Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner in connection with Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Crown Princess Mary, who is the patron of Global Fashion Agenda, hosted a dinner at Amalienborg Frederik VIII’s Palace for actors in fashion industry in connection with Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Copenhagen Fashion Summit is an international conference focusing on sustainable fashion. The conference will take place on May 15-16. (Crown Princess Mary wore a print chiffon dress by Art Fusion Copenhagen).
Crown Princess Mary wore Art Fusion Copenhagen Frieda chiffon dress. Global Fashion Agenda
Crown Princess Mary wore Art Fusion Copenhagen Frieda Chiffon Dress
Art Fusion Copenhagen Frieda Chiffon Dress


  1. what a nice repeat. Mary looks lovely. Also a happy 15th Wedding Anniversary Time fly's when you are having fun.

  2. I love this dress in the photo with the darker belt.

  3. Much better this time with a thin and elegant belt, the one she wore before although very original, it was too chunky.
    I feel totally different about her hair, she looked so much more trendy and sophisticated on the first time, the hairdo thus time is rather "un-styled" almost like a look to go to the store.

  4. Not my favourite outfit. The dress looks like a nightie.

  5. P.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n

  6. A rare miss from Mary for me. The first look in 2018 is way better. I don't like her hairstyle at all, the earrings and belt also look washed off.

  7. Si en la primera foto se ve más natural y moderna. El vestido es bonito y de color agradable ideal para el evento.

  8. This is one of the worst floral, floaty dresses. It is too big on her. The wider belt from the previous time was the only good thing. This is a total miss for me.

  9. Fashion people always look either try-hard over-the-top or totally nonchalantly sloppy.
    Case in point: all three people in the above photo look poorly dressed. For very different reasons, but still very poorly dressed all of them.
    Also, you wouldn´t think that they attended the same event.


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