree. It would have been nice with a closer look at the two beautiful and charming princes.


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