Princess Marie watched a football match with her children

Princess Marie, her children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena watched Denmark-France football match in the World Cup with Charles-Henri Keller yesterday. Charles-Henri is Prince Henrik’s nephew and he is very close to Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie. All of them supported both teams with the Danish and the French flags painted on their cheeks. Because Princess Marie is French. The match score was 0-0.


  1. Congrats, both countries are in second round!

  2. Fun watching the football game with her children and nephew. So I assume they are in France. I did wonder why she Marie and Joachim were not at Pss Elisabeth's funeral. Or maybe we just did'nt see any photos of them.

  3. Not only is Marie French, but Jochaim is half french too!

  4. A Solomonic judgement ;-) ! The pic is probably taken by Joachim. No Danish football-jerseys on the children!! I think Marie is stil very French, also in the way she dresses.
    Joachim's nephew looks a lot like Joachim (as young) and his son Felix!
    I was also surprised Frederik, Mary, Joachim and Marie didn't attend Princess Elisabeth's funeral!!

  5. "Charles-Henri is Prince Henrik’s nephew..."

    Which Prince Henrik? Queen Margarethe's husband (who recently passed away)? That would make Charles-Henri Prince Joachim's cousin, and therefore also Marie's cousin by marriage, not nephew. And their son Prince Henrik's second cousin.

  6. Charles-Henri is Prince Henrik (who passed away in February)’s nephew.
    - And the other woman on the picture is the Danish designer Charlotte Sparre

  7. Yumiko Kokuryu6/28/18, 2:15 PM

    Very beautiful Princess Marie of Denmark !


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