A New Photo of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

This photo of Crown Princess Mary is published at website of Danish National Girls’ Choir. Crown Princess Mary is the Patron of Danish National Girls Choir (DR Pigekorets) consisting of 50 girls between the ages of 15 and 22, which is conducted by conductor Philip Faber. (The Crown Princess wears a dress by Issa London.)
Crown Princess Mary wore Issa London v-neck long sleeves dress. Issa blue engagement wrap dress, Kate Middleton
Crown Princess Mary wore Issa London v-Neck long sleeves dress or blue engagement wrap dress
Issa London V-Neck Long Sleeves Dress


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  1. Nice dress. Isn't this the one that Catherine Middleton wore for her engagement announcement photo call back in November 2010? Catherine's dress was more of a sapphire blue.

    1. Issa recreates this dress from time to time. Yes.

  2. Anonymous20/4/19 03:57

    The dress is very Kate. She looks good.

  3. Mary is so regal and beautiful!
    And I also think it is "Kates dress". But I liked the sapphire colour better.

  4. Anonymous20/4/19 17:08

    Why is a piece of her hair sticking out by her right ear? The photographer should've noticed that.

  5. Anonymous20/4/19 18:25

    Very lovely Lady.

  6. Yumiko Kokuryu21/4/19 02:48

    Very fabulous Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The very wonderful photo of Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark together with Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako of Japan is displayed on a website of Embassy of Denmark in Japan.

  7. Beautiful CP Mary of Denmark

  8. This picture is so much photoshop, nothing natural. What a pity.


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