Swedish Princess Adrienne's Godparents Were Announced

Princess Adrienne will be baptised tomorrow at Drottningholm Palace Chapel after a reception to be held at Drottningholm Palace. The godparents for Princess Adrienne of Sweden have been announced today. Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill have chosen six friends to be godparents of Princess Adrienne. The Swedish royal court confirmed they had picked Anouska d’Abo, Charlotte Kreuger Cederlund, Coralie Charriol Paul, Nader Panahpour, Baron Gustav Thott and Natalie Werner.
Princess Adrienne baptised at Drottningholm Palace Chapel. Princess Madeleine wore ZIMMERMANN Ruffled washed silk wrap dress
Princess Madeleine wore ZIMMERMANN Ruffled washed silk wrap dress
ZIMMERMANN Ruffled Washed Silk Wrap Dress


  1. Well will be watching tomorrow and see the RF again so soon after the National Day Celebrations. Should be fun to see the little Pss again.No Royal Godparent one I believe is Chris niece, the others friends of the couple, that is OK with me. Good Luck to the little Family.

  2. I feel so disappointed that the princess Sofia will not be godmother. She deserves to have a royal god child and this may be the last chance! Bad of Madeleine!

  3. Sofia chose Victoria and Madeleine as godmother's of her children. I think Madeleine should have chosen her brother's wife as well.

    1. Why? Sofia didnt chose. Carl Philip wanted his sisters and sofia chose other people important to her.

      In that case shouldn't madeleine have chosen Daniel? shouldn't Sofia have chosen Chris for Alexander (since Madeleine wasn't chosen)?
      Sofia didn't choose. CP wanted his sisters. And... its Protocol.

      People who married in royal families come and go. Thays why they aren't chosen. Siblings will always be Siblings.

    2. Sofia always tries to bring peace between her siblings - why should she then become the godmother of her niece? In addition, it would have been Prince Daniel's turn anyway, and he would certainly be a great godfather.

    3. I agree. I thought she would choose Sofia or Daniel as a godparent to Adrienne. It's strange that except for Chris's niece they didn't choose any other family member, only friends. I understand that it's probably because in case of a divorce it would be akward if Daniel or Sofia would be a godparent but in my opinion friendships can be over just as quickly as a marriege. Madeleine should know the best as she was betrayed by a close friend. But of course there can be other reasons that we don't know about why they chose friends to be godparents instead of family.

    4. @Nanni agree. Victoria didnt chose Sofia for godmother either. Chris hasnt been chosen neither. No one criticizes her for it.

      @Latrina, They had chosen many relatives for their first children, I guess now they want to chose manly friends. So it's not always family. With exception of Chris niece. So they still have family but mostly friends this time.

  4. It will be fun to see all cousins together, (or perhaps not Gabriel who's only 9-montsh old and too young to attend)?

  5. May the christening ceremony of Princess Adrienne be performed without any problem.


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