Danish Crown Princess Mary in 2018 - Style and Fashion

For Danish Crown Princess Mary, 2018 was a year which was full of official duties just like every year and at the same time, it was a sad year. After a long lasting disease, her father-in-law Prince Henrik passed away in 2018. Just like every year, also in 2018, the future Danish Queen, mother of four children Crown Princess Mary successfully fulfilled her official duties and she was again perfect with the outfits she preferred to wear at these duties. In order to refresh memories, some of 2018 events of Crown Princess Mary and the outfits she preferred to wear at these events.
Crown Princess Mary wore ETRO Reversible robe coat
On April 25, Crown Princess Mary attended award ceremony of the Danish Rainbow -AXGIL. The award ceremony was held at Circus Building in Copenhagen. The Crown Princess wore a reversible robe coat by Etro.
Crown Princess Mary wore Paul and Joe Voilage Dress
On May 29, Crown Princess Mary visited Granbohus in Fredensborg to mark the institution 60th aniversary. The Crown Princess wore a midi dress by Paul & Joe.
Crown Princess Mary wore Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Virginia Dress
On May 3, Crown Princess Mary attended an official gala dinner at the Nordic Museum in Seattle. The Crown Princess wore a white and black dress by Preen.
Crown Princess Mary wore Raquel Diniz Armonia silk georgette dress
On August 28, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary welcomed President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron. The Crown Princess wore an armonia silk dress by Raquel Diniz.
Crown Princess Mary wore Giambattista Valli Black Floral Petal Printed Dress
On August 29, As a conclusion to the state visit, the French President and First Lady hold a reciprocal arrangement at the Royal Play House. The Crown Princess wore a floral printed dress by Giambattista Valli.
Crown Princess Mary wore Tory Burch Studded Silk Chiffon Maxi Dress in Plum
On August 16, Crown Princess Mary visited Tivoli Gardens which celebrates 175th anniversary of its establishment and attended celebration events. The Crown Princess wore a studded silk chiffon maxi dress by Tory Burch.
Crown Princess Mary wore Art Fusion Copenhagen Frieda Chiffon Dress
On August 8, Crown Princess Mary attended "Future of Fashion" show held at Copenhagen CIFF Bella Center. The Crown Princess wore a chiffon midi dress by Art Fusion Copenhagen.
Crown Princess Mary Hugo Boss Kestani Midi length dress
On September 24, Crown Princess Mary attend the opening of the new office of Henning Larsen architects in New York. The Crown Princess wore a floral midi dress by Hugo Boss.
Crown Princess Mary wore Andiata Cecel SP blazer and Gytta trousers
On September 13, Crown Princess Mary visited Helsinki in Finland to attend a business promotion event. The Crown Princess wore a Cecel suit by Andiata.
Crown Princess Mary wore A.L.C. Christianne Floral print Silk Maxi Dress
On September 5, Crown Princess Mary attended Denmark’s Flag Day 2018 respect ceremony held at 'Kastellet' in Copenhagen. The Crown Princess wore a floral print silk maxi dress by A.L.C.
Crown Princess Mary wore Adam Lippes Fringed Linen And Cotten blend Tweed Dress
On September, 2, Crown Princess Mary visited Copenhagen Rigshospitalet and afterwards, presented 2018 research awards of Danish Heart Association with a ceremony held at Copenhagen Hotel d'Angleterre. The Crown Princess wore a linen and cotten blend tweed dress by Adam Lippes.
Crown Princess Mary wore Cult Gaia Willow Cobalt Dress
October 10, Crown Princess Mary attended a gala performance at The Opera in Copenhagen, held to celebrate 100th anniversary of independence of Iceland. The Crown Princess wore a cobalt silk midi dress by Cult Gaia.


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  1. All of her fashion look wonderful except the coat way to much for me. She is a beautiful Lady who can wear almost anything and make it look good.

  2. Not her best year. She used to wear sleek, well-fitting, flattering outfits that were fairly timeless, but has lately turned to fussy, floaty bohemian looks, which, in my view, are neither flattering nor the right choice for most of her engagements. It's a trend, I know, and she is the latest victim of it, but these types of dresses really only work for informal summer events, like picnics and such, and most of her engagements are not of that nature.
    I hope the midi-dress fashion and those wonky or hi-low hems will disappear soon. I also totally over floral all-over prints, and I don't need any more floaty structureless dresses that venture dangerously close to nightie-territory. Another thing I don't want to see more of are those bows and ribbons, and grown ladies dressed in little-girl style dresses.
    Of the dresses featured above I only like the dark-red Tory Burch one. The last one (blue) is just ghastly.

    1. Not her best year … exactly the same four words were my thoughts, when I saw Mary's outfits! ;-)
      I think her dressses for the New Year events will be elegant gala as usual!

  3. Sorry, but Mary is so overrated in terms of fashion. These pics are not very flattering on her.

  4. I don’t always like her fashion choices - too many tiny floral prints for one thing. But that’s a matter of personal taste. And sometimes the outfits look a bit ‘forced’ to me. For example, the high necked blouse with the white suit just smothers her with fabric. But on the plus side she does try different looks.

    1. Yes, forced is the correct term.

  5. I love all her looks!! Trying to be fresh and current while still maintaining some decorum in her position. The colors looked great on her and the styles made her look "with it" while keeping respectful of her position. I even love #1 the coat. It's kind of crazy, but she paired it with the safe little black dress so it looked like an "art" piece. I especially the floaty, chiffon type dresses. So pretty and lady like!! But that's just my very humble opinion. Not everyone thinks the same and that's what makes this fun!!

  6. Absolutely amazing, except the last one.

  7. Absolutely agree. I, too, love Crown Princess Mary and think she is one of the best dressed royals, certainly NOT overrated--though I have to concede to the two Anon comments above that it was perhaps not her best year. Strangely, I loved the blue dress when I saw it originally but don't like it at all now--it seems frumpy. I think it may have been a reaction to days of greige outfits from other royals at the time. From the outfits shown my top three are the Hugo Boss dress and jacket worn in New York, and the Tony Burch and Preen evening dresses. Looking forward to the New Year events in Denmark and hope we get at least one new dress. Happy New Year to all.

  8. I find this selection of clothes a bit confusing as Mary is not the most @floral@ of all the princesses. I love her style; it is bold and has an edge to it, and she knows how to make a statement, when needed.


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